Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cloverfield, the movie review

Well, after seeing the previews of Cloverfield, I thought it would be a worthwhile movie to watch. I rarely go out to see movies nowadays. The price of a movie ticket is unjustifiable for me because a lot of new movies are hit or miss. Why would I want to pay $10 to watch a movie that looks good in the previews, but end up sucking some way or another?

Anyway, I went and watch it thinking it would be a good scary movie. My review in two words: not-scary and nauseating. That's 4 words, but two thoughts. So, the word on the street was that the movie was a scary thriller. I'll tell you right now, Alien (or Aliens) it's not. I had no sense of fear or suspense at any point during the movie. The only thing I felt was nauseous. The Handycam recording with the constant hand shaking movement of the camera made me feel very sick, and ended up moving back a few rows (pretty much to the last row) from the optimal mid-section seats to try and quell that motion sickness feeling. I was hoping the hand motion would stop soon, but it never did. The only time it did was when the camera was dropped on the floor, at which point I felt relieved the moving stopped.

In terms of the plot, I just don't get it. Why is it that this "thing" seems to be everywhere the lead characters go? I would think it would move away from the fighting, but alas, the typical bad story writing continues with this movie. They could have made the movie a lot more interesting if it was filmed normally too. It felt like any First Person Shooter (FPS) intro that's come out since Half-Life, where you're watching from the first person perspective an event occurring, which obviously was the intent of the director. But unless you play FPS' and enjoy that type of cinematography, you'll not only feel sick, but distracted because it just seems too hard to believe the story.

Hopefully, I didn't give away any spoilers, but my recommendation on this movie is if you enjoy playing FPS games and have a strong stomach, enjoy it as if it was a really long intro to a FPS game. Otherwise, I recommend you skip it, unless you like that type of movie. If so, you might consider taking some dramamine beforehand.

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