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Spiritual reality and the 7 chakras

Our non-physical form can be described as layers within layers of energy bodies.  These layers have been described in terms of auras or energy emanations from the physical body, relating to the 7 major chakra points, where the knowledge originated from the ancient Indian religions (the area of Asia Minor is supposed to be one of the most ancient regions of human development, predating Atlantis, and many religious ideas is said to have come from this region).  Up until now, I've only viewed the different perspectives of the spirit body as independent and distinct, but now I see there is a direct connection between all of them to explain why people have had these different perspectives.  These different perspectives include auras, chakras, astral projection/out of body, and hypnotherapy through past-life regression into the post-death memory.

The chakra points begin at the sex organs up to the top of the head, or the crown.  Each of these 7 points represent different levels of spiritual development (physically, they are the 7 major hormonal glands in the body that regulate and allow the body to function).  The lowest point, which is the genitals, represent the non-physical template of the physical body and is the source/representation of our survival instincts.  The next point is represented by the point just below the naval and it signifies the emotional center of the physical body.  The next point is the solar plexus area and it signifies the mental center of the physical body.  The next point is the heart area and it signifies a junction point between the physical and non-physical reality.  It also signifies the astral-form or mediating form.  This is a form that represents both the physical and the non-physical reality.  The next point is the throat and it represents the non-physical body or more likely, the energy that gives life.  The next point is the forehead or "third-eye" and it signifies the perceptive intuition or non-physical emotion center.  The last point is the top of the head or crown and it signifies the consciousness or knowing of self, or "I".

The interesting thing about this knowledge comes when you read about out-of-body experiences.  Robert Monroe's description of "rings" around the non-physical "earth" (representative of physical reality) can be understood in terms of these chakra points.  The physical world (such as your body) is the manifestation of the first chakra's template body, the physical template in non-physical energy, into physical form.  This first chakra point is the template body that the physical reality (of all physical body, including the universe, animals, plants, and humans) is designed to and it represents the basic nature of law, to exist and survive.  But in terms of the consciousness, it is the location where those who have died or are asleep associate so strongly with the physical body that they are unable to recognize anything beyond what they know in terms of physical life.  Those who have died but are at this level would be what one could consider "ghosts" and "spirits" that seem to inhabit the physical world.  The next ring is the emotional chakra and here, Monroe saw those disembodied personalities who have died and know they are dead, but have such strong emotional desires that they are unable to recognize their habitual tendencies of the flesh.  They indulge themselves with their cravings, but only recognizing their current state as providing freedom to pursue whatever they desire.  The 3rd ring is described by Monroe as a composition of 3 sections.  The first section nearest to the 2nd ring is described as a place where those who are dead know they are dead, but live in a world representing their limited beliefs.  This is also the 3rd chakra point, which is the mental body of the physical reality.  In this realm, the thoughts and beliefs create a non-physical reality that represents the individual's state of mind.  Those with like beliefs (aka energy level or frequency) congregate together to form their own reality in this ring.  The next ring from this represents a type of neutral point, or junction.  This junction is related to the 4th chakra because it is the point where a personality transitions from the physical reality to the non-physical, where concepts that are of physical nature transition to that of mental nature, aka "spiritual" reality (the distinction between physical and spiritual reality is purely a symbolic difference.  The physical reality perceives things through symbols of the physical world, while the spiritual reality perceives things in terms of pure emotion and thought.  Therefore, the 4th chakra is the translation or interpretation point between concept into form).  Those who "graduate" from the mental reality (ie. lose their dependence on fixed beliefs and limiting ideas) transition through this junction into the higher levels.  The levels beyond the 4th chakra continue on towards more spiritual development, having lost the need for symbols as representations of thought and emotion, until they reach the "I" center, which is what I call the consciousness of "Man", your soul, the whole Self, your true Entity.  The first 3 chakras of the physical reality can be thought of as the "Son of Man", while the upper 3 chakras of the spiritual reality can be thought of as "Man".  The whole self is the "I" of both portions.  Once a soul has reached this point in their "development", you are "complete" in this reality (the physical reality), and move on beyond the 7th chakra/level to a different reality.  His book Far Journeys describes 7 levels upon 7 levels upon 7 levels out to infinity.

There are colors associated with these chakra points as well.   Michael Newton's book Journey's of the Soul describes souls exhibiting a specific color of light where the color signifies the soul's level or progression in its development.  Each chakra also has a specific color associated with them as well and they seem to correspond to the colors of a soul's development, purple being the most developed as well as being the 7th chakra color.  This seems to validate the notion that we are progressing through these 7 levels of development through our various incarnational experiences and that those at a specific level of development exhibit similar characteristic of spiritual maturity.  Those of higher development help train those of lower development.

