Sunday, December 29, 2013

Closing 2013: What is Time?

With the end of another year, and the new year fast approaching, the older we get, the more we think about time and the sense of its fleetingness.  But what exactly is time?  We think of time as being a clock that turns continuously, never stopping for a moment.  We think of time as the past, present, and future.  We think of time as those moments that come and go.  But in all of these, it is an abstract feeling more than something that is "real".

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trances, seances, and other means of "Connecting"

If you've ever watched programs or shows featuring occult activities such as the Ouija board, seances, and group mediumship, or have been to a psychic, you'll notice that many times, the medium or participants must be in a dark room in order for any phenomenon to be observed.  This is typically true also for those ghost hunting shows.  The reason for the need for darkness isn't because it is the domain of the deceased or anything nefarious like that.  Demons do not rule from the shadows nor are there other such humanoid beings seeking your destruction (most of the time, people who believe in devils and demons fear their trickery and deceit more than actual harm.  Physical harm only seems to be perpetrated by those human individuals who are "possessed").  It is only your fears that imagine such idealized humanistic antagonists.  In any case, a darkened room is somewhat necessary because the average person needs to remove themselves from physical stimulations (mostly visual senses).  Those who are already open to their non-physical senses do not need such environmental controls.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The nature of reality

When people think of physical reality, most consider it to be "real" and anything not of physical reality is considered to be "unreal", regardless of ones religious or non-religious beliefs.  But if you stop and consider what "real" means, you'd find that the idea of "unreal" is meaningless because you first have to know something is "real".  But how can you know anything in physical reality is "real" if you are also a part of the physical reality?  You would have to prove you are "real" first.  I've written other posts regarding this point, but I want to consider in this post what this reality we experience is.  In a sense, the only thing that is "real" are the experiences we have, not the environment that provides the experiences.  The environment, and thus the reality we perceive, merely facilitates having experiences.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ghost Adventures

I was watching Ghost Adventures' 100th episode where they visit the house that the Exorcist movie is based on and thought I'd share my view on what all this ghost hoopla is about.  Zak and cast were interviewing various people and whether it was for production sake or if they actually believe their explanations, I don't know, but from my perspective, the whole ghost phenomenon is misunderstood.  This is because of the belief that there is a difference between "ghosts" and "humans".  Also, it isn't that their experiences aren't real, but that there is a reason why some people experience paranormal activities and others don't.  This explains why some do not believe in "ghosts"; they either have not experienced anything or they choose to deny the possibility even after an experience.

Monday, September 23, 2013

My second OOB or lucid dream

This morning, I had what I believe is my second conscious lucid dream or out-of-body experience (OOB), where I realized what I was doing and was consciously thinking of what I wanted to do.  It's probably closer to a lucid dream than a true OOB because I didn't get a sense of hyper-realism as some have described it, but this time, I felt more in control and more aware, but upon waking, I felt a bit confused by it.  What I perceived wasn't exactly what I imagined it would be.  I had one idea of what I'd see, but I didn't see it that way.  So as I was experiencing this, I felt confused as to why things were the way they were.  I guess I shouldn't be confused.  If what I saw was what I thought I should see, then it would mean I'm just dreaming.  But since it wasn't meeting my expectations, it validates that I wasn't just dreaming.  While my sense of perception was better than my first experience, it still wasn't as vivid as I had hoped.  But this may simply be a matter of practice.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We are all connected

Have you ever considered why certain circumstances in life occur?  Why you meet certain people, or why you get involved with certain groups?  As I was reading the second volume of Jane Robert's "The Unknown Reality", Seth had made a comment about how some government group had denied the Robert's something because the government group was acting as their "inner disciplinarian".  That comment made me realize that some of our personal interactions in our daily lives have a similar effect.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A question of "free-will"

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend regarding the concept of free-will, having been involved with the same church for many years together. He is still a firm believer of the "traditional" Christian theology, but I would say his theology is more of a liberalized interpretation than fundamental because some of his beliefs are not as literal to the bible's words as a "traditional" or "fundamental" Christian's.  In the course of our discussion, he asked the question "If I am a co-creator, could I create a world where I could torment and hurt the population, if I have complete free-will?"  The argument he was making against my claim that we are all gods in training as co-creators, with absolute free-will over our own actions, was to argue that if everyone had "unlimited" (his word) free-will, then he should be able to create such a universe, thus denying free-will to the creations. And if everyone had "unlimited" free-will, who's will would win over the other?  This is a very long post, but I think an interesting one.  Personally, I find this post fun to re-read.  The point has commonality with my post regarding the misunderstanding of Jesus' message, since my friend, in my opinion, fundamentally misunderstands the message of the bible.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Use your own intuition

