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The origin of individual personality

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are?  What I mean is, where did your personality and characteristics "come from"?  How did your behavior and disposition develop?  Most of us do not typically change in personality from the time of birth to our adulthood.  Events in our lives may alter our personality, but in general, we start life with a certain quality and retain this quality until our death.  I want to speculate on how this occurs.

If you only accept the physicality point of view on personality, then everything I write below may be offensive as it attributes qualities that on the surface appears to be of genetic and environmental origin to "mystical" forces.  However, I've stated before that cause and effect is really the point of disagreement because on the one hand, it's "obvious" to see what conditions appear to create the end result, but on the other hand, assumptions are made or ignored as to how those conditions themselves were created.  This is akin to my argument that scientific experiments create conclusions without including the experimenter into the analysis, a crucial aspect of the experiment and the conclusion.  When the conclusion is derived through reasoning, it is often incorrect because it includes assumptions as truths and belittles unknown knowledge as an unnecessary aspect of the cause.  So for those who are scientifically inclined, view what is written as a forward-looking explanation of cause and effect, no different than a visionary looking towards a futuristic tomorrow where new knowledge unavailable today is common sense in the future.

Our personality is an aspect of our individuality.  Our personality, along with our consciousness, provides the ability to experience physical life.  The personality comes out as a combination of the body consciousness and a portion of our "soul" consciousness (I have not defined what the "soul" is, but for now, simply imagine it as an infinite pool of conscious energy).  As I wrote in other posts, the physical body is the culmination of many molecules, which themselves are composed of atoms which in turn are ultimately formed with energy (read).  Each of these intrinsic particles are conscious in and of themselves and the totality of the atomic consciousness form the body consciousness (each cell functions on its own through their "birth" and "death" daily and is autonomous. If you believe the brain, which is an organ composed of cells, controls cellular functionality, you would be wrong as there are no neural connections to every cell in your body, not to mention the brain and neuron cells cannot control and be controlled, which would result in an infinite signal loop.  It's easy to explain in physical terms how a cell operates.  It's not so easy to explain how a cell KNOWS how to operate).

Our physical bodies are defined by the portions of conscious energy that form the sperm and egg from our parents, as well as our "soul" consciousness, which is the overall "architect" and energy source for the physical body.  These conscious energies that forms the sperm and egg hold certain individual qualities gained from being a part of the father and mother consciousness and it is these qualities that blend together to form a new body consciousness.  Science attributes this to genetics, but the genes (DNA) is the physical form that the energy consciousness from the parents and the "soul" create, no different from any other form of matter.  There are some metaphysical beliefs that seem to portray the physical body as a separate being, but in my opinion I do not view it as a symbiotic relationship.  I do not see the "soul" "co-inhabiting" a human animal.  Instead, I view it more along the lines of halves coming together to make a whole.  The parents initiate the development of the body through the sharing of their energy, but once the "soul" merges with the new body, the "soul" begins working to "complete" the development into a single identity.  The body then becomes the "work" and design of the "soul", not a separate and distinct personality developing apart from the "soul" personality.

From the new body consciousness, we inherit a portion of our new personality.  The other portion comes from our soul energy.  It is the life-giving energy that allows the physical body to be a human individual.  This soul energy, which is a portion of our overall-soul consciousness, agrees to experience physical life through those mother and father souls that have agreed to contribute to the birth, before the new life begins from the perspective of time.  When the new born baby is delivered, the soul merges after birth (or during the gestation period) with the body consciousness to help sooth and calm this new personality as it comes into its own individual life (before birth, the baby's body consciousness identifies itself with the mother's body, not as an individual).  Our soul consciousness is itself filled with many different qualities because it is a portion of our soul.  The soul has numerous personality experiences through the many existences it is living simultaneously.  From this pool of personalities, a certain learning experience is desired by our soul in each life.  It is this desire that determines what type of personality the new living body will blend with.  The soul consciousness helps shape the new body consciousness into the desired personality by guiding it through its childhood and teenage years.  Because our soul consciousness has as a part of itself, a vast number of life experiences and personalities, these traits are not hidden from any individual personalities.  Each can and does pull from these other experienced personalities certain qualities as needed throughout the life.  This is why some people are very good at certain skills, or are able to "know" things they shouldn't for their age.  They are able to unconsciously tap into the qualities of other personalities of their whole self.

