Friday, December 7, 2012

Evolution and environment creating life

Many people believe that the earth is a suitable environment for life on the basis of the presence of water.  This is because water is necessary for cellular structures and since all living things on Earth have cells as the basis for form, this is a necessity for life, on Earth.  However, the notion that life sprang from evolutionary process whereby species adapt to the environment seems incongruent.  If survival requires adaptation, then how did the initial life spring forth such that adaptation could begin?  The system is either always inherently adaptive or it is not.  If it is selective, then the system must be aware of the need and that requires conscious choice by the system.  In addition, the notion that random probability is the key to the creation of cellular structure defies the theory of evolutionary adaptation because even now, all living things are cellular structures.  Before cellular structures existed, the understanding is that only non-living molecular structures existed, which means for adaptation to occur, the non-living molecular structures (rocks, water, air, etc.) must somehow "evolve" to living cellular structures.