Monday, February 27, 2012

Your purpose in life

Live your life as a child enjoys their being, without responsibility or concerns.  Do not assume responsibility and adulthood negate a child-like attitude towards life.  Responsibility is merely understanding the consequences of our acts of free-will, but never-the-less, we are free to act upon our desires and joys.  Being an adult is merely an interpretation of our physical development.  There is no change in our right to express our child-like freedom!  We exist to have our being, to enjoy our existence, not as physical creatures, but immortal beings within the physical form.  We have the gift to express our creative and spontaneous nature within the material world so that from it, we can experience the emotions that are generated!  All emotions are based in love.  Any interpretation otherwise is an interpretation, because all emotion is energy.  All energy is love.  To create energy is to generate emotion, and those emotions comes from all experiences.  The only difference in emotion comes in the type of energy (love vs. hate is merely a difference in terms of energy pattern, but none-the-less, still energy).  When I use the terms emotion and love, I'm speaking from the physical point of view.  Love is not an emotion outside of the physical body, but rather a state of being.  Keep this in mind when you hear or read the words "love" and "emotion".

As "adults", we are expected to behave in a specific manner, which for many seems to preclude joyful acts of spontaneity due to strong beliefs rooted in ideals and not understanding what responsibility really means (can't do that, that's bad, that isn't right, etc.).  This leads to unhappiness because it inhibits the free-flow of our energy.  The energy inside is trying to manifest itself as emotion, specifically love.  Love of doing what you enjoy, love of experiencing the pleasures of life, love of sharing in existence!  When you hinder or block this expression of love, you bottle it up and it manifests itself in other ways, such as anger, violence, depression, and even illness.  But all of those manifestations are the release of energy in one way or another.  Stress is the blocking of this energy within the body, causing illness and damage.  Energy must be released so that it can return to Source for use where it is needed most and it will be released in one form or another (love or hate, joy or anger, peace or violence).  This is true at the individual level, as well as the group, nation, planet, etc.

The goal of the human experience is to generate emotions.  It is to recognize emotion and deal with each type of emotion in a constructive way.  Rather than dismiss or avoid emotions you deem "bad", choose to accept that it exists and that it is a part of your experience, and then redirect it consciously, thus taking control of the energy that the emotion generated and putting it to a constructive use for your own growth.  This obviously applies to the "good" emotions as well.  Don't just feel "good" about your self or your activity, which merely feeds the ego rather than the Whole.  Observe it and the power it has in helping not only you, but others, grow.  That is the act of consciously directing the energy of emotion for constructive use.  To unconsciously (or instinctively) direct emotion energy is the cause of many situations we consider "bad".  Violence is the explosion of emotional energy in an uncontrolled (not consciously controlled) manner.  When you feel the power of hatred growing inside, you must recognize it consciously and redirect it for constructive use.  If you simply bottle it up because of your belief that it is a "bad" emotion, you store it up inside, waiting for an opportunity to express itself.  If you release it uncontrollably, it can be like a fire hose with no one holding it, spraying in all directions and possibly injuring someone.  This is the power and nature of emotion, but it is there for you to experience and learn to control so that you can generate that kind of emotional power with you consciously at the helm.  This emotion will provide the energy and impetus to continue toward new experience (ie. develop curiosity of the world).

The purest form of energy that transcends all reality is what is called "unconditional love".  It is the giving of energy without reason or target.  It simply emanates because it is generated by your being.  It is not something you "do" because of your spirit, but rather, you become unconditional love as you grow as a spirit.  Love is a word that has been misused, redefined, and misguided.  Love is not what you consider a "feeling".  Emotion is the interpretation by the body of the energy that is generated from all experience.  This goes for hate, anger, etc.  Love energy is simply the highest form of vibration.  It manifests itself when you create that high energy through the conscious thought of projecting that energy (ie. send love, give love, etc.).  "Unconditional Love" is the consequence of being your true nature (that of spirit).  It is the goal of experience and through experience and knowledge, you are becoming your true nature, if you recognize this within yourself.  Unfortunately, the majority of people cling to the physical interpretation of experience and do not recognize the truth of the experience.  No book or teacher can describe or explain what that means.  It can only come from personal experience.  There is no "truth" except that which one experiences.

You won't find some hidden predestined goal for your life because you're already living it.  You already know what that is intuitively and it's only a matter of time before you reach that goal, unless you resist.  Resistance of your purpose is to deny your intuitions and in the most extreme, commit suicide to avoid life.  Experience should be cherished, not judged.  If you recognize this, you will avoid hindering the constructive free-will expression of all emotion within yourself so that ultimately, you can be "at one" with the whole, giving and receiving, sharing in the Whole.  Don't just let emotion control your experience.  Instead, observe your experience and the emotions it generates so that you control that experience rather than being controlled.  As the Buddhists teach, observe and accept in the emptiness of self (self-judgement) so that you do not find attachment to anything (hate, love, fear, envy, jealousy, etc.), but simply learn through that observation of experience.

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