Saturday, May 11, 2013

My first Out Of Body experience!

I finally had my first OOB a few nights ago.  At least I think I did since I've never had one before so I have no real point of reference, other than what I've read of other people's OOBs.  I'm sharing this because if anyone else has an experience like this and is wondering what's going on, this is a way to at least help explain their experience.  This is an exciting event for me personally because I've tried to experience this once before when I first read about it back in my teenage years, but also in the past few years.  It wasn't a long one, nor very exciting.  I didn't feel completely "there", but I was conscious during the experience, more conscious than in a normal dream.  How do I know I had an OOB vs. just a dream?  How do you know if you're awake?  Most of us know we're awake because we control our actions.  In a dream, it's more like you're watching a TV show.  You get the sense that the scenes are changing, and you're viewing things happen, but you're simply watching the events occur in 3rd person perspective and you do not have your critical mind there.  You never feel like you're a controlling part of it.  What I felt when I was having this experience was that I sensed the environment around me, and I was viewing it from the perspective of a body rather than that "watching TV" feeling.  The other difference was that I "thought" and then what I thought was acted out, just like when you're awake.  Even those early morning "waking up" dreams where you're a bit more lucid and can change the dream content, but you don't ever really feel like you're in it because you don't have that sense of conscious control.  In the case of my OOB, I wasn't changing the dream content, but was reacting to my circumstance as you'll see in my description.  In addition, it was continuous rather than segmented or disparate.