Sunday, August 7, 2011

Science and "God"

I was watching the show The Creation Question: A Curiosity Conversation. They were discussing Stephen Hawking's declaration that God does not exist because of time and whether he is right or how God and science can coexist, if at all. Here's my view on this.

First of all, the concept of "God" has to be defined. Without explaining what "God" means, it's impossible to explain creation. Some religion views God as a personality while others view God as an indescribable being; someone like us in consciousness. But this is backwards. God is not "like us". We are like God. So what is God like? God isn't a being per-se. God is what exists. What exists is what we can imagine. Imagination is truth and reality because it exists by mere thought. Because thought exists, it is real, even if we do not perceive it in terms of physical reality. It is real because we created it in our mind. Therefore, God is anything and everything because we can imagine anything and everything through mind. God is that mind which creates and it is the created. In other words, God is the Source of All That Is, everything that was, is and will be.

In terms of science, think of God as that which allows matter to exist. By Albert Einstein's law of matter, E=MC2, God is the energy which allows matter to exist. Without energy, matter cannot exist and without energy matter cannot sustain itself. Matter is composed of that which cannot be seen, and yet we can measure to a small degree, it's existence. So for the question of beginning, the beginning wasn't matter, but energy. And energy is not visible, and neither is it created nor destroyed. It is experienced. People believe energy is just a form without substance. But what if energy has substance? What if energy is conscious? That would be one possible explanation for where consciousness lies. That could also be one possible explanation for where creativity resides. That is my belief, that this energy is alive and conscious. It is that which allows existence, not only in the physical realm, but in all other forms and dimensions.

So let's ask the question "where did energy come from?" What is energy? Since you need energy to create matter, what is the source and beginning, if any, for energy? That really should be the question of science, if you're looking for the beginning of matter. If you can determine where and what energy is, then you will have the answer for where matter came from.

Energy does not need to be converted only into matter. In fact, the reality that we perceive isn't the only one that exists. It is merely one of an infinite number of realities that exists because of infinite frequencies within energy.  Energy is the basis for all matter. We are also composed of energy. What you see as your body, as your car, as everything around you, is at its core composed of and held together by electromagnetic energy. But we do not see that with our physical eyes. Rather, we see the larger end result of that energy in the form of cells, composed of molecules, composed of atoms, which is just energy. The universe is like a mathematical formula brought from the mind into existence as form and as such, follows patterns. You can see the pattern of math in the universe in many everyday things. For example, if you look at a leaf, you can see the fractal patterns on the surface where the veining occurs. If you look at the branch, you can see the fractal patterns of the leaves. If you look at the tree, you can see the fractal patterns of the branches. Going in the other direction, If you look at the leaf, you can see the fractal pattern of the cells. If you look in the cell, you can see the fractal pattern of the molecules. If you look at the molecules, you can see the fractal patterns of the atoms. In fact, everything at the molecular level is like a tiny version of the infinite universe and from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, it is all composed of electromagnetic energy across the infinite spectrum of frequencies. Creation follows the law of electromagnetic energy. If energy is conscious, then you have God.

How does one prove that energy has consciousness? This requires proving that consciousness exists. What is consciousness? It is the idea that we are aware of ourselves. It has nothing to do with being aware of things outside of ourselves. That is merely a mental belief because our physical senses provide stimulation to our mind and the mind interprets outside as reality. So if we identity with ourselves individually and believe we exist, that is consciousness. How does one prove this? How does one prove that something else is not conscious? Most people would say a plant is not conscious or that a rock is not conscious because it does not interact or communicate with us. But if the definition of consciousness is communication or movement, then the wind could be considered conscious since it makes noise and moves. If that is the definition of consciousness, then water is conscious. A computer is conscious by that definition. The point here is that we cannot tell what is conscious outside of ourselves. Just because you can communicate with another person does not mean you proved they are conscious. You can only state that they are able to communicate no differently than a dog but we put other people at the same level as us because we understand them through communication. You might be thinking "wait a minute. You're suggesting that everything is conscious because everything is composed of energy." That is correct. I am saying that consciousness isn't in the brain or in the heart or anything of the physical body. It is the energy that forms and keeps the body form together that is our consciousness. So along that thinking, everything is conscious, even though we cannot physically communicate with non-living things using our mouths.

If we expanded our mental/psychic ability to communicate through energy, we would be able to see and communicate with everything in existence. That is why there are those who can communicate with spirits, animals, plants, etc. Many do not believe this is possible because they themselves cannot experience this. Even those who believe in a heaven have a hard time accepting this because they have a limited view about the spirit world. But that is a poor excuse for denying the ability or the idea about energy as being conscious. To reason that just because I do not experience something, no one else should be able to since it is not my reality, demonstrates a lack of understanding about the spirit world no different than those who believed that the Sun was a god, or that the earth was flat or that we are the center of the universe.

So what is the universe? It is a physical manifestation of the Source mind, Source being all the energy that exists. We as souls are all a portion of the Source, as individual consciousnesses acting together. Space and time is the result of converting energy into three dimensional matter. Without matter, energy simply exists; time and space have no meaning because it always is. As a simplified analogy, if you look at a sine wave, it goes to infinity in both positive and negative direction without end. At any given point, it's form exists. It does not move except if you shift an artificially created frame of reference. That is called a phase shift, but the wave itself did not move. Only the reference. In the same way, by changing frequency, amplitude, and reference, you can create different realities because of the energy it is. But the wave always exists at the same frequency, amplitude, and reference everywhere concurrently, thus time and space have no meaning. This is our true nature. This is the timeless, spaceless, infiniteness of God and our souls. But unlike the simple mathematical formula for a sinewave, the energy is infinite and has consciousness because it can act upon itself through its own free-will. I do not know how energy is conscious or has free-will, but if consciousness is the ability to take form through thought, then energy is the means for that form and thus is conscious because it took the form of that thought. Form does not have to be physical no more than our memories take physical form. And yet, we know our memories exist.

The true multiverse is the mind. If the mind can think it up, it becomes reality, not simply in metaphysical terms, but at the energy level because we as consciousness is energy. The law of conservation of energy states that you cannot lose energy. If our physical being is made of matter, the energy used to create that matter is returned as energy. One could think of that energy as our consciousness. In this form, science and religion can come together to explain physical reality. Both must answer the question, "What is energy?" When this question is answered, science and religion will become one.

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