Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus' words are misunderstood

Many people around the world, especially Catholics, but Christians in general, celebrate Easter today.  The notion of "Easter" is supposed to be a day remembering Jesus' death and resurrection.  This tradition, just like Christmas, was created by the Catholic church in order to remind their followers of the teachings of the church.  Unfortunately, these traditions are nothing more than blind and misguided teachings of men, not the "true" message of Jesus (I quoted the word true because it is up to the individual to find their own truths).

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The world condition is up to us all

If you've been watching or reading about the world events lately, you've probably seen much of the negative side of people, or have negative thoughts about different aspects of life.  This includes ill-will towards other persons, races, groups, genders, orientation, political parties, ideologies, etc. The economic situation is dire in many parts of the world, the human condition relative to one another seems to suffer from self-focused and self-gratifying acts, but most of all, the willful ignorance of these conditions seem to make matters worse by letting all of these negative things happen.  Killings, rapes, disasters, wars, greed, selfish ambition; all of these outwardly visible signs are there to remind us of our current condition in order to wake us up and to redirect our energy towards positive results.  Barring conscious actions toward that goal, we will unconsciously act to wake the ego up from its self-destructive tendencies.  The alignment between our outer waking ego and the inner wise ego is working towards balance between our desire to retain our individual identity of Ego and the unity that comes from harmony with all.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time travel in the physical world

I've watched many movies and shows that deal with time travel and it always makes me cringe when they describe time travel like driving from their home to the store.  Time travel is possible, but not in this reality because of the physical body and our current belief system.  Because of this, the outcome of time travel won't be like the movies.  You're not going to be able to go backwards in the same timeline and expect the future on that same timeline to change.  I'll try to explain why this is not logical.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The universe was not "created" out of nothing

To understand how the physical universe came to be, people believe that everything was created by a God/gods, that we were the product of a galactic explosion or, as I believe, that nothing was created, but is instead a transformation from one state to another.  There are many other ideas about how the physical universe came to be, but I believe most people fall within the first two ideas.  I will try to explain my position that something cannot come from nothing, even from the point of view of a theistic creator.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life really is a dream

If you've watched the movies The Truman Show, Inception, or more famously, The Matrix, then you've seen an idea about what life is really like.  We in physical reality (and any other reality for that matter) really are living in a dream.  How would you know this if you're a participant within the dream?  Just as it was said in the movie, sometimes you notice a "glitch" in the Matrix.  The "glitch" isn't noticed by most people, but those who are perceptive perceive things the rest of us do not due to the nature of the physical senses.  But unlike the movie, we aren't in a Matrix created by intelligent machines, some alien race or other physical beings.  The Matrix we live in is a creation of our own "minds".  This begs the question: what is "mind"?