It's been a while since I've posted anything new, mainly because I'm not inspired to write anything at this moment.  I'm not interested in being a psychic to others, writing predictions, telling people what to do with their lives, or anything like that.  I am into this "esoteric stuff" because I want to learn more about the "unknown" reality and I've had enough "unreal" experiences to know it exists and from my studies, I feel like I understand how and why it exists, but not completely enough to satisfy my curiosity.  Everything I've already written I think encapsulates my developing point of view.  I re-read, edit, and add to my original posts over time to correct errors and incorrect phrasing, or add additional insights.  But I mostly re-read my posts because it is interesting even for me to read.  Many times I feel like what I write is directed to me, not necessarily from me, teaching me while I write it.  This point is even more obvious when I read or listen to other people speak on the same subject.  The fact that my point of view is nearly the same as these other people, without having been indoctrinated as is the case for most religions, tells me I have some intuitive understanding.  That is more important to me than someone telling me what to believe or what "the truth" is.  This aspect is what I wanted to write about today, trusting your intuition and inner knowing.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Time, probabilities, and free-will

I've been reading the book "Unknown Reality" by Jane Roberts and much of the first part book deals with the infinite probabilities, perception of time, origins of matter and consciousness, and other perceptions.  The idea that all probabilities exist and functions just like our experienced reality simultaneously got me thinking even more about what the perception of time is.  I think I've got a good analogy of how this works and why.  Both volumes of the book are very interesting to read if you want to get a different perspective about our reality (both physical and non-physical) and its composition.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My first Out Of Body experience!

I finally had my first OOB a few nights ago.  At least I think I did since I've never had one before so I have no real point of reference, other than what I've read of other people's OOBs.  I'm sharing this because if anyone else has an experience like this and is wondering what's going on, this is a way to at least help explain their experience.  This is an exciting event for me personally because I've tried to experience this once before when I first read about it back in my teenage years, but also in the past few years.  It wasn't a long one, nor very exciting.  I didn't feel completely "there", but I was conscious during the experience, more conscious than in a normal dream.  How do I know I had an OOB vs. just a dream?  How do you know if you're awake?  Most of us know we're awake because we control our actions.  In a dream, it's more like you're watching a TV show.  You get the sense that the scenes are changing, and you're viewing things happen, but you're simply watching the events occur in 3rd person perspective and you do not have your critical mind there.  You never feel like you're a controlling part of it.  What I felt when I was having this experience was that I sensed the environment around me, and I was viewing it from the perspective of a body rather than that "watching TV" feeling.  The other difference was that I "thought" and then what I thought was acted out, just like when you're awake.  Even those early morning "waking up" dreams where you're a bit more lucid and can change the dream content, but you don't ever really feel like you're in it because you don't have that sense of conscious control.  In the case of my OOB, I wasn't changing the dream content, but was reacting to my circumstance as you'll see in my description.  In addition, it was continuous rather than segmented or disparate.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What is "death" like?

With what seems to be the constant barrage of "death" and "dying" in the media these days, I thought I'd post some links to a few detailed "after-death" experiences various individuals have had for those of you who have never read or heard of a near-death experience.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus' words are misunderstood

Many people around the world, especially Catholics, but Christians in general, celebrate Easter today.  The notion of "Easter" is supposed to be a day remembering Jesus' death and resurrection.  This tradition, just like Christmas, was created by the Catholic church in order to remind their followers of the teachings of the church.  Unfortunately, these traditions are nothing more than blind and misguided teachings of men, not the "true" message of Jesus (I quoted the word true because it is up to the individual to find their own truths).

