Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Know yourself...

What does it mean to say "know yourself"?  Most people take those words and try to understand their personality, their psychological state, or some other aspect of their current life.  But the true meaning of the words "know yourself" is much deeper and greater than just this one lifetime.

As consciousness, you are aware of your environment.  You are aware of your place in the environment and you are in control of your actions within that environment.  You feel a part of the world around you, and you do not question its origin, let alone your own origin (in the sense of daily waking routine, ignoring the religious and scientific curiosity).  This is the nature of consciousness, to accept the data from the senses and ignore its meaning.  That task is left to you, to place meaning and purpose in all that exists around you.  But until you realize this, you will never "know yourself".

In order to truly know yourself, you must recognize what it is you are experiencing through consciousness.  In the body, we wake up, go about our daily routines, and as experiences come into our perception, we act upon it.  Rarely do we analyze the experience itself to the point where you realize what it is and what it means and why it occurred.  There are times in everyone's life where the experience forces you to examine it, typically at moments of great emotional stress or experience.  But the conclusions are typically focused on the less important aspects for this life, rather than understanding the "higher knowing".

What is the "higher knowing"?  If you "know yourself", you recognize that you are a greater being than what your perception tells you.  Greater not in the egotistical sense, but the fact that you are more than just a bag of bones that exists for a brief moment in "time". You recognize that there is more to reality than just what the physical senses tell you.  You realize that everything comes and exists from your mind.  When you realize this, you understand that all personal experiences that you perceive is manifested by YOU.  This is the "tearing of the veil" of ignorance.  However, because you are not just a physical being, the veil of ignorance does exists in all realities, not just the physical.  The veil exists wherever beliefs exist because it is what creates the veil, whatever the veil may be (whether its specific ideas about reality, existence, etc.).  The veil represents the limiting beliefs and ideas that create a barrier to other realities.  It is the self-imposed separation that comes through our specific beliefs about what is and isn't possible for ourselves.  We break through the veil by overcoming our own self-limitations of beliefs.

Because you believe the physical life is "real", it is real, and you will focus your consciousness with that belief in mind.  This leads to the answer "why do people do what they do?"  Whether "good" or "bad", people act upon their perceptions in this life through their belief system.  This is true even after physical life.  Your consciousness does not change its perception of your surrounding.  Your surroundings are created by your own beliefs.  It is your mind that continues to take the data from your senses, whether physical or non-physical, and interpret that data as "real".  But even in the afterlife, what is "real" to you is based on your beliefs.  You project your ideas and thoughts about the world around you into your perceptions, which your consciousness then focuses, reinforcing your beliefs, unless you "know yourself" as being the creator of that which you perceive.  Then your belief "overcomes" perception and you are able to accept what you perceive and still remain "above it", not being controlled by what you perceive.

In order to truly "know yourself" then, you must realize that all experience is from you, that all perception is what you interpret it to be, and thus you have awareness of self!  This does not mean that in your physical life, you stop living it.  Rather, it is living life knowing that the part of you that you are unaware of due to the veil is presenting the experience for you to learn and grow from.  When you "know yourself", you recognize you are helping yourself and that there is no other individual that you can blame for missteps, problems, etc. and that you are the one to take from all experience, something of value for your whole self.

In physical life, you look around and take in what you see, you move yourself through this world, never considering that the tree is a part of you, that the air is a part of you, that the other person is a part of you.  All of these are a part of your world you live, even though the existence of this reality is a product of the collective consciousness.  You interpret and color your experience in this world and thus make it your own world.  You can see this in your dreams as well.  You do not realize you are dreaming in your dreams, just as you do not realize you are "acting" in physical life.  It is only when you come to the realization that you are dreaming and that you are acting, do you get a glimpse of who and what you really are.  As an example, people who are able to realize they are dreaming (awareness of their own body not being a part of the dream) call it lucid dreaming.  And some people are even able to leave their physical bodies as just consciousness.  These experiences open up the person to a greater reality they could not fathom unless directly experienced, but afterwards the person becomes aware of a greater reality, especially of themselves.  But there are many layers to knowing yourself.

Even those who are able to have lucid dreams or perform out-of-body acts, can still be focused on their consciousness as their identity, which is merely a single personality, because they either deny their experience or do not understand what their experience means.  You are more than just a single personality.  You are "legion" (which I believe the interpretation in the bible of Jesus sending "legion" into the herd of pigs is a misunderstanding of what he did and why), a multitude of personalities, whom holds many experiences.  Think of these personalities as actors in multiple plays.  You have been in multiple roles, in various plays, and watching them with intense curiosity as an audience member, unaware of how the story will unfold because an infinite number of possibilities exist.

If you can imagine this, it sounds very much like a dream.  But that is partly what experience is to a living consciousness.  What purpose is there to be aware except to have something to be aware of!  You are learning to be aware of yourself in order to control yourself.  Until that time comes, you will have difficulty to control yourself because you are acting in an almost blind manner, thanks to the veil of ignorance.

"Who am I"?  "I am I".  When you understand this, you will realize that everything you experience is from you, and that you are learning to know yourself through yourself.

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