Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Age Belief?

Some people have wondered if what I am describing is New Age.  Although there are aspects of New Age beliefs, I do not see my belief as being New Age.

The label "New Age" comes from the movement of thought started through the past century.  Much of the insights seem to be derived from both individual philosophical thinking and extra sensory perceptions (channeling, mediumship, etc.).  Many of the ideas I have come from reading of books by authors loosely related to the New Age movement such as Jane Roberts and Rudolf Steiner.  However, most of my thinking is the product of my own intuitions in addition to what I have read.  Even as a Christian, I could see there were inconsistencies and idealistic human perspectives in the theology.  Reading materials outside of religion has shown me that misinterpretations of concepts and ideas existed, not just within the religious framework, but in all beliefs.  But this together does not mean I am a New Ager.  There are just too many different points of views within New Age itself, just as any other religion.  Nothing I write is new or unspoken of.  The concepts have been around for ages, well beyond even the known human civilization.  Tales that are the basis for religion speak of the same concepts that I've written, although through the ages, people have misinterpreted these tales and turned them into a religion.  I don't want that to happen again.  I want people to be as they choose to be, whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, New Age or whatever religion they choose.

I believe all differences of belief stem from the fact that each individual understands things differently based on their beliefs.  Even my beliefs are very much limited by my current knowledge and understanding.  That is why I do not believe anyone's belief is more correct than any other.  It really matters not what anyone believes in terms of social beliefs (religion, non-religion, etc.).  The only thing that matters in my opinion is to have an open mind to things you may not understand or believe, but most of all to be aware of your own experiences and intuitions.  We each have our own experiences, understandings, and knowledge about the world and we color our view of the world through that lens of experience.  It is because of this that I do not wish to be labeled any religious or philosophical point of view.  It is simply my belief of reality.

As an example, I live my life in a secular way, while accepting that Jesus existed, but also that Buddha and all the other world's religious messengers existed.  When I look at more and more religious theologies, I see the same message: that we are spiritual beings.  I also hold to scientific facts.  I recognize that in this reality, I am a physical being living in a physical world.  I go see doctors when I feel sick, but I also believe in the fact that I am a spiritual being and have the same abilities as a God figure.  I do not claim I have supernatural powers, but I believe we all have that ability to be discovered and trained.  What I don't do is expect everyone has to be like me, or that they have to believe what I believe.  That is why I do not accept religion as a practice because they typically require people to follow their set of rules and regulations.  But I also do not accept atheism as a practice because it denies a possibility.  I have not seen magnetic forces, but I know it exists because of the effects it produces.  In the same way,  I believe we are an effect of "spirit", whatever "spirit" is.  So I can't say there aren't non-physical beings.  From my perspective, I view myself as a non-physical being having a form that is physical and I tried to explain the reason for this in my previous posts regarding the existence of "God".

The central tenant of what I am trying to describe in my posts is that we should decide who and how we want to be and that if you want to change who you are, then it should be your decision, not someone or something else's.  If you don't want to change who you are, then it is your decision also.  No one should make you conform through threat or coercion.  We are all free-willed beings and nothing should take away that freedom of choice.  I'm not suggesting we should do whatever we want at the expense of others.  However, even though some actions take away the freedom of choice of others, it also is part of learning.  Our free-will exists so that we can utilize it in an educative and creative manner.  All actions have consequences that exists for our learning and understanding, both "good" and "bad".  However, not everyone recognizes the aspect of learning from their actions and thus continue to do things that are not beneficial or that they do not like or want to.  On the flip side, those viewing actions from a 3rd person point of view make judgments without understanding either.  They judge the consequence alone rather than the educational aspect from the action and consequence because they are trying to impose their own will upon others, thus denying free-will.  The idea that "I know better" is incorrect.  As I said earlier, we all only know what we each understand.  Without being able to utilize our free-will, we cannot understand based only on another's point of view.  When we see or hear another's point of view, it is an interpretation, not the actual experience.

Because I believe we are non-physical beings, there is no "end-of-life" consequence for anyone.  In other words, there is no "death" as we perceive it, but only a changing of form back into non-physical.  If we were to truly die, then life itself would be without any meaning, as the activities done during the short lifespan would be as if nothing occurred, and thus we would be fooling ourselves into thinking anything we do or say or believe matters.  This is why I do believe we are spiritual beings in different form and that what we do does matter for our own development individually and collectively.

The freedom to choose to be as we wish of atheism, with the meaning and purpose to exist of theism.  That is my belief.

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