Monday, January 16, 2012

Into the Wormhole

I was watching Into the Wormhole today, the episodes "Is there a 6th sense" and "Does time really exist" and I gotta say, I feel excited to hear that at least some scientists (though the hardcore materialists would complain that they're not "real" scientists) are examining the same concepts I've been thinking about.  The information I gained for my writings are my basic understanding of science, my expanded understanding of our "true" nature (spirit/soul/energy), and trying to connect to my true self through medication and introspection.  Most of what I write has been a product of my inner search and it has provided me with what I feel are important insights.  They aren't unique perspectives, as many, many others before me have written about these same concepts for thousands of years.  But for me to understand these things (at least in my opinion), maybe not quite in depth but fundamentally, tells me I'm on the right track in terms of searching for my truths.

All thought is energy, which becomes manifested because energy is "sent out" with each thought.  Until the thought exists, the energy of the thought has not yet become "real" (the thought itself doesn't exist anywhere until you make it real by thinking of it).  The show "Is there a 6th sense" gave some examples of the experiments done to demonstrate the notion that thought travels outside the body.  This makes sense, if you realize that all of what we consider reality is not physical, but energy, and again, thought is energy which is projected out into reality.  Seth in Seth Speaks talked about how the inner consciousness acts before the physical body acts.  There was an experiment that seemed to demonstrate this, but the experimenter's conclusion seems to be different.  The experiment was done to determine if one could see into the future and they were able to demonstrate this, but I believe what Seth said is more accurate, which is to say that our inner consciousness (energy that creates and holds together the the body) already experienced the energy signature of the thing being "seen" and the body reacts afterwards.  Again, if all things are energy, it is the perception of that energy that occurs before the form of the body reacts.  I also wrote about perception creating reality, that if one did not observe something, it would not exist.  It is the observation of many that keeps something in reality.  This was one of the examples of quantum mechanics on the show.

I wrote that time does not exist, but it is all "now" because all possibilities exist and what we perceive is different probabilities as moments in a sequence of moments.  That means if all possibilities exist, then all moments exist simultaneously, and thus all time exists simultaneously.  It is only the shifting of our focus that determines what "time" we perceive.  All phenomenon in this physical world is a product of our bodies being a part of the same system with the same rules and the same physical nature.  If you stand outside the body, then time does not exist because you are all possibilities as energy, infinite and never-ending.  You simply "focus" by tuning into a specific energy state to "see" a specific time aka moment.  That is what I believe memory is, a snapshot so to speak of the energy pattern defining a moment in time.

I'm not suggesting that I've come up with some new thoughts or that it is uniquely mine.  In fact, everything I've written about in this blog has been told many times by many different people throughout human history.  But what I've noticed is that quite a few people are asking similar questions in the field of Physics and Quantum Mechanics regarding what matter really is.  I'm just excited because I believe I've received these insights from my understanding of what I really am, a spiritual being in a physical form, and that knowledge is seeping into me by my superconsciousness (aka. my true self).  I can't prove this, but that is my gut feeling, and I believe this is because I am trying to reconnect with my whole knowledgable self.

The point of this is to suggest that we are all learning to recognize our true nature in different ways, and it's only a matter of time before science understands the true nature of reality.  This is the beginning of our enlightenment, to move beyond the illusion of the physical, back to the knowledge of our true selves.  Quantum mechanics is a very interesting field and I believe it is this field that will open our understanding to the realization of our true nature.

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