Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life really is a dream

If you've watched the movies The Truman Show, Inception, or more famously, The Matrix, then you've seen an idea about what life is really like.  We in physical reality (and any other reality for that matter) really are living in a dream.  How would you know this if you're a participant within the dream?  Just as it was said in the movie, sometimes you notice a "glitch" in the Matrix.  The "glitch" isn't noticed by most people, but those who are perceptive perceive things the rest of us do not due to the nature of the physical senses.  But unlike the movie, we aren't in a Matrix created by intelligent machines, some alien race or other physical beings.  The Matrix we live in is a creation of our own "minds".  This begs the question: what is "mind"?

The notion that life is a dream isn't a new one.  Many have pondered this idea because of how fleeting life is.  It's here one moment, then gone the next.  From this thought, one wonders what comes afterwards, if anything.  But most dismiss the notion of life being a dream because when we speak of dreams, we speak of something that seems unreal and wispy to the Ego of the physical mind.  The Ego sees itself as the master within the physical world, able to command itself in time and space.  But it is unaware of where it came from or why it's there and simply accepts its existence unquestioningly.  The Ego is in reference to your identity as a personality in a physical form, what you would identify with as being "I".

From the perspective of the Ego, it sees nothing out of the ordinary within physical reality.  After all, it is its birthplace and its home.  Just as Neo in The Matrix had no doubts about his world he lived in, the Ego is fooled into thinking nothing is amiss in the world.  And that is how the world was designed and created, with the Ego being a part of that design and creation.  Because it is a part of that creation, it does not easily accept anything outside of the creation.  The Ego only looks outward from itself.  It never sees itself, but only knows it exists.  So from its perspective, everything around it must also be real since it knows it is real.  Since it sees everything from its point of view, the world and everyone and everything within it is assumed to be real as well because it cannot change its perspective to question otherwise.  So the universe moves and has its being through the eyes of the Ego.

If we only had the Ego as our reality check, then it would be forever a life of ignorance.  But just as Morpheus tried to tell Neo of their reality in the movie, we have our Inner Ego to communicate with us about our true reality, the inner reality.  This portion of our self has also been called our soul, our entity, the mind, etc..  Anything that comes from the inner aspect of our being is from the One consciousness, of which our Identity is a portion of.  The Inner Ego is the voice within that tells us something is amiss with the world we live in.  It is the Morpheus of our Matrix, and when those of us eventually meet Morpheus, we are given a choice to take the red pill or the blue pill.  The red pill means you open up your Ego to the Inner Ego's knowledge and understanding, while the blue pill means you ignore the Inner Ego and continue to live life in the dream until the dream ends with death.  But unlike the movie, death offers you another opportunity to take the red pill.  Choosing the blue pill after death means you choose to continue in ignorance, creating your own reality within your mind until the time comes when you realize you want something more.  In the movie, the people were in bondage to the Matrix, an artificial intelligence machine.  In life, you aren't in bondage at all (your consciousness doesn't have to remain fixed with the body), but the Ego primarily identifies itself as the body.  Because of this, the Ego is unable to leave its perceptions.  It becomes one with the flesh, making the physical world its reality

Whereas the Matrix was a machine which created the universe the people "lived in", the physical universe is a creation of all of our minds.  You can call the mind your soul, your entity, God, spirit, whatever you choose to label it, but as consciousness, it seeks experience.  The true reality of our existence is formless.  The mind is a nebulous concept, without any shape, beginning, or boundaries.  There is no here or there; no then or later.  It isn't created and it can't be destroyed.  It can't be comprehended because it just is.  Whatever possibilities exist, it is because of the mind.  But without the mind, no possibilities can exist.  When someone speaks of "knowing everything", they are really experiencing the infinite possibilities.  The mind, our soul, our being is infinite because it is capable of unlimited thoughts, creation, and imagination.  In the body, the mind of the Ego is a tiny portion of our whole self, made in the "image" of the One consciousness and thus is also conscious.  The Inner Ego is the conduit between the Outer Ego and the whole mind.

When I speak of the Ego or Outer Ego, I speak of the reasoning portion of our mind that we use in our physical bodies.  We reason because of the lack of true knowledge and understanding, and thus we are ignorant.  What we consider knowledge in the physical world is either very basic understanding because they come only from observation within the physical world, or they are conclusions based on reasoning using physical data, which is a logical deduction, not fact.  In addition, when we reason based on observations, we automatically make assumptions of other details because of our beliefs.  The Inner Ego is the portion of our mind that bridges the gap between the physical reality and our inner reality, the infinitely mental "spirit world".  It provides us with intuitive knowing, understanding, creative thoughts, and all aspects of mind that is beyond what the physical world teaches us through the reasoning and physical perceptions.

The dream mind (Ego) begins at birth, and learns about the world and itself through physical life within time and space.  Time and space exists in order to allow the new Ego to learn how to control itself by being in a body, giving it "room" to apply our thoughts without the problems that would occur due to the immediacy of thought as action outside the body.  Because it is a new creation, it must learn from its beginnings and gain knowledge of the system it lives in.  But just as our true mind is infinite, our Ego mind is just as capable of that same infinity because it is in the image of our whole self.  It is only because we limit ourselves through beliefs, doubts and fears that the Ego does not see its own potential.  The dreamers and the imaginarians are capable of looking at the impossible and making it possible.  It may not come to fruition in this reality, but it definitely does in another.  The fact of our ability for creative thinking should resonate within us of this truth, that we are more than flesh.

The physical world, in all its glory, appears as real as could be.  But then again, what does it mean for something to be "real"?  The belief of something being real is our own acceptance of that belief, not the fact of something's realness.  The only thing that is real is our mind, our consciousness.  It is the only thing we can KNOW as being real.  Everything else is perception.

Just as most people dismiss their dreams as fantasy, this life within physical reality will be seen for what it really is, once we awaken from it upon physical "death": an idea, a wish, a dream to experience.  If you close your eyes and shut out the rest of the world's physical sensory data, what you'll find is "you" existing, without any sense of time or space or form.  "You" do not disappear with the loss of your physical senses.  If not for the fact that you've seen or felt your body, would you question where your body went if you never had physical senses?  What you think of as "unconsciousness" is merely the Ego being unable to interpret your Inner Ego senses in physical terms, and so it "forgets" or reinterprets it as a dream.  Just as the dreams within physical reality appears wispy and fleeting to the Outer Ego, physical life is seen as such from the perspective of the Inner Ego.

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