Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We are spirit, we are energy

Most people go about their lives convinced that what they see is the only real thing that exists.  They see their body and their surrounding, they feel the clothes on their skin, the heat or cold in the air, and the ground underneath them.  They hear the noise of everyday hustle and bustle.  They smell the air and notice whatever aroma is there.  They can taste the food and drink they consume.  We take these senses for granted, which provide people the security of reality, without any regard to how they are able to sense such things to begin with.  This post delves into the principles of physics, so it might get a bit complicated to explain.

During life science courses, one learns how the body works at a high level.  The sense of sight occurs because the eye focuses reflected light energy (light energy is altered by interacting with another molecule which is also energy, causing the frequency of the light "ray" - aka photon - to change, thus appearing as different hues and intensity of color) to receptors on the back of the eye.  These sensors then send an electrical signal to the back of the brain where it is supposedly converted into sight.  No one knows exactly what the process of "converting into sight" is, but they believe the brain handles this aspect.  The sense of touch occurs when two objects come into contact.  The contact, which at the atomic level is simply two sources of energy interacting, triggers an electrical signal up the nerves to the brain where the brain somehow converts that signal into touch.  The sense of hearing occurs when sound waves push and pull the ear drums, causing tiny vibrations which are picked up by tiny hairs.  Those hair movements cause electrical signals to the brain which somehow converts that signal into sound.  The sense of smell occurs when tiny receptors in the nose pick up tiny particles in the air and an electrical signal is sent to the brain where it converts those signals into smell.  The sense of taste occurs when the taste buds on the tongue pick up the chemicals and an electrical signal is sent to the brain where it is converted into the sense of taste.

As you can see, there is a commonality among the senses.  They all send an electrical signal to the brain where that data is interpreted as sense data.  You aren't taking whatever sense data you're getting directly (that apple isn't going into your head through your eyes, nor is the foul stench going straight to your brain), but rather an interpretation of it as an electrical signal.  But what exactly is doing the interpretation and how is the information encapsulated in the electrical signal?  The brain is just a big signal input and output organ.  It responds to signals, but it itself does not generate any signal (I'm talking about self-generated signals, not signals responding to other signals such as the senses.  Even autonomic functions are not necessarily from the brain, hence the term muscle memory.  All output requires processing of the input to determine what response to have, which requires intelligent decision making).  So then where is the mind to interpret the input and generate a signal to output?

Before I answer that question, the other question is why are signals electrical?  If you've taken basic chemistry, you should remember the periodic table of elements.  All matter is derived from the combination of these elements.  What exactly are elements?  The basic answer is simply an electrical charge, that's it!  The heavier the element, the more charge it has.  We call them electrons and neutrons, but that's because science attributes charge particles to each of what appears to be atomic components.  But even these components can be broken down because something must be forming these charge components to give it that property.  That is why scientists have looked into quarks as smaller elements.  Even now, they look for another smaller component called the Higgs Boson, which they call the God element, in order to explain where mass comes from.  I do not have a physics background.  I am barely literate on any of this science stuff so I do not claim any authority on the matter.  However, I do know very elementary concepts and at the end of it all, E=MC2 comes to mind.  As well, the conservation of energy principle must also come into the picture.

Now if all elements are basically electrical charges, then all matter is simply electrical charges held together by electromagnetic bonds.  Mass is derived as Energy divided by the square of the speed of light.  So what is 1 unit of energy?  I have no idea.  But if Hydrogen is the first element, then it has the least mass.  So what is mass?  Mass is the density of energy within a given element.  That density is affected by other types of energy such as gravity.  With gravity, all matter is attracted towards the core of the planet because the planet's core of iron creates a large attractive force and this pulling of the mass to the core gives us weight.  The higher the element in the periodic table, the denser it is and therefore the more mass there is.  The density is caused by the electromagnetic forces that all electrical charges produce, which pulls together the particles tighter and tighter as more and more energy is contained within the atom.  Electromagnetic forces extend forever out towards "space".  We assume space exists between the non-visible areas appear to be devoid of charge.  But what if all of "space" is not a void, but instead contains this stuff we could call elementary energy?  We cannot even define what energy is except as a measure of work.  But in terms of electromagnetic forces, energy can be thought of as the primary force that exists in all reality.

Going back to the concept of sense perception, we are able to have physical sensory perception because the body is able to convert the electrical properties of energy into data.  Sight is limited because the eyes are only tuned to receive a very narrow band of electromagnetic frequency.  But the more amazing thing is, if you realize all matter is electromagnetic in form, then we are always in contact with all energy as the conservation of energy dictates that no energy is lost, but only converted into another form.  We are another form of energy.  Physical reality is simply another form of energy.  We can perceive this reality because the forms within this reality are capable of sensing that electromagnetic range of data.  Now the question at the beginning was how does the brain interpret that data?

The brain itself, as stated, does not interpret any data.  It merely picks up the data and something else (the mind) is able to interpret and act upon that data.  Where is the mind?  I submit that it is the electromagnetic force that holds us together as a form that is the mind.  In other words, God is all energy in existence and we are a portion of that energy, which has been converted into physical form.  But the body we call "I" is held together by electromagnetic forces.  It is that force that I call "I", not just the material matter converted from energy into cells and organs.  In fact, without the electromagnetic force holding the bonds of molecular structure together, nothing physical could exist.  This fact in itself should hold the proof that the physical universe could not exist without intelligence.  Energy itself has order and structure, which converted into matter.  This cannot occur spontaneously as energy requires energy to convert into another form.  That requires input.  As I stated in previous posts, thought and emotion are projections of energy.  This is consciousness and it is what we call the mind.  So do you exist after death?  You must because if consciousness is energy, then by the conservation of energy, your mind cannot disappear as it is energy.  It simply changed forms.

So what does this have to do with spirituality?  The point of this is to show that we are not physical beings, but spiritual beings.  I've talked a lot about how our physical senses work, and that they are sensory instruments that pick up what is essentially electromagnetic waves.  These waves make up the spectrum of light, which is also what you are.  You and I and everything else in existence is Light beings.  In physics, we know that light is energy, because energy is simply a term to represent what the electromagnetic waves of light do, which is work and in science that is called energy.  The physical form as we perceive it is merely an illusion by the physical senses and the mind interpreting it as being solid form rather than seeing it for what it really is: energy.  But this too is by design.  Our purpose in this form is to learn about ourselves as energy beings.  By slowing down our thoughts through the medium of the physical form, we are able to learn how to control energy.  Thought and emotion create action that is immediate and spontaneous.  By having a physical medium, we slow down the process of converting thought into action.  The slowing down of action (or work) is so that we can choose whether to manifest our thoughts before it happens.  One must react to the thought before the action occurs and that is where the brain comes in.  It is the baby sitter, so to speak, of our spontaneous and creative minds.  Until we learn how to control our thoughts and emotions, all action will be regulated by the body in order for each one of us to learn the consequences of our thoughts and emotions.  The idea of "judgement" isn't that someone else will judge our actions, but rather, we will judge ourselves whether we have progressed in our self control of thought and emotion.