Monday, October 1, 2012

Dream journal

Because I believe that dreams are simply a translation of our conscious adventures outside of the physical reality, I want to keep track of them so that I won't forget those adventures and also try to understand what they represent while in the body consciousness.  Our "self" consciousness is dependent on which non-physical "form" or level of consciousness we are at.  Because of this, those experiences tend to manifest themselves differently.

Last night, I don't recall much about my dream before waking up, but I remember seeing an aquarium scene.  Outside of the tank, there was a bowl of food starting to grow mold.  Inside the tank, I saw two larger fish (large in relation to typical tropical fishes).  They were trying to get to the rotting food that was placed (by me?) just outside of the glass.  I remember thinking, "Uh oh.  The food is rotting, gotta hurry and feed them to the fish."  But the fish couldn't get to it.  Then I noticed a tiny fish, like a minnow or zebra fish.  Then I saw a bunch of them, all in a school.  There were very tiny ones that look like newborn and more mature ones.  But they were different from the first two fish.  I remember thinking "that's a lot of fish, and they're all in a school".

After I woke up, I didn't think much about the dream.  When I had a chance to think about it, I came to the conclusion that the first two fish represented me (why two, not sure.  I'm guessing the other fish was another aspect or personality of my whole self).  I came to this conclusion because it felt correct and it was the first fish I noticed.  I believe the thought of the food rotting and moving it closer to the tank is my whole self, my "soul" or oversoul.  I could not see any representation of my whole self, but rather, it was a thought or feeling of being my whole self, trying to reach the personality that is the fish inside the tank.  The school of fish represents other personalities that I may or may not be familiar with in this life, varying in age from the newborn personality to the more mature.  I believe I saw myself as a different fish, relative to the homogeneous nature of the school of fish that I saw, because my thinking or direction is different from everyone around me in my life, who seemed to just swim around in the tank, basically not doing much other than being a fish (including myself, since I saw myself as a fish, albeit a different kind).  When I saw the cup of moldy food, I as the fish could see it and tried to eat of it, but couldn't since it was on the other side of the clear glass tank (a barrier).

There is so much interesting little bits of information in such a short dream sequence that it really is easy to see why people do not understand the message within their own dreams.  For example, seeing two of the same fish that I felt represented me as a personality, makes me feel that I am not alone in this quest for knowledge and understanding.  This makes sense to me because I've been feeling like I am alone in my journey because so few of the people I know around me seem to care about the inner journey.  Because of this, I've been thinking about ways to be more "relate-able".  The tank itself is made of glass, which to me, represents the difficulty in seeing the "cage" we live in, along with the fact that we are "stuck" within that reality, bound within a limiting belief system.  I've felt like I'm stuck as well, unsure of how to get out of this rut (I've been trying to have a deeper understanding of the inner reality through out of body experience, but have yet to accomplish this).  The food rotting (I envisioned apple slices) represents the fruit of knowledge (like in the story of Adam and Eve), which if left unattended, will rot away.  This to me represents my lack of attention to my training in spiritual development.  I've been telling myself to keep a dream journal, but have not made the effort like I should.  Nor have I worked at my meditations or continue to learn about the mobility of consciousness.

The lesson I think I was learning in my dream state is that I can't stop trying to get to the food outside of this reality (the tank).  The rotting represents my lack of focus or attempt to continue at it, which makes sense because I have been less focused on continuing my spiritual journey lately.  I need to overcome the glass enclosure that I'm in so that I can continue my journey.  To me, if I'm a fish, I can't leave this environment.  I must become something other than a fish to leave it.  I must evolve my inner self to something more free, not to view myself as being so limited by my environment.  Perhaps that is what I am telling myself.

You must understand that all dreams are a personal and subjective experience that only the dreamer themselves can interpret.  No one else can truly interpret your dreams since their frame of reference is completely different.  The dreams are projected using information known to the personality in this lifetime to recreate a non-physical experience into terms that can be perceived.  Using the symbols of the physical reality and the memories and experiences within it that the dreamer has had, the dream represent the non-physical concepts that the consciousness outside of the body experienced.  So a dream about a soldier might symbolize death to one person, while it might symbolize strength to another.  One person might feel excited when they see a wooden spoon because it has sentimental value, while another person might feel meloncholy because it reminds them of hunger.  Each individual has their own ways of symbolizing concepts and feelings using physically recognizable objects.

During sleep, there is a period of little to no brain activity (with different phases or depth) before a period of high activity.  This alternating period cycles throughout the night a few times as you sleep.  The non-activity period is understood to be the point where the personality consciousness is no longer focused within the body and is active in other realities while the body consciousness deals with recuperating.  Upon return to the body consciousness, that experience is absorbed by the brain, which translates the information into symbols that it knows of.  This is the period of high brain activity, or as people refer to it as REM sleep.  Because of the way the cycles diminish in intensity over time, the best sleep cycle is really in a broken stretch of time such a two three-four hour sleep sessions, rather than one long sleep period.  This not only provides better dream recall, but also more lucid awareness during the dream activity.  The body can also refresh itself better because it is not dormant for so long, providing a period for circulation and stretch in between sleep.

There are many different ways to experience the dream life, just as there are in waking life.  Experience is the same, regardless of the medium, since consciousness is the same.  Not all dreams are of the same experience.  For example, my dream I wrote about, to me, is of the type that is a reflection of my inner condition.  It is seeing where I am psychologically, as a personality that is living now, from the perspective of my whole self.  Other dreams I've had are more of the "adventure" type, where I am exploring places, peoples, etc.  These dreams tend to be fleeting in memory because I typically am too engrossed in it (too focused through consciousness) to be aware of any meaning, and thus I forget it.  This would be the equivalent to me living my daily life and not seeing any deeper meaning to it (such as going to work, or eating lunch, meeting friends, "normal activities").

Yes, dreams are very subjective, and must be interpreted by the dreamer, so it's not hard to see how they can be misinterpreted.  Same goes for the idea that dreams have meaning, but from my perspective, dreams exist for a reason and a purpose or they would not exist.  Many will rationalize things away if do not see an obvious purpose, but that merely indicates a lack of understanding.  For some, they will blow off any dream interpretation as seeking purpose where no purpose exists.  Or they will view it as forming an interpretation to meet our own fancy or to interpret our psychology within physical reality.  But that is what I consider the rejection of our own inner knowing for the Ego's knowing.  In other words, we do not trust our inner knowledge and understanding (or that we even have one) because it seems unreal to the Ego.  The desire to limit experience and knowledge to the physical reality is the Ego's self-preservation mechanism, attempting to reason away anything that does not fit within the limited understanding of its own reality and the fear that comes from the unknown.  That is the glass tank that keeps the fish inside, swimming around aimlessly, and yet secure in its environment and the group-think that comes from being a part of the large school of exactly same fish.

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