Saturday, August 30, 2008

Found an inexpensive full-body "skin" protector

I found a place that sells full-body "skin" protectors for my MacBook and iPod Touch.

It's inexpensive compared to InvisibleShield and does a good job of covering up the entire device. It's cut to exact dimensions, so you have to align the pieces perfectly, which can be time consuming and a bit difficult. I messed up my MacBook install because I stretched it trying to apply the top piece. That caused the edges on the corners to overhang, so I had to trim it.

I screwed up my Touch install on the face also. I should have waited to let it dry out a bit before trying to fold the edges down, but got impatient and it folded onto itself. That caused the sticky side to touch, leaving the screen through that folded area distorted. Thankfully, BestSkinsEver sent me a replacement. So far, their service is very good and their price is much better than competitors.

I originally bought a plastic protector for the Touch from another vendor (PCMicrostore), but the rear protection was only the flat portion. The front was the entire glass area, but it was too thick because the pieces are made from hard plastic. You get an edge where the home button is, which was annoying. It cost me $4.99.

From BestSkinsEver, the Touch protector covers the entire back including the rounded edges and the entire front, including the beveled edge. It also protects the home button using a separate disk film that you place on top of the button. It cost me $7.99. A much better value!

The MacBook cover protects the top and edge, the bottom and edge, the battery separately, the palm rest which includes cut out areas for the top cover's notches, the touchpad area, and the single mouse button. All for $27! Compared to InvisibleShield, which costs $55, it's a steal also!

The skin is a stretchy thin film that's clear, but be careful not to get lint stuck on the adhesive side, or have it fold onto the adhesive side. That will ruin it. Use a mild soapy water solution to dip the pieces into before putting it on. Wet your fingers also before removing them from the paper backing. I put the whole sheet with film on paper backing into the soapy solution in the bathroom sink so that I can remove it easily. With enough solution on the pieces (not too wet, though), it should be easily applied and removed to adjust. It doesn't slide around as well due to the adhesive, so don't try to slide it. Lift and reposition. I did this in my bathroom with hot water in the tub to create a mini sauna. That should help with floating dust and lint.

Anyway, I highly recommend for full-protection skins. I plan to get it for my iPhone also.

UPDATE: I ordered the full body skin for my kid's new DS' (2 of them). Went on easily, now that I have practice, and looks great! My kid's old Advance SP were all scratched up from use so figured getting protective skins is a good thing. It covers the top as a single piece with the sides of the top protected, as well as the bottom, the battery cover, the Slot 2 face, the bottom sides, and both screens! Be aware which screen piece goes on which screen. They should fit just on the glass.

I just ordered another full body set for my Android G1 phone. As soon as I get that, I'll put up my review so I can take advantage of BestSkinsEver's promotion (refunding the cost for reviewing the G1 skin). I decided I'll wait on the iPhone since I already have my iPod Touch and don't like that the 3G doesn't have A2DP profile, a removable battery, nor any memory expansion slot. Hopefully the next revision will, at which point I'll probably get one.

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