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The world condition is up to us all

If you've been watching or reading about the world events lately, you've probably seen much of the negative side of people, or have negative thoughts about different aspects of life.  This includes ill-will towards other persons, races, groups, genders, orientation, political parties, ideologies, etc. The economic situation is dire in many parts of the world, the human condition relative to one another seems to suffer from self-focused and self-gratifying acts, but most of all, the willful ignorance of these conditions seem to make matters worse by letting all of these negative things happen.  Killings, rapes, disasters, wars, greed, selfish ambition; all of these outwardly visible signs are there to remind us of our current condition in order to wake us up and to redirect our energy towards positive results.  Barring conscious actions toward that goal, we will unconsciously act to wake the ego up from its self-destructive tendencies.  The alignment between our outer waking ego and the inner wise ego is working towards balance between our desire to retain our individual identity of Ego and the unity that comes from harmony with all.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time travel in the physical world

I've watched many movies and shows that deal with time travel and it always makes me cringe when they describe time travel like driving from their home to the store.  Time travel is possible, but not in this reality because of the physical body and our current belief system.  Because of this, the outcome of time travel won't be like the movies.  You're not going to be able to go backwards in the same timeline and expect the future on that same timeline to change.  I'll try to explain why this is not logical.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The universe was not "created" out of nothing

To understand how the physical universe came to be, people believe that everything was created by a God/gods, that we were the product of a galactic explosion or, as I believe, that nothing was created, but is instead a transformation from one state to another.  There are many other ideas about how the physical universe came to be, but I believe most people fall within the first two ideas.  I will try to explain my position that something cannot come from nothing, even from the point of view of a theistic creator.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life really is a dream

If you've watched the movies The Truman Show, Inception, or more famously, The Matrix, then you've seen an idea about what life is really like.  We in physical reality (and any other reality for that matter) really are living in a dream.  How would you know this if you're a participant within the dream?  Just as it was said in the movie, sometimes you notice a "glitch" in the Matrix.  The "glitch" isn't noticed by most people, but those who are perceptive perceive things the rest of us do not due to the nature of the physical senses.  But unlike the movie, we aren't in a Matrix created by intelligent machines, some alien race or other physical beings.  The Matrix we live in is a creation of our own "minds".  This begs the question: what is "mind"?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Everything is Conscious

Have you ever said to yourself "this room feels comfortable", "the weather feels gloomy", "these flowers liven up the room", etc.?  Or have you ever looked at a scenic view and felt joy from the beauty?  We often say or feel these things, but never really consider that this is a form of communication from the environment.  When we think of communication, we think of movements and sounds coming from "conscious" creatures.  We place consciousness in creatures because we can observe them changing as they please, whether it's moving from place to place, creating or destroying, and most importantly interacting and communicating with one another.  But if we consider how we feel when we see non-living things, it can be said that these non-living things are also communicating to us.  Let me explain why that is.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

No such thing as "random"

There is no such thing as random chance.  What we perceive as something being random or chance is the lack of perception or information behind the cause for that something.  Just because something happens without expectation, does not mean it was random.  In order to make this point clear, let's define what random means first.  For something to be considered random, a variable or variables cannot be determined or predicted to ascertain a predictable or repeatable outcome.  Right off the bat, we can see that the cause for the perception of randomness is the lack of information.  If we knew what those variables were and could calculate what their values would be, then that which seemed random before would no longer appear as such (the other defined aspect of "randomness" is having no conscious direction, purpose or intent, but I'll try to explain why consciousness must always exist).  Statisticians will use probabilities and percentages to demonstrate that chance/luck/randomness exists because of math, but this is merely their way of using reason to understand the world they observe.  Consider that the universe isn't just matter, but there are processes that exist which cannot come from chaos or random chance (not in the way most people think of chaos).  These processes are the fields of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.  All three of these fields describe processes which are not physical, and yet the physical universe cannot exist without these rules.  How did these mental but "absolute" (i.e. observationally unbreakable in this reality) concepts come to exist if randomness was the cause?

Dream adventures

Most of us either barely remember our dreams or don't recall dreaming at all, but some experience fantastical dreams that make their normal reality seem like a hazy dream.  I think everyone should be more aware of their dreams because it is more than most people believe it is.  The fact that we dream alone is an interesting point, one that many people will write off as a biological "blowing off" of the day's steam, or some other unimportant aspect of our body.  If you want to learn more about what dreams are made of, there are exercises to help you develop your ability to recall dreams, and much much more.  You might be asking "why would I want to remember my dreams"?  It isn't that dream recall is what's important.  It is the fact that you are able to utilize your consciousness in your dream that is important.  Without developing this ability, you cannot recall your dreams readily (which the dream experience alone can provide much insight and information) and you are holding back an important aspect of yourself.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The meaninglessness of seeking meaning

Many people wonder to themselves "Why am I here?" or "What is my purpose?"  These questions arise due to the veil of forgetfulness and ignorance that is the attribute of birth into physicality, which blocks this knowledge.  Behind the veil the answer always existed, but not the answer one may think or recognize.