Monday, July 2, 2012

"God particle" found?

In the news today ("'It's a boson:' Higgs quest bears new particle", "Proof of 'God particle' found"), CERN appears to have evidence of the Higgs Boson particle's existence.  They have statistically determined that the likelihood of the Higgs Boson particle's existence is a 5-sigma probability, meaning it's most likely there, even though they have not captured definitive proof.  While I concur that there is an incipient "particle" that forms matter, one person's proclamation that "in some sense we have reached the mountaintop" seems premature.

If the only thing that exists in matter is smaller matter, then it's obvious that there is an infinite regression of matter begetting matter.  But if all things were non-matter (energy, whatever that is), then nothing is composed of anything else.  What is energy made of?  It is made up of concepts and ideas: motion, power, frequency, vibration, feelings, etc.  These are the basis of thought!  All that exists is only energy, and from energy, it coalesces into matter which is concepts and ideas made "real".  So if energy is thoughts and ideas, then it could be said that energy is merely the transference of thought and ideas.  Don't think of the concept of "energy" like what we call energy here in the physical world.  It is not electricity, charge or anything else like that.  We define energy as "work", and that's what it is.  It is that which allows action.  Thoughts and emotion are things that make things happen.  That means everything that exists is energy, and that energy is an infinite pool of thoughts and emotion.  When a thought occurs, what that means is that the thought "moved" or changed into another form.  The energy that make up the thought was "transmitted".  This is a very difficult concept to explain because I'm trying to use concrete words for non-concrete ideas.  That is how powerful a thought is and how limited a word is.  It immediately creates an incorrect image or interpretation because I'm using words that are well known, but the energy I'm talking about isn't something that can be imagined or defined easily because it isn't defined.  Instead, it is experienced.  I can only describe it in terms that are relative.

Originally, due to lack of knowledge, man proclaimed that physical form was the creation of the gods and that smaller components that make up the body cannot exist beyond the full form.  Then we discovered that the smallest particle was cells and the structures within the cells.  This begged the question, "what makes up the cellular components?"  This lead to the discovery of molecules, which lead to the discovery of atomic particles, which lead to the theory of subatomic particles, which currently leads to quantum particles.  Each new discovery demonstrates our lack of knowledge and understanding.  Whatever proclamations were made after a discovery, appears to quickly be dismissed as a lack of complete understanding.  Therefore, even the Higgs Boson is merely a step to the ultimate truth.

So when does this matter-train stop, or will the fundamental question of "where did matter come from" only end with the answer "from teeny-tiny matter"?  It is obvious that any discovery must be tempered as "current knowledge" rather than ultimate knowledge.  We are nowhere near the mountaintop for understanding.  In terms of pure physical understanding, even the Higgs Boson particle begs the question "what is it made of"?

People will criticize that I have no idea what I'm talking about, that I'm not an expert, etc.  But it doesn't take an expert to judge the basis of the question being asked.  If the fundamental question being asked is "what is matter", then finding more matter isn't the answer, just like adding more debt isn't the solution to a debt problem.  To answer questions of origin, one must go outside the box to see what is in the box and what the box is, rather than just examining the insides of the box, confined to its reality.

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