Sunday, June 3, 2012

Everything is permissible...

1 Corinthians 10:23 "“Everything is permissible”—but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is constructive."

I've written many times that there is no right or wrong in terms of judging a person or their acts.  All experience is necessary and there is no right or wrong, good or bad or other judgments laid upon a person's soul.  But that doesn't mean there aren't beneficial and non-beneficial acts.  As the passage in Corinthians states, everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial and there's a reason for this.

We are all energy.  That energy could be called love.  Love is energy that gives us life and allows us to be.  Love is the free-will that allows and creates experience.  We are energy, we are light, we are love.  It is because of this love energy that we are able to have the experience of physical life.  That energy is what creates the forms that we inhabit.  It is the energy that gives us consciousness and the ability to create.  Yes, this all sounds very new-ageish and I'm sure flower-child would agree, but there's no other way to describe this concept in terms that would be understandable.  With this quality, we form our reality and experience life in the way we wish to, even though we are not consciously aware of this.  Human life experiences run the gamut of emotions, from the deepest depths of loving another to the lowest pits of despair.  The rage of anger to the flightiness of joy.  While I include the emotion of love, I'm not talking about the energy of love as an emotion, but as the source for all existence.  The label "love" is used not only for the feeling it gives, but for what it is.  We experience all these emotions in order to understand what love is (as well as the distance we drift from love, or "fall to the depths" because of the lowering of our energy frequency, when we do not have or show love) and what we are as love.

So why is there good and bad?  Why are there evil acts?  Why do people not do good all the time if we are love?  My definition of the concept of love is to "be".  That means you are free to be whatever you desire to be.  It is the freedom that allows each individual to create experiences as they choose.  It is those around the individual that decides to label the acts of another individual as evil or not.  However, we must not get caught up in such judgments because it is not important.

Good and bad is not the issue.  What is beneficial and what is not beneficial is the real issue.  What raises you up and what brings you down?  Who is a good influence and who is a bad influence?  Who do you influence positively and who do you influence negatively?  We strive to increase love and to avoid thoughts and acts that decrease love.  That is the real issue, not the judgement, and why some acts are not beneficial or constructive.  It isn't about judging the act, but rather the consequences of the act.  In that light, we do not need to judge the individual.  We must understand the consequences of an action and choose to either deny or pursue any given act based on whether it helps, first and foremost, the individual themselves, and then others around them.  It does no good if your or any other's acts make you less loving (to deny free-will).  Think about it this way.  Other's feel less love when you try to force someone into your way of thinking or your way of acting, and you feel less love when someone does or says something that hinders your expression of freedom (like being cut off or someone makes you feel bad).  This is why we judge people as being good or bad.

The purpose for such judgment is to not only raise yourself up in spiritual terms, but to lift everyone else around you as well.  The idea in the bible of "watching your life and doctrine" to "save yourself and your hearers" is exactly the idea that your actions either help or hinder you and those around you from growing spiritually.  Why do we need to grow spiritually?  Because we are seeking wisdom through experience.  Those who choose to stay static or shrink back will continue to experience those feelings and conditions that reduce the energy of the person, since anything other than love is the distance from love in terms of energy.  So one who hates demonstrates the lower level of love they have, which could be a great distance from that of one who has pure love.  We are all striving towards pure love, which is the highest level or vibration of energy.  When we achieve this, we will have overcome the limits of the "flesh" (form).  At that point, we do not need to experience form in order to understand energy.  We will have developed our abilities to control and manipulate our energy without requiring the aid of form.

Our bodies and the experiences within it slows down the manipulation of energy such that we can control it through the body (since thought is energy, having a body as a conduit allows us to change our mind without actually manifesting our thoughts directly).  Not only can we send out energy as action of the body, but we also feel energy through our bodies as physical senses.  We are learning about consciousness through form.

Having limiting beliefs such as the notion of right and wrong, good and bad, good and evil, hinders you from experiencing all of the potential energies within you.  This does not mean you should ignore your intuitive wisdom and go act out all manners of evil.  It means you do not judge the person who acts, but rather the consequences of the act, whether it is beneficial or not.  Society has misconstrued the laws of "God".  Rather than understanding them as wisdom, we ignorantly use them against our fellow man in pursuit of our own selfish desires.  From this ignorance of "God" and love, we cause great harm not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with our self-righteous judgments.

In the end, each person will be responsible for their own actions in life.  This isn't to be taken to mean judgment.  It means they will recognize whether their acts were beneficial or not.  They are solely responsible for their spiritual growth through the actions in life.  The consequences of negative actions in life is to pull their energy down, which means they are losing control of their own energy/consciousness.  There are many different types of consciousness in the universe.  We as humans are an evolved consciousness, but the more you lower yourself, the lower your vibration goes, and the less conscious you become of yourself.  Why are there people in the world who seem so "evil" and incapable of social integration?  Because their energy level has not evolved enough to be wise and in control.  This is why we as a collective must strive to raise our energy (love) in order to help and pull those who are lower in energy up.  Hence the words "love one another".


Anonymous said...

Looking for some good commentary on "Everything is permissible" brought me here. You have combined a superficial understanding of the ideas of Buddhism, String Theory, Christianity and probably some TV shows like Stargate. You are lost in a sea of competing ideas and have been misinformed from every end.

Speaking specifically to "everything is permissible", most scholars agree that this was a quote that Paul was arguing AGAINST. Yes you should chase the good and beneficial but right and wrong are still alive. They may not be as firm as they were before Christ but each of your actions will be judged.

Reality is not a metaphysical soup which you can create with ingredients. Reality is real, it is not a TV show, it is not a spiritual energy, it is here and it is solid.

While Christ brought and end to the old law he created a new way to live. No longer bound by the laws and rules of the past, all people, are now called to a higher way of life. Not through spiritual ideas, vibrations or energy, but by living a life like Christ. Studying his life and living like him.

Simon said...

Thanks for your comment. While I appreciate your point of view, having had the same view, I'd have to say you are looking at this from the exact point of view I'm saying is pointless, that which judges the flesh and the perspective that this life as being the only "real" life, contrary to what appears to be your Christian background. (remember John 6:63 "The spirit gives life. The flesh counts for nothing.". What is spirit? What is flesh?)

Everyone will believe what they choose to believe. If you take "most scholars" point of view on the subject matter, then it is what you agree with and so you accept that point of view. But right and wrong is only "alive" in this reality. If you believe that right and wrong exists beyond this reality, then you have to ask yourself what difference is there between this life and the next?

Since you accept the traditional belief of Christianity, then the question becomes why does God permit right and wrong, only to send the Christ to "redeem" those who commit the wrongs, which obviously God permitted? If you say God doesn't permit it, then where does free-will come from? If we were given free-will by God, then he permits it. If God did not give us free-will, then are we really free to choose or are we predestined, some for "heaven", some for "hell"?

If you truly studied Christ, then it would not simply be from the book called the "Bible". It is a limited view of Christ's life and a limited perspective from a specific sect of Christianity, canonized into a specific message.