Thursday, March 28, 2013

The world condition is up to us all

If you've been watching or reading about the world events lately, you've probably seen much of the negative side of people, or have negative thoughts about different aspects of life.  This includes ill-will towards other persons, races, groups, genders, orientation, political parties, ideologies, etc. The economic situation is dire in many parts of the world, the human condition relative to one another seems to suffer from self-focused and self-gratifying acts, but most of all, the willful ignorance of these conditions seem to make matters worse by letting all of these negative things happen.  Killings, rapes, disasters, wars, greed, selfish ambition; all of these outwardly visible signs are there to remind us of our current condition in order to wake us up and to redirect our energy towards positive results.  Barring conscious actions toward that goal, we will unconsciously act to wake the ego up from its self-destructive tendencies.  The alignment between our outer waking ego and the inner wise ego is working towards balance between our desire to retain our individual identity of Ego and the unity that comes from harmony with all.

I've been feeling anxious and upset for no good reason for some time now (part of my physical condition I've been dealing with), and it hasn't been obvious to me why I've felt this way.  I assumed it was stress related, but as I thought about why these out-of-character feelings are in me, it dawned on me that I'm feeling what the world is feeling right now.  The human race is about to undergo a transformation, but we are in the beginnings of an upheaval (I'm not talking about end of world stuff, but instead the individual examination of self).  You can see the beginnings of change in many countries today, especially in Europe and the middle east.  While I'm not immune to the feelings and thoughts that arise from reading about the events in the news, I try to remain objective about these events in order not to feed my own negative thoughts and feelings into the growing negative sentiment.

I've written many times that thoughts and feelings are energy emissions.  They go out into the world and gather strength as more and more people have these same thoughts and feelings, not to mention the continuation of those thoughts and feelings as they feed into the "monster".  When this occurs, the energy of the thoughts and feelings eventually become manifest into reality in one way or another.  Natural disasters are not an act of an angry or vengeful God, but rather the accumulation of people's feelings about something which is then released because it was not dealt with by the individuals themselves.  Pent up anger, frustration, depression, anxiety; all of these feelings that are not expressed in a positive way end up collecting as stored energy.  Once the collection becomes too great, it is released in order to dissipate itself.  It was our energy that created this reality, and it is our energy that maintains it.  Unfortunately, it is also our energy that creates the negative aspects of this reality.  Man has typically denied their own responsibility in creating whatever negative conditions they face, whether wars or natural disasters, because they choose to deny their own power over themselves.

If people took more control of their thoughts and feelings, rather than letting it store up and continuing to live as if nothing matters except themselves, I believe the world we live in would be a much different place.  When neighbors ignore neighbors, when countries try to hurt other countries, when people lose their own sense of courtesy towards others, how can anyone view themselves in a better light?  It seems people have forgotten how to feel empathy towards others.  There isn't enough people considering how their actions make others feel.  As it has been written in many ways, the karmic notion of "do onto others as you would have done to you" is always at work in order to teach us about balance between the self and the whole.  Cancer is a good example of this at work.  Cancer is the difference between the one living for itself at the expense of the whole (this is in reference to the disease, not a person with the disease).  Violence in our society is another means to demonstrate the self vs. whole.  It shows the lack of care towards themselves more than others because if you cared about yourself, you would realize where you stand among the whole.  It is exactly because one does not care about them self that they can hurt others because they feel they aren't hurting the whole, of which they are a part.  When one part says "I am not a body, but a hand", the body does not say "I don't need you, hand".  And yet, we as parts of the whole body seem to be saying "I don't need you, body." when we act against one another, because all of us together make up the one body.

In the end, the worst condition of man is the fear of men.  This fear creates all sorts of problems in the world.  Fear of death, fear of one another, fear of the future.  I feel all of these things, and I thought it was me, but I realize now that it is the world's condition.  I do not fear death, and yet I still have fear of death.  This sounds contradictory, but it is the fear that I feel in men of their own mortality.  Because of their fear, they ignore others, remain shelled up because they do not trust anyone.  Not only do they fear others, but they fear change.  Because they are unsure about change, they ignore the conditions of the world in hopes that any negative aspect of the world will disappear by itself.  The NIMBY syndrome (Not In My Back Yard) is growing and people do not want to put themselves out in the world to try to change that which they do not like.

Unless people begin to wake up to their condition and start to change the direction of thought and feelings (if they do not start to envision a better place and start acting upon that vision), then it will "do onto you" the same.  This will come about in a way that forces each person to evaluate their condition and choose the path they will go on from that moment forward.  Religion does not have answers as it relegates all conditions that seem to be out of the control of individuals to an out-of-reach "God".  Faith is not hoping for a wish to come true.  Faith is acting on a desire that is not currently true to make it happen.  Unfortunately, too many religious people choose to have faith in their lack of power rather than living by faith in the power given them (10 talents, 5 talents, 1 talent; doesn't matter).  Hope is not the same as living by faith.  You cannot expect things to change around you if you do not change.

The cynic, the uncaring, and the faithless will also be forced to face themselves and the changes will affect everyone.  It will no longer be about criticizing and shifting blame for their condition, but instead how to help one another recover from the condition they put upon themselves.  Everyone will have to face the truth, that it was always in their control, and that it was their control with the negative thoughts and feelings that created the condition they live in.  Spirituality is not a pass against this situation either.  Just because someone is more aware of the conditions of the world doesn't mean they are separate from the world.

None of this means one person should force another person to follow the "correct" actions or thoughts.  That is completely the opposite of what I'm saying.  Self-judgment is the key, not judgment of others.  Judging others only leads to the negative path because you are forcing someone to do something that is against their free-will and this will lead to resentment, anger, and all those "negative" thoughts and feelings we want to avoid.  No justification of how "right" or "good" anything is will ever make denying the free-will of others create a better world.  When people, governments, etc. try to tell others how to live, it will only lead to more fear and lack of self-responsibility.  In the same way, people should not feel responsibility for others, or even that they need to do anything for others.  It is about doing things because you want to, not because you have to or you need to.  Any sense of obligation will lead to a sense of false positive condition.  Doing things because you have to only feeds the Ego's sense of identity, rather than build the unity of the whole.  If you don't want to do something, don't do it and be happy with that choice.  The desire should come upon reflection of your choices, not by forcing yourself to be someone you are not.  That only brings guilt and feelings of less worth.  Simply thinking of good thoughts and desires is better than negative or no thoughts at all.  Remember, all thoughts and feelings are action, "good" and "bad", whether the body physically acts or not.

Bottom line, I do have fear of what's to come, but I'm trying to "see the light at the end".  I hope that people will start to desire a positive world and act upon it, rather than complain and hate the world that exists today.  This only feeds the negative energy that has developed.   Unfortunately, it's much easier to hate and complain and do nothing, than it is to desire a better future and act upon it.  Just as the Israelites did not enter the Promised Lands due to their negative thoughts, attitudes, and actions, we too are on a journey to the Promised Lands, but will we act in a way that will lead us there?  The ten commandments were never meant to be laws to live by, but examples of what living a life filled with positive thoughts and feelings are like; to love one another, not hurting each other, and caring for each other because we care about ourselves.  Selfish desire is not bad, if we care about ourselves.  But selfish desire because we don't care about ourselves and how we feel when we hurt others is not beneficial to anyone in the short or long run.

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