Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The blindness of ego-centricism

It always frustrates me when I hear so-called intelligent people talking about things from such a one-sided perspective as if that perspective is the only factually possible viewpoint.  These people speak with such authority and equally cannot fathom any other opinion factual than their own.  Their perceptions come from the ego-centric point of view, which can only lead to blindness because they view the world as being limited to only what they understand.  If they do not understand something, it does not exist or it is an impossibility.  Such hypocritical thinking will never lead to understanding because the world and its truths can only revolve around their ideas of the possible.

What is man?  We are the coagulation of energy into matter, formed into numberless atoms as the foundation for physical form.  At the most basic physical level, we are no different from anything else made into matter.  And yet man sees itself and the world from such a tiny perspective, their own, because of their blindness to these facts.  The ego thinks it is more than that because of their intellect ("I know how man's formed and it isn't from energy.  It's from a sperm and egg!").  They think they are intelligent because they learn the obvious; the things they can see with their eyes.  But they do not stop to think how they can see (or think), not just the function of the eyes with the brain, but the ability to recognize and identify a thing called "shape" and "color", nebulous concepts without any real meaning and yet we can associate the word "shape" with a shape.  This may seem obvious, but it is something that cannot be explained through physical means, unlike the physical senses.  This egocentric point of view extends to concepts such as "living" and "intelligent".  To the ego, the only form of being alive or intelligent is the kind that is familiar to man's ideas about what is living and intelligent, and everything else is either non-living or non-intelligent.

As I watch the TV, a man speaks about how Easter Island came to be, as if they were there.  They take speculation based on "modern" day ideas about what is and isn't possible, and try to project this small-minded thinking process to the past, as if only the current times demonstrates power and capabilities.  But this ignores everything we can see about the past, specifically the statues of Easter Island.  It never occurs to egotists that the process used to create such giant artwork may not be based on current beliefs about early man's capabilities.  Why do they need to roll the statues using rolling pins?  Why it is impossible to think that the statues are too heavy for men to carry?  How can one speculation be possible, and another impossible, both simply being speculation and not fact?  Common sense is only common in the period it exists in.  There have been many ancient tales of men doing incredible feats, but because of modern man's egocentric point of view, where only the abilities visible today are the only possibilities in the past, they ignore these ancient tales as fantasy.  But if you consider the fact that these tales even exist, should give some credence to their possibilities.  If we can accept what is possible in a modern future based on today's technology simply through imagination (which is how the future becomes reality), why is it so hard to believe in a supernatural past based on man's spiritual potential?  This is the egocentric problem, where man becomes more and more relegated to a useless and helpless creaturehood, incapable of accomplishing anything except through the assistance of technology, because of the ignorance of man's true nature.  The egotist moves further away from their true inner strength, and looks for strength in the exterior world around them.  This should sound familiar, as the same could be said for those who believe in religion, using external deities as the source of strength, rather than their own inner strength.  Until you know yourself as being more than just the humanistic ego, it's hard to trust your inner self and thus need external sources of strength, knowledge, and wisdom.

Look throughout history across civilizations and you'll find incredible tales of men and their feats.  Samson.  Hercules.  Goliath.  Men of incredible strength.  Today, we do not know where these legendary stories truly came from because we are so far removed from their history, but to think that they did not exist merely because of the time gap shows the egotistic tendencies, where only the perspective of the modern man is the right one.  This too is the reason why men move away from spiritual inner guidance and instead rely heavily on physicality and the external world for understanding.  This has had the unfortunate consequence of creating fear and confusion in societies.  Those civilizations that lend more towards spiritual development do not find themselves in as much materialistic conditions.  Spirituality does not equate to religiousness.  Religion is a form of belief that people accept as their beliefs, but people misunderstand its purpose which is to help people understand themselves.  Spirituality is the means to find answers about themselves.  It is to open up their mind so that they can understand.  It is to open up their eyes so that they can see.  It is to open up their ears so that they can hear.  Religion thinks following rules, creeds, dogmas, and other rituals will provide these things, but it only confuses and creates more fears and doubts.  They think they found happiness because they follow the "right" way, but in reality, they are happy only because they believe they are right.  This is also true for the non-religious.  In believing in no spiritual aspects, they feel secure in no judgment, as if there ever was any.  The claim of no "God" stems from this hatred towards judgment and insecurity about themselves.  The insecurity comes from the fear of judgment, whether God or men.  To overcome this, they look down on anyone who disagrees with their ideology, the exact same judgement they hate, and deny such judgmental beings as falsehoods, not recognizing that by doing so, they deny their own being.  If God doesn't exist, then they themselves will not exist after death, thus removing the fear of judgment.  So how then to explain their origin except through physical science?  Yet physical science doesn't even attempt to explain such non-physical conditions such as the source of all energy or physical existence, but instead only describes the processes in which physicality comes about from something else that exists (which they cannot explain) and claim non-physicality an impossibility based purely on their "understanding" of physicality.

When you look at the world through an egocentric point of view, nothing else is possible except your own beliefs.  There isn't even an attempt at trying to understand another point view.  And yet, when the discussion turns towards the future, anything seems possible.  This hypocritical way of viewing the world is caused by the beliefs one holds about themselves.  The past cannot be greater than the future in their minds because that would mean they themselves are devolving, rather than evolving.  So to mitigate this dilemma in their minds, they turn to the potential future as the solution to their ignorant and indignant views of the past, as if modern knowledge equals intelligence.  Men have not been around only a few thousand years, which is the narrow history that people look at as an example of men's capabilities.  This too is a result of ignorance of men's origin.

The purpose of what I am saying isn't to state this or that about men, but rather to point out the egotistic point of view where only one view is correct, which leads to a blind following.  When this narrow view of the world is perpetuated through schools, society, and families, the blind truly does end up leading the blind.

Think about what is written and debate it in your mind to see if it makes sense.

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