Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Microsoft Office 2003 SP3

Installed SP3, and now all excel workbooks open up with the macro security at high. This was done because apparently there's a vulnerability that hasn't been fixed yet in macros across the Office spectrum! The annoying thing is, it no longer seems to be a global setting, but rather a per-workbook setting! We have tons of workbooks that we work with everyday, but to have to keep changing that setting for each workbook post SP3 is quite annoying. Not only do you have to open, change the setting, then save it and reopen it, but you have to do it for every book that hasn't had this done to it yet! Ugh! I understand why they did it, but it would be nice if the Microsoft Updates had some type of "Readme" within the automatic updater before (or after if auto-updating) it applies them so that people can prepare for these things.

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