Sunday, September 11, 2011

We are One

Every day, we wake up, think of our day's plans and go about our business in the world.  Every day, we are surrounded by people we know and are aware of, as well as those we do not know and ignore.  But if you were to take a moment and see the vastness of people around you, you would be amazed to see how diverse, how multitudinous, and at the same time, similar to you they are.  When you realize that these people all act and behave the same way as you, there is commonality found.

At a deeper level, there is more than just commonality.  You and I are the same being.  I am you, and you are me.  But at the same time, I am me, and you are you.  You're probably asking "What are you talking about?"  Think of every person as being a cell within a larger body.  Each cell has its own being.  It acts everyday in its capacity, depending on the type of cell it is.  These cells live and die, then is reborn as a new cell.  In the same way, we also have our own being.  We too act everyday in our capacity.  We too live and die and are reborn.  This is the cycle of life and is demonstrated by our bodies.  How much more are we a part of the larger body of the universe.  Everything in creation has a purpose in the larger body.  But because we are part of the same body, we are the same being.  Just as every cell in my body together make up "me", every one of us make up the same "I" or God or whatever you want to call the universe.

In the same way, our souls are individual identities, and yet we are one identity.  In Genesis, the bible says we are created in the image of God.  Too many religious people say that backwards.  They project our image on God and make God a personification of us.  The fact of the matter is that we are in the image of a spiritual being "beyond comprehension" as some like to believe.  But we are only "beyond comprehension" because we do not accept our heavenly being.  We see what we believe are faults and failures and from that assume we cannot be holy.  In truth, there is no faults and failures.  Only acts, whether consciously or unconsciously, that stem from our desire to be.  If we did not desire to be (in other words, to live and act out of free-will), then we would not do anything.  We would be motionless and have no being.  Therefore, any belief that we are bad is faulty and without merit.  When you realize this, you will see the divinity of our soul.

Some religious people do not accept their divinity because they misinterpret the notion of pride and humility.  Pride is not the act of raising ourselves up.  It is instead the ignoring of their self because they cannot accept that they came from God.  Pride says I do not come from God because I am me and you are you.  Humility says you accept your godliness because we are in the image of God.  Humility says I am you and you are me, We are One.  That is true humility, where you can accept your godliness the same as you accept another individual's godliness.  Pride takes away not only your godliness, but everyone else, thus making each person separate from God.  It is false humility that says only God is holy, and we are not holy, therefore we are apart from God.  Put another way, it is saying we are apart from God because I do not see God in me, therefore I am not holy.  This is pride because you assume you can exist outside of God, without God.  But no one can have their being without God.  Humility accepts this and therefore they accept that God is with them and that they are holy.

You are holy.  You are godly.  You are God!  We are One as God.  Eventually, everyone will realize this once more and return to God.  What does "return to God" mean?  Our focus, our will, our intent, whatever you want to call that part which acts upon our thoughts, will realize where it came from and will return back to where they came from.  This does not mean we will lose our personalities or individuality.  It simply means we will realize that there was and has always existed One, that we never was separate or apart from the One.  Today, many are ignorant of this fact and live alone in their perception.  They do not see their connection to everyone around them, or to the Godhead.  They ignore their inner self because they do not seek.  They do not seek because they are blinded by the world around them.  The world they see is our inheritance.  But by our ignoring our true selves, we have made a path of destruction, rather than construction.  We exist in this world to realize who we are inside so that the inheritance given to us can be heaven on earth.

You must wake up from your deep slumber and open your true eyes, beyond the physical eyes, to see.  Open your true ears, beyond the physical ears, to hear.  Then you will know that We are One with God and each other.

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