Our physical bodies along with our personality develops through the direction of our soul consciousness.  It is what directs and defines who we are (unless you choose to abdicate your free-will by being led, whether from the desires of the body consciousness or other people), but the qualities of the body consciousness also play a role in shaping who you are.  If you ever watch a child grow up, you'll see what kind of personality they will have as an adult.  What changes a personality is life experiences.  This is exactly what life is about.  The fact that we are a new personality is one aspect of consciousness.  This infinite variety of personality is the culmination of combining 3 different consciousnesses (father, mother, and soul aka "you", or put in another way as I've written elsewhere, the body consciousness, your ego/personality/waking consciousness, and your soul/inner ego/inner consciousness).  It isn't too hard to see the quality of the trinity that Catholics believe here (father, son, and holy spirit) or of the story of Genesis (Adam, Eve, and the Serpent, which I've written before that the serpent is the spirit that God sent, according to the Gnostic book of John).  Again, we see the theme of individual identity combining into a Oneness, as well as the connectedness of us all.  Although I've described personality as being the culmination of different sources of consciousness, they are in fact, all one and the same consciousness, but having different experiences through the different personalities.

The body consciousness, while having characteristics from the parent consciousnesses, gets its overall form and energy to create its form from your soul consciousness.  It is why some parents are able to have children and others cannot or choose not to.  The agreement between the parent souls and a soul that is coming into this reality has not been made.  Since the personality is attributed to the parent consciousness and the "soul" consciousness, it can be seen how identical (and to some extent non-identical) and Siamese twins have a much stronger psychic connection both mentally and emotionally.  This is due to the fact that either two "soul" consciousnesses are intertwined within a single body consciousness, giving the two "souls" the shared body (Siamese).  Or there are two body consciousnesses sharing a single "soul" consciousness, which allows the twins to share in the thoughts and emotions without a physical connection.  The twins have their own identities and personalities due to the combination of the body and "soul" consciousnesses creating a new personality.

Because our personalities do not come from just the parent consciousness, but includes our "soul" consciousness, the "soul" consciousness may not necessarily be familiar with human consciousness.  The parent consciousness, having lived at least one human lifetime, may be more familiar with physical life (this isn't always the case, as some parents are much less experienced than the soul coming into physical life, which can lead to the child "raising" the parents).  The "soul" consciousness may not be experienced in physical life, and because of this, you may have a personality that is uncomfortable being in a human body.  There are those personalities in this world who feel "out of place" in this world (and many have committed suicide in order to withdraw from this life experience) and this is partly due to the unfamiliarity that I am speaking of.  As I've written before, physical life is a learning environment for souls.  We willingly choose to come here to train and develop ourselves as souls in flesh.  Many of us has had multiple lifetimes to experience physical life, with its many mental and emotional challenges, and so are prepared for the environment.  The physically perceived harshness of being in conflict, having to survive, having to compete in a world that seems so full of evil relative to the loving security of the non-physical reality, however, does take its toll on all souls.  We all must refresh ourselves from the expenditure of energy that occurs from our thinking and feeling every day, more so on some days than others, which is why we sleep; to remove ourselves from this physical environment back into the natural state of pure energetic consciousness, which is not bound by the laws of physical reality.  Without sleep, there are many psychological problems that arises, as well as physical conditions due to the instability of the personality's consciousness arising from the lack of re-energizing refreshment in the non-physical dimension.  Science is fully aware of sleep deprivation conditions, but do not realize the real cause for psychological conditions because they do not necessarily accept the non-physical nature of consciousness.

So what is the point of creating new personalities?  It isn't so much a purpose as it is a desire to create.  In a way, it is the desire to create new individuality, and not so much new personalities.  Why do parents seek children?  It is the same desire, to create new individuality, and personality is what develops from this creation.  We learn through child bearing how to create and let grow new consciousness while learning to appreciate the miraculousness of the creation of a new individual identity.  We also learn how to be unified as a collective, to work as a whole, while retaining each personality's individuality.  This unity applies not only at the body's cellular level, but in the family unit, the friendship unit, coworkers, communities, societies, nature, the planet, and even the universe, all learning to work together at every level of physical reality.  I guess in this context, the point of new personalities is to learn what we, as a single soul of many lives, need to learn in order to grow.  The idea of "being saved" is to become "complete".  Completeness in this case is to learn how to control yourself as an energy entity.

By combining the living energy of a mother, father, and soul over and over again, you create an infinite combination of qualities and identities, as well as evolve the consciousness through multiple circumstances of experience.

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