Friday, February 17, 2012

The Meaning of ONE

Who am "I"?  What am "I"?  Where am "I"?  When am "I"?  Why am "I"?  How am "I"?

"I" am ONE.  You are me, I am you.  You and I are a portion of "I".

"I" loves all because "I" knows all is ONE, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

"I" does not say to the hand "I do not need you".  "I" does not say to the foot "I do not need you".  Because all is "I".

In the beginning, "God" existed.  In the beginning, "I" existed.  "I" thought "Who am I?  What am I?  Where am I? When am I?  Why am I?  How am I?".  From this thought, "I" examined all the infinite aspects of "I" to know itself.  From this, the many individualities of "I" were born.  Each aspect of "I" represents the infinite possibilities through each portion.  Each portion, having been "born" from the "I", did not recognize itself and sought to find its own identity.  This happened because "I" wanted to know what "I" could become through spontaneity.  The portion of "I" is called "Man".  "Man" seeks to know themselves also because "Man", being in the image of "I", desires to express its own individuality.  This expression of individuality allows "Man" to become what it wants to become, without limitations, to know itself.

Why do you hate another?  Because you recognize that quality in you that you do not desire.

Why do you love another?  Because you recognize the other is also a part of you and you long to return to the beginning of being One.

It is the forgetfulness of our beginning that makes you feel separated from the others, the ignorance of the ego in the "I", the fear of losing your identity to the "I".

I am a portion of my soul.  My soul is a portion of the "I".  I am the Son of Man.  Man is the Son of God.  I am the Son of the Son of God.  I am the gift to God, holy and blameless.  To be in "sin" means you as the soul is incomplete, not having realized who you are and where you came from.

You are infinite.  You are all possibilities.  You are a portion of "I".  We are infinity.  We are ONE.

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