Another interesting aspect about the use of these 7 colors to represent the chakras is that they coincide with the 7 primary colors of the visible light spectrum.  In my opinion, I think this is a symbolic representation of the fact that our bodies are visible only in this narrow spectrum of energy.  What we call light is the full spectrum of energy, but only the visible portion reflects off of all energy bodies (anything we consider physical, which along with the way the eyes work, allows us to "see" this world).  So the chakras, which stretch from red to violet/purple, allows the energy that we are naturally, to be visible as form.  Those frequencies outside of the visible spectrum also exist as chakras outside of the visible body, which stretches below and above the sacrum and crown of the body.  This too is representative of the fact that we cannot see those frequencies with the eyes, but they exist as a part of the entire light spectrum, just as they exist as part of our bodies.

So the notion that each color represents a certain level of development might help explain why those of us who have attempted out-of-body (OOB) experiments are less successful, mostly due to fear and expectations.  If you recognize what I described above, you would see that the primary barrier of OOB and even death, is the inner fear within.  The fears of demons and devils are those manifested within your belief system.  The same goes for the beliefs of heaven and hell.  All spiritual existence resides within your system of energy, and that system of energy is what I described above as the 7 levels.  By overcoming your limiting belief system, you naturally go towards the goal of becoming whole.

The point of this is to help explain what it means to be physical and spiritual.  It isn't an outward journey as the outer visible reality is really an expansion of energy from within, the center point being our consciousness, but rather we are on an inward journey back to the source, returning back to the beginning of self.  Having an out-of-body experience is merely the conscious focus of attention along these layers or chakra points.  Because all individual "selves" in this reality that we, together, create are part of the whole Source/God, we have experience together within the super-body of Source.  In reality, each one of us as individuals are a wave within the symphony of waves, interacting with each other, creating a harmony.  Our experiences combine to create the light of love, which is the combination of all frequencies that is each of us.  The journey we are on is to continuously create a perfect harmony, a changing of tone continuously through different experiences.  We do this by learning to control the tone we create through an endless cycle of experience and being.

In addition to these 7 major chakra points represented as layers of spiritual development, there exists multiple layers within each layer some representing the multiple lives we are living in different times and places.  Aura readers have recognized this aspect of human electromagnetic emanations and it coincides with the idea that reincarnation is not a linear progression through time, but rather, all incarnations existing simultaneously in the "Now".  It also explains how we can connect to our other lives in this life as well as why some personalities of incarnation are "lost" within the self, because each of the incarnations may exist at different levels of development.  This was demonstrated in Monroe's OOB experiences.

For those of you who are into biblical numbers, the reference of the number 7 is as I described above, where those who reach the 7th's "level", so to speak, attains "completeness" or perfection.  In reality, there is no such thing as perfection in the way most define the term.  We are already perfect, but we misinterpret "bad" experiences or behaviors as exemplifying imperfection.  But if you realize it is simply for the sake of experience, then there is no judgment on the "bad" experience or act, and we realize that we are merely participants in the experience.  We will always seek to experience, to become, and therefore perfection simply means you have attained completeness in this reality of experience and so you will move on towards the next reality of experience.  The number 6 simply means incomplete, not having attained wholeness of self.  To be in "sin" means to miss the mark, which is the same as the number 6, you are incomplete (imperfect as religion describes it).  We've all heard the terms "Mind, Body, Spirit".  These could also be considered the Christian idea of the Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit).  The Spirit refers to the lower 3 chakras/levels related to the energy that manifests, the Body is the physical manifestation of the Spirit, and the Mind which is the upper 3 (4 including the astral body at chakra 4) chakras/levels representing the inner spiritual self.  666, aka "mark of the beast", is simply the incompleteness of all three aspects of the whole self; Mind, Body, Spirit.  There is no "777", just 7, representing the completeness and unity of all 3 aspects of self.  Wholeness in Monroe's 3rd book is explained in simple terms as all of your life incarnations returning to your whole soul/self, having experienced much and grown in wisdom through each of your incarnations, leading to completeness (those incarnations, aka personalities or reincarnations, that are parts of your whole self which have not recognized their true spiritual nature in their life and death and thus are stuck at a lower level as well as those that have not yet consciously chosen to return to the whole self because of beliefs or dogmas).

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