Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Return to God"

Ever since I was a child, I could remember asking myself "why am I here"?  Growing up in a Catholic family, I thought the answer was "to serve God".  I remember as a teenager thinking that we live to choose a side, for Good or for Evil.  I saw life as a battleground and that we existed to form the armies of the light and dark.  I now realize that those thoughts were based on a misinterpretation about our purpose.  We are making choices, but not in the way I imagined it.  We are making choices in our lives, but those choices all lead to the end goal which is to "return to God".  Since the term God is such a misused and misrepresented description, I'll use the term Source to recognize that Source is not a personality or a single being, which some imagine a form that has dimension.  Source is neither personality nor form, nor is Source a being such as imagined by religions, which personify a "super-being" in the image of man due to the association of messengers in human form with God.  Source truly is the origin of all that is, but in my view, we aren't really "returning" to the Source as much as we are becoming Source.

When I first opened up to the esoteric notions about spiritual things, I had glimpses of its truths, but as I saw these truths, other questions popped up.  When I thought about these questions, the answers seem to appear in my mind, as if I had always known it and was reminding myself.  These answers would come to me either through the writings that I read in books or online or through my own intuitions and sleep-answers.  This isn't surprising since I believe we all leave our bodies during the sleep period to "free" our consciousness from the physical trappings (the physical body is not a real trap.  It is a mental trap that we overcome when we stop focusing on the physical senses after the body consciousness falls asleep).  This expansion of consciousness during the sleeping period allows for growth and development, as well as communicating with spirit guides and teachers.  These teachers are there to help us understand, and of course, answer spiritual questions that we might have.  I believe this to be true in my case as I see that over time, my perception about spiritual matters is evolving to a larger truth.

The larger truth, in a sense, was startling and vexing for me.  I realized that we are all, in a sense, "imaginary" creations of a single consciousness that I refer to as Source.  Fortunately, the only thing truly imaginary is the symbols that we call "physical reality".  We as consciousness are not imaginary in the fact that we each are independent and conscious beings, having Source as our "father" or creator.  The reality is, we weren't actually created as much as "sent forth" (put into action, made alive or active) from Source.  The reason why we are sent forth is because all thoughts and emotions are energy and that energy is brought into reality when thought and emotion occurs.  We and everything else that exists are the product of Source's thoughts and emotions.  We are the beginnings of a new Source.  What I mean when I say we are a "new" Source is that "I", the individual consciousness, retains its individual identity as "I", but becomes a part of Source AS Source, the unity of all "I"'s (there is and always will be only one Source.  Even if I am a new Source, being a part of the Prime Source means I am a portion of the Prime Source.  If the Prime Source is also a product of a larger source, then that larger Source is the true Prime Source, ad infinum).  This is what it means to be individual and yet whole, One within the Oneness.

We are all Light.  Source is the "ultimate" Light, being the source of all of us Lights.  We came from Source as a projection of "thought".  Because of  that "thought" we came into being.  In the same way, our "thoughts" are projected into its own being as well.  All thoughts are portions of ourselves, just as our being came out from Source as a portion of Source.  So, Source as the prime consciousness created every other consciousness from itself in order to experience.  What is a "thought"?  Is it not an idea, concept, or anything that can be?  So as those thoughts came into being, it comes alive as that thought is also made out of consciousness.  Eventually, those thoughts began to think as well.  This occurs because of free-will in the probable system of consciousness.  Out of its desire to experience, those thoughts collectively chose to manifest itself into other dimensions of reality.

When individual consciousness began to coalesce into larger collective consciousness, they began to consider together what different ideas about themselves were.  Because of this desire to "know themselves", they chose various systems of reality that allowed them the freedom to experience.  This gave birth to many realities including the physical reality we experience now.  Consciousness resides in every minute particle that make up this reality, which is the collective of consciousness that formed it.  It is formed by projecting their ideas about what they are, and form is the end result.  One type of consciousness is the human form, coming from the central "core", so to speak, of our "soul".  The "soul" is the prime Light for us.  It is the prime consciousness that gives us form and "life".  When people talk about seeing a blinding light upon death or in out of body experiences, they are seeing the Light of their soul.  From the perspective of the human consciousness, it can be overwhelming due to the difference in the frequency that the human consciousness is "tuned" into and what the soul is resonating at.  When you die, you will ultimately "tune in" to the same frequency as your soul, and return to it.  That is what occurs when you "return to the light".  When those who are religious see this Light, because of their beliefs, they interpret the Light as "God".  But the true Source, or the ideal "God" would shine so brightly, that a human consciousness at the frequency it is at could not hold on to its sense of identity in the presence of the Prime Source.

The ability to withstand the Light of Source determines how developed you are as a consciousness.  As I've said, you are a thought projection of pure consciousness, having been "born" from your soul consciousness.  That soul was also a thought projection from another source.  Eventually, all consciousness will develop themselves to return to Source.  This development occurs as you increase your awareness and control of yourself as an identity.  Your thoughts and emotions are the one of an infinite means to express yourself.  In physical reality, we are learning how to control those thoughts and emotions.  As we progress through multiple and varied experiences (including different lives across time and space and species and dimensions), our soul grows in its ability to withstand the Light of Source, thus drawing nearer.  Eventually, the physical reality system will no longer aid us in our development because this reality's rules and laws that govern it will no longer be needed to maintain our sense of identity.  It is the identity that helps us draw nearer to Source.  If our sense of identity was not strong enough, the strength of Source's own identity would blot out our own being, as we would return back into the pool of consciousness that we came from.  Because of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and ideas, the individuals alone prevent themselves from drawing near to Source.  It is a self-created barrier to prevent ourselves from getting too close to Source before we are ready.  Most books on this subject matter refer to them as barriers, separating "levels" of achievement or "groups" of like-minded consciousness.

Ultimately, all consciousness feels a yearning to return to Source, but we must develop ourselves in order to accomplish this desire.  Source sent us out on a mission to become ourselves, to "know ourselves", so that when we return, we will be companions to Source.  You could say Jesus was one of the earlier consciousness that achieved this goal.  Jesus represents the ultimate goal for all consciousness.

[Edit 4/18/18] The last portion of this post was, at the time of me writing it, written with some fundamentally religious ideas about us and God. I now realize that we already ARE Source, and that the illusion of difference and separation is due to the perception of separation, the habit of compartmentalizing things into discrete labels. When we "return to God", it literally just means we remember that WE ARE GOD.

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