Saturday, August 13, 2011

Answers to questions

Today, I want to put in writing what I believe are answers to questions people may have.  These aren't to say they are right.  Only that they are logical and right to me.

Q: What is God?
A: I believe that "God" is an infinite conscious energy.  You can "see God" in creation just by studying atomic and sub-atomic structure.  Everything in the physical world is held together by the invisible electromagnetic energy, even though you can only see the results of the massive combination of this electromagnetic energy with some of that infinite energy having been converted into matter.  I don't know what this energy is called in the spirit realm.  I use the term "energy" in this reality because that is the closest word I can use to describe what God is in this language.  You could call it vibrational energy as well, since it also exhibits the properties of infinite frequencies.  The word God is also limiting.  It is a word made up to describe something that has personality, but God is not just one personality.  "God" is the combination of All That Is (I prefer to call God, Source since that is where everything that is came from) because our energy comes from God's energy, and yet because the amount of energy is infinite, we never left God as the Source of all energy.  We are merely portions of that infinite energy into separate identities just as what we perceive as reality is a portion of that energy converted into matter.  Sort of like a symphony where multiple instruments create music, each having its own unique characteristics and frequencies, but contained within the whole song.

Q: Why does God ignore us?
A: God does not ignore us.  In fact, it is because God pays attention to us that we have our being.  What the question is really asking is, "Why doesn't God listen to me?"  The reason why people do not feel God's presence is because they do not know what to look for.  They send out a wish list and expect the wishes to come true.  God is not a genie or a lottery ticket.  We exist in this life to learn from it.  Every situation and circumstance we encounter is a blessing, whether good or bad, because we can experience it and hopefully learn something new from it.  From our human perspective, we may not see it this way, but if you realize what you really are, that you are not the physical being you believe you are, then the perspective can change and you start to see the truth.  God does not ignore us.  But God does not interfere with our lives because, whether you believe it or not, we choose the life we have.  What you believe is manifest into your reality.  You may feel like that's some fantasy, but every doubtful thought, every denial of truth, makes those doubts and lack of faith become more real.  For the Christians, this is what true faith is, to believe you (your true self) can move mountains and it will be done.  God does not need you to pray for this or that.  It is in your own power to make those desires come true, if you believe.

Q: Why is there evil in the world?
A: The reason why this question is asked is because people naturally desire peace and harmony or are afraid for their safety out of the survival instincts.  But not everyone desires or demonstrates peace and harmony, unfortunately.  This is the consequence of free-will and learning, not some temptation of an evil spirit or demonic being (though that is also a possibility if one is given over to suggestion).  It is not something that exists outside of our own desires and beliefs.  Evil is the manifestation of an individual's own desire or belief, just as much as Good.  And this is exactly because we have free-will.  If God desired only good in the world, then God would not have given us free-will.  An individual can only be an individual if they can choose to do whatever they desire in their infinite creativity.  If you take that away, then there is no free-will and no individuality.  This does not mean there isn't consequences to our acts, both good or bad.  However, you must realize that judgment and judgmental attitudes perpetuates bad behaviors.  People have a hard time not feeling judgmental because they think that if they don't discourage bad behavior through judgment, it will continue.  But this is a wrong belief.  Good and bad will always exist because of free-will.  It is only the individual that can decide to act one way or another.  All judgment of another does is to instill evil in the one who judges.  This can easily be seen as revenge and violence which comes from hatred, jealousy, anger, etc.  These feelings are NOT bad.  They are real, just as much as love, kindness, etc.  What is wrong is to act upon those feelings in a way that is not beneficial.  For example, if you're angry, redirect that energy towards helping others not fall into such acts.

Q: What is our purpose in life?
A: We exist in this world to live and experience this three-dimensional life.  We are immortal souls who are training to become co-creators with the living Source.  This is obvious even in this life.  We create our own reality every time we desire to do something.  You think "I want to go to Disneyland" and you make the plans and do it.  It may appear obvious and not very creative, but you transformed thought into reality.  It's even more obvious for those who create things for a living.  It is in our nature to transform thought into reality.  As a software engineer, I enjoy thinking of ideas and making them real (at least in the computer realm).  3D video games can be thought of as a rudimentary beginnings of creating other realities and worlds.  Why isn't everyone creating something in this life?  That's because we are not all at the same level of spiritual development in terms of transforming our energy into reality.  Some are relatively new souls (only having a few life incarnations) while others are older souls who are near the end of their reincarnations.  How is it that we are aware of abstract concepts such as math, astrology, and physics?  Because these ideas existed before the physical world existed (in fact, all things that we accept as real in this physical world existed in the mental/spiritual world before it became physically manifest.  This is the nature of thought becoming reality.  The mind is the birthplace of all reality).  It is also what the physical world is created from, which we call laws of nature.  These laws were defined beforehand, otherwise, you could not have an ordered creation.  It is impossible to have creation that obeys laws before those laws existed.  Even the fact that you have a Big Bang is evidence of natural laws at work (laws of conservation of energy, kinetic vs potential energy, E=MC2, gravity etc. - notice they all deal with energy, which is what I defined as "God" as well as everything in the spirit world).  In the same way, we are learning what those laws are (not human laws) and learning through life how to work within those laws to be creative in a positive way.  Some live lives that are very difficult while others live lives beyond our human imagination.  This is all of our choosing by our beliefs, whether you believe it or not, in order to learn in all circumstances.  Those living harsh lives will grow much faster and stronger as a soul (assuming they learn from their circumstance, not everyone does) than those who choose a life of simplicity and low challenge simply because there is more to learn in such harsh realities.  You must remember that life is short because it is not our real life so whether you have a good life or a bad life, they'll both end and each soul will be their immortal selves again to reflect and gain wisdom from their just-ended lives.  It is like a student having a hard time in the subject of math while in grade 3.  But we know the harder we work, when we are finished with that grade, we move on to the next.  Those who do not work hard may have to repeat the grade, or worse, go back a grade.  Those who move forward will take their knowledge gained to build upon even more knowledge.  This is the same analogy as a soul who is working to evolve itself into perfection, our graduation being to merge back into the Source (God), to become co-creators.  But unlike our physical lives, we have eternity to learn.  Until you grasp eternity, life, with its limitations of time and space, will seem so much more real than it really is.

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