Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Future of Man

I have previously described Man as individual and independent portions of All That Is.  From the moment we came to be, we have sought to express ourselves.  One of the ways we express ourselves is through form.  The physical world was the result of our desire to experience all that is possible, but the ultimate goal for the physical world isn't what we are experiencing now.  The end goal is to be our natural selves in physical form, truly spirit in flesh.

Since the dawn of humans, our existence has revolved around learning to use energy.  First it was to eat for energy.  Then came fire, to use energy for creation and destruction.  The next inspiration came in the form of electricity.  We learned what we could about the properties and utilized it to improve our lives and productivity.  Then came the unbelievable amount of energy harnessed in the atomic discoveries.  This destructive power brought us much greater amounts of energy than we could imagine, but we have not learned yet how to control and utilize it to the fullest extent.  The next stage in our development and understanding is to harness the power of the quantum energy.  We have embarked on that discovery through experiments such as the Hadron collider.  After this, we will continue to seek and learn about energy, ultimately ending in the understanding that we ourselves, our entity, is the ultimate source and form of energy, that which comes from All That Is.

Until that day, we will continue to learn how to find, handle and utilize energy, but in an external fashion.  Until we learn how to control and manage the energy that exists around us, the energy that is us will continue to be ignored by the masses, with only the few who have developed enough to understand and utilize the energy that is within them.

We hear many times how we should "use our energy", "direct our energy", etc.  These are not just "sayings" without any truth behind them.  There is a force as energy that comes from within us through thought.  But in our current development, we are still learning to use that energy outward to manipulate the energy around us, whether it's electricity, fire, nuclear, solar, etc.  We use that energy to create, destroy, and manipulate the environment.  But eventually, we will learn to use that energy for more than just work with form.

The start comes when we stop just using our minds for exterior focus and begin to understand what consciousness is and how powerful it really is.  Directed consciousness is the force that makes things happen.  We take this fact for granted every day.  The problem comes when we act impulsively or without much mental consideration.  This creates the habit of ignoring or denying the greater capabilities of the mind.  When you start to consider how much we take for granted the mental acts we do all the time, you begin to get a glimpse of the amount of energy we expend in the process.  Much of that energy is "wasted" as fantasies, wishes, and other "unproductive" thoughts.  All thoughts are an expulsion of our energy.  When we focus that energy, we are able to create incredible results.

Man is evolving through life experiences, all of the good and all of the bad.  These experiences drive Man to recognize their own power of thought and the energy required to propel thought.  Aggression is the key to growth, but in our current state, the aggression is misdirected.  When Man realizes the nature of their own energy, they will learn to direct the aggression towards a more beneficial result, but this will come through much experience, both good and bad.  One cannot gain wisdom without experience, and all lifetimes are there to provide the necessary experiences.  Without such experiences, Man would not have understood how energy (fire, electricity, nuclear, etc.) could be used for beneficial, but also harmful ways.  We learned that the harmful ways are not constructive, but all generations must learn this lesson, as it is a continuing and on-going experience to gain wisdom and understanding of how to utilize our own unlimited potential energy.

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