Sunday, January 27, 2008

Roomba 570 ordered (and returned)!

Well, after getting tired of cleaning up the floor from crumbs and other tiny particles from the kids, I decided to order the Roomba 570 in the hopes that it'll help keep the floor clean. I'm tired of vacuuming every few days, having to pull it out, plug it in, clean, then put it all away again. But I really hate walking barefoot onto a crumb or piece of food dropped on the floor!

I decided to buy it from Hammacher for the lifetime warranty. It was about $50 cheaper on Amazon, but for that price, I think the lifetime warranty will be worth it, especially for a vacuum cleaner that'll probably run almost every day, unless it's too noisy. I'm hoping to have it clean in the early morning or middle of the night, depending on how loud it is and how long it takes to clean the rooms.

Hope it works out, or it'll be another vacuum cleaner I've bought that won't get used much. I'm still looking for that perfect floor cleaner with minimal work!


I returned the Roomba. After a couple of days using it, I realized it's not a vacuum cleaner, but rather a "robotic" sweeper. I say "robotic" because the default program isn't very smart. I'd say it's more like a rat in a maze. It takes a long time to clean an area, you need virtual walls to keep it within a room before moving to the next, and it doesn't pick up materials very well. The sweeper gets lint and sheddings stuck on the bristles, and instead of sucking it up, it just gets stuck and if it runs over something else, the stuck lint just comes off on the floor. Since it didn't do a very good job of cleaning the floor as I had hoped, I decided it wasn't even worth keeping.

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