Saturday, August 13, 2011

Answers to Questions, part 2

Q: Which religion is right?
A: All and none.  They are all right if it helps those who believe to learn to grow in love all during their life.  They are all wrong because it limits the persons beliefs into a small box without understanding how limitless Source is.  If one truly believed that Source/God is infinite in everything, then no single belief can ever define that.  If we are from that infiniteness, then we are limitless and have no bounds.  By putting restrictions, ideologies, barriers, whatever you want to call the rules, or "Laws" as Jesus put it, on the soul, you are basically saying the soul is not able to overcome those limitations.  This is a major cause for people to have fears, doubts, and a general lack of faith, not to mention conflicts and strife among the human race.  Those who believe God chose a single group to enter heaven must answer the question: "Did God create everything?"  If so, then would God create something that cannot be forgiven (this question is based on the Christian belief that man needs salvation for "original sin")?  If God cannot forgive, then how can God show unconditional love?  Christians believe Jesus allows us to be saved.  But again, if Jesus "saves" us, why would anyone be condemned if they choose not to follow Jesus?  That means Jesus cannot save because it is those who accept Jesus who saves themselves, not Jesus.  In other words, it is the act of the person accepting Jesus that saves them, not Jesus himself.  If they do not need to do anything to be saved, then there was no reason for Jesus to save anyone since God simply need to say "you are saved".  But this all assumes the idea that we as immortal souls need saving in the first place.  The only salvation we need is from the ignorance of not knowing our true immortal nature and thus do not learn how to grow in our souls and finish our period of physical life incarnations.  Other religions teach other aspects about heaven and hell, but there is neither.  There is only that which you create in your belief.  You are limitless creators learning to control your creative abilities.  If you believe there is a heaven, you create that heaven.  If you believe there is a hell, you create that hell.

Q: Are there UFO's or alien life?
A: There are other worlds, other dimensions, other realms, other possible time lines.  In other words, there is an infinite number of possible universes out there because they are all created by us as spirits.  Even this existence we live is the result of our soul manifesting reality for learning purposes.  Whether extraterrestrials come and visit, I would not doubt the possibility anymore then I would believe that we are the only planet with life in this dimension, of the countless galaxies out there.  If the goal of the soul is to grow in our ability to control our creative consciousness, then it's not hard to believe that there are incarnations of souls that have physical forms capable of controlling the flesh through the spirit and have much further advancements not only in technology, but in psychic abilities as well.  To overcome the laws of nature is nothing in spirit since those laws only apply to this physical realm.  If the spirit of Jesus could make a man walk on water and rise from the dead, that spirit in every man which comes from the same Source as that of Jesus, is capable of creating vehicles that can overcome the laws of gravity.

Q: What happens when a person dies?
A: Their soul identity (the "I") will vacate the host body when it decides the time is proper.  This can be well before actual bodily death to just after.  Sometimes, the soul will depart before the time in the body is supposed to be over.  In those cases, they will either be asked or told to return to complete their life mission.  They do not have to accept as it is their choice to return or stay, but if they end the life prematurely, they will most likely have to re-experience what they were to experience in another life.  After death, your consciousness will reside in spirit form, and the personality of that life will remain as a part of you.  In other words, you do not become "holy" or change mentally, or anything like that.  You are still "you", both the good and bad.  What each person experiences depends on what beliefs they have accumulated.  If they believe they were bad and must be punished, they may experience a sort of "hell".  If they believe they will go to "heaven", they may experience a heavenly surrounding.  If they believe in nothing, they may experience "nothingness".  It really depends on each person.  At the initial stage, some may be visited by deceased relatives or friends, they may be visited by religious personalities, they may be visited by their spirit guides, or they may not be visited by anyone.  This period is a transition period, where their questions are answered, their "shock" is relieved, their fears subdued by the feelings of love.  This feeling is typically the receiving of energy from the other souls.  Feelings and thoughts are all forms of energy, so the feeling of love and peace is you being filled with energy.  When you incarnate into a body, your soul does not completely enter the body.  A portion of your soul energy remains in the spirit realm.  When you return from your incarnation, that portion of energy which lived the life will return to the rest of your soul energy, bringing with it a feeling of "home", strength, and remembrance as you regain completeness of all your personalities.  Any negative habits from the life consciousness that we do not cling to will be cast off once we fill up with energy, sort of like an energy shower cleansing.  Each life is another personality you gain and will be invaluable to your soul as a life memory that you will draw upon for wisdom, understanding, and pleasure through reliving your favorite moments.  As I mentioned, what defines you as the personality in life does not go away.  You decide what "you" are in spirit just as much as you define what your reality is.  Everything is based on your desires and decisions, and nobody forces anything upon you.  You have complete free-will.  That is why we are always learning to control ourselves by our own desire for that control.  No one, not even God, forces you to be someone else as that would betray God's desire for each of us to be unique individuals.  We are each perfect in our own design.  It is not our personality that defines perfection, but our ability to create and define our personality that makes us perfect.  After we are oriented back into the spirit realm and have cast off the illusion of the just-finished life, we are able to reflect upon the past life to learn from our triumphs, our mistakes, and gain wisdom from that experience.  There is no judgment except self-judgment as that is the only way to learn from our mistakes.  So no one should fear judgment in death, because as immortals, judgment would not create change.  If in death we were to face judgment by others, it only lead to bitterness and hatred, which is what happens so many times here in the physical reality.

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