Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reincarnation and time

When people talk about reincarnation, most people think of it in terms of a linear progression of lives.  The life a person recognizes currently is assumed to be the most recent incarnation, while past lives are those that occurred prior to this current life within the history of time.  However, that is not the case.  If you understand that time is a relative experience, meaning you experience time relative to a prior moment of experience, then time itself is not really real.  What is real is your perception of moments and the linearity of the physical senses that connects these moments into sequences as it perceives them.  Because the body experiences a delay between an event and the perception of that event, this creates the experience of time from one moment perceived to the next.

So if time outside of the physical body does not exist, then how does one explain reincarnation?  The best analogy would be to look at how your physical body identifies "I".  Where is the "I" in your body?  Most people say it is the whole body that represents "I".  And yet, the whole body is really composed of many various components at different levels.  For example, the organs of the body do not individually represent "I", but they are a component of "I".  Even smaller, the cells that make up the organs and body individually do not represent "I" in your mind, but rather you view them as parts of "I".  Based on this, the idea of "I" really is an aggregation of individual components.  Taking this concept one step further outward, the whole "I" can be thought of as the aggregation of individual "I's", each "I" represented by an incarnation within the framework which you think of as "time".  So imagine a body made of individual personalities all experiencing their own period of time.  Each of these personalities are experiencing their lives in the "Now", even though their lives may be at different points within historical time.  But as the whole body, the "I" exists without time, and can experience all lives simultaneously as each life is a part of the whole.

To better understand this concept, look at the life of a cell within the body.  It lives and dies constantly within your body, and yet you do not experience this life and death at the individual cell level.  That is because the whole body does not live and die by the individual, but rather, each individual is an aspect of the whole, even though the individual cells live their own "lives", so to speak.  The cell acts as it knows how to, doing what it does every day.  It is born, lives to fulfill its purpose, then it dies.  Our physical bodies can be thought of in the same manner.  We are born, live our lives to fulfill our purpose, and then the body dies.  And yet our whole self does not die.  The whole self, which you could call the overall "soul" continues to exist, regardless of the death of our bodies.  The cell in the body has its being because the body provides it with energy and nourishment necessary for life.  In the same way, what we consider our conscious self is really the energy and nourishment provided by the whole "I".

Time is a phenomenon of the mind perceiving moments in sequence because of the physical nature of sensory perception.  In absolute terms, there is no such thing as a past.  There is only "Now".  If you think about it, it is always "now".  You never really experience the "past" or the "future".  These are merely terms we use to label experiences that is no longer "now" or some probable "now" that has yet to be experienced.  The past is simply "Now" stored as memory.  Each person has their own memory of the past and so each past is dependent on the perspective of the individual.  Just as the past is a memory of a moment experienced in a previous "Now", the future is the image or assumption of a possible future, but one that has not become "Now" yet.  In fact, your "now" is a realized future of a past "now", but to the previous incarnation, your "now" does not yet exist as a reality since it is its "future"!  Because of this, the future is really just a set of possibilities and through free-will, we make one of the possible future moments into a reality in the "Now".  Memory is a state or pattern of experience recorded into your being.  You are the memory of all experience in this life, the accumulation of all data, both consciously perceived and not consciously perceived.  Your belief in a past exists because you have memories of experiences that have occurred already.  The reason why you do not recognize a "past" incarnation is because each memory is stored by each personality.  That memory is accessible by the whole self and is shared telepathically among all the incarnational selves.  In this manner, you can tap into memories of a past life, but in normal consciousness, you will not remember anything beyond your current incarnation.

Each of our incarnations, though we are separate from the others, are unique and individual identities with it's own ego, but they act together to form our whole self.  In this respect, our other lives are all connected as a single individual, thus the notion of reincarnation.  You are you, and your other lives are their own individual selves.  We "know" of our past lives, if you are able to tap into the psychic channels, because the "past" lives are being lived out right "now".  They are no more dead in history as you are non-existent to them in the "future".  All of the experiences that the whole self seeks to experience is made up within the personalities of each life.  This does not mean you do not have an individual identity.  It only means you only perceive the small portion of your whole identity in this life.  When you return to your spiritual form upon death, what you consider "I", the portion that lived this life, returns to the whole self and you recognize that you are more than just the life just experienced.  In this light, it can be recognized that your life is always in a state of grace.  That is because your life means the life of the whole self and the saying "you do not say to the hand 'I do not need you'" has much more relevance and meaning.

In the same way, there is no such thing as "karmic debt".  Your current life is not a reflection of any past life karma anymore than your future life will be dictated by your current condition.  What you experience in this life is at your control, just as all of the other incarnations are in their control.  Because all lives are lived simultaneously, there is no karmic connection between them in terms of a type of punishment, although a life can be experienced to learn a karmic lesson.  However, this doesn't necessarily mean that your other lives cannot affect your life because all of your lives are connected.  Experiences in one life can have an effect on your current, if you unconsciously or consciously accept that as a part of your experience through belief.  But that is why you have a consciousness, to direct and manipulate your current life.  This is done through your belief system.  If you believe your current situation is caused by a previous life, then it is that belief that creates your current condition, not any fact of a previous life.  If you want to change your current situation, you must choose to believe in a different situation and act upon it.  In this way, you not only change your current life situation, but such knowledge can and does bleed through to your other personality lives, if those incarnations choose to act upon such knowledge consciously or unconsciously, which could be misinterpreted as "karmic debt".  This can be recognized sometimes as inspiration or an unexpected "change of heart".  Many people have experienced such a phenomenon in their lives, where their initial thoughts and feelings seem to make a rapid change without knowing why.  This is because of the psychic link between all of your incarnations and the effect it has when one of your other lives experience a change in belief, and this being "broadcast" to all lives.

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