Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reality's many dichotomies

There are many "fundamental truths" in reality that people believe, but none more so than the dichotomy of all things.  We see it in all of creation, and especially in the abstract.  The concept of dichotomy is the basis for everything, the most obvious being life and death.  All opposing aspects, however, are merely two sides of the same coin.  What we think of as opposites are simply the two ends of a range.  In fact, I believe the genesis of All That Is came from the splitting of one into two or more.

At the beginning of All That Is, you had a single entity, which "slept" ("darkness").  When it awoke, it became two from one ("light, thus light and dark is born").  The moment this occurred, there was a birth of sorts.  The one whole became a mind and heart, thought and emotion.  From these two, comes the birth of everything else that is.  As one, it could not share in its desires because desire could not form without a companion.  Because of this nature, the one had to become two in order for each to compliment the other, thus making a whole.  This is a fundamental dichotomy of God.  God cannot express love without someone or something to express it to.  Therefore, the fundamental dichotomy was that God must become two in order to be One.  When this occurred, the Thought was able to express itself apart from the Emotion.  The emotion, being the submissive to the thought, was the power behind making thought into reality.  These two aspects of consciousness can be represented in many ways.  Man and woman is one way, left and right, light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong, birth and death.  They are all dichotomies because one cannot exist without the other.  We use words such as left and right to express these concepts of opposites, but they do not hold meaning by themselves.  You cannot understand one without the other.  In other words, "right" and "wrong" do not mean what we accept as those meanings.  Rather, "right" simply is the opposite of "wrong".  "Wrong" doesn't mean it's incorrect except by our societal definition of saying something is unacceptable, just as "right" doesn't necessarily mean it is correct unless agreed upon.  It simple is portraying a dichotomy of opposites where "right" is seen as being beneficial and "wrong" as being detrimental. 

Now you may argue that Mind and Heart are not opposites, but then you must define what opposite means.  Black and White are not opposites either.  They are simply colors that we define as opposites.  Right and Wrong are not opposites because one simply is the better choice over the other and it is the individual that decides whether they represent extremes of those possible choices.  So the term "opposite" simply means they act in different capacities or descriptions, and yet are complimentary to the other.  Even the concept of life and death are not opposites since you have to define living and not living.  If living means you are conscious of your existence, then you cannot prove you cease to exist after death since the only proof of your conscious existence after death resides with you.  Therefore, life and death are not absolute opposites.  Rather, they are simply relative opposites based on a 3rd person perspective.

The idea of opposites exists because, as mentioned, you cannot experience one without the other.  To have intellect, but not have any emotion associated with the knowledge means that the knowledge has no meaning.  There is no reason for any intellect without an emotional component.  In the same way, emotion alone is meaningless without having something to be emotional about.  This is why "love" exists.  Love as an emotion is pointless without something to express it to, which is why God used thought to create more entities from itself.  Without more individual entities to share the thoughts and emotions with, God (from its perspective) becomes meaningless.  So God itself became a dichotomy in order to express purpose in existence.

We too are learning through life about dichotomies.  We judge everyday what is best for our lives, we seek purpose for our existence, we seek friendships and love from others.  This is all possible because of the many layers of dichotomies at work.  Our right brain vs. left brain.  Our masculinity vs. femininity.  Our choices in life between this and that.  Dichotomies is what makes life possible by giving us freedom of choice.

Although we tend to see things as one out of two possibilities, that is not the nature of existence.  It may appear to be this way because we choose to focus tightly in to a single set, but once you move your perspective back away from those limiting choices, you begin to see the dichotomy around the dichotomy, giving us more and more choices.  For example, we see our consciousness as mind and heart.  But within the mind and heart, lies the infinite aspects of thought and feeling.  I think and I feel..I feel good or bad...I feel ok or great...I feel wonderfully alive or exuberant!  As you dig deeper and deeper, each side has many more choices.  Once you pull back, you can see the infinite possibilities from just two sides of the coin.  That's because to get from one side to the other is an infinite number of steps in either direction, giving us infinite varieties and choices and experiences.  What you perceive as opposites are actually the representation of the infinite possibilities possessed within a single entity, that is you.

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