Saturday, May 11, 2013

My first Out Of Body experience!

I finally had my first OOB a few nights ago.  At least I think I did since I've never had one before so I have no real point of reference, other than what I've read of other people's OOBs.  I'm sharing this because if anyone else has an experience like this and is wondering what's going on, this is a way to at least help explain their experience.  This is an exciting event for me personally because I've tried to experience this once before when I first read about it back in my teenage years, but also in the past few years.  It wasn't a long one, nor very exciting.  I didn't feel completely "there", but I was conscious during the experience, more conscious than in a normal dream.  How do I know I had an OOB vs. just a dream?  How do you know if you're awake?  Most of us know we're awake because we control our actions.  In a dream, it's more like you're watching a TV show.  You get the sense that the scenes are changing, and you're viewing things happen, but you're simply watching the events occur in 3rd person perspective and you do not have your critical mind there.  You never feel like you're a controlling part of it.  What I felt when I was having this experience was that I sensed the environment around me, and I was viewing it from the perspective of a body rather than that "watching TV" feeling.  The other difference was that I "thought" and then what I thought was acted out, just like when you're awake.  Even those early morning "waking up" dreams where you're a bit more lucid and can change the dream content, but you don't ever really feel like you're in it because you don't have that sense of conscious control.  In the case of my OOB, I wasn't changing the dream content, but was reacting to my circumstance as you'll see in my description.  In addition, it was continuous rather than segmented or disparate.

I had gone to bed early around 7pm because I've been very tired that day.  I was dreaming about a spirit or ghost just prior to waking and I was a bit nervous and fearful.  In my dream, I was with my family in some house that had an unseen presence, and I tried to send energy to it to try to release it from the house.  I wasn't afraid in my dream, but when I woke up just before midnight, contemplating the dream brought some slight fear in me.  I noticed the time and tried to go back to sleep.  During that time, I felt vibrations in my body coming on due to a combination of falling asleep and fear nerves.  If you ever feel these vibrations in your body while going to sleep, it means you're entering the hypnagogic stage which is where your body stops responding to the brain signal in order not to act out the dream activity physically.  It is this condition, where your body is asleep, but your mind is awake, that sets the stage for OOB experiences.  I think the combination of falling asleep and the nervousness created stronger vibrations than normal because I started to feel the increased sensation of subtle movement.  Eventually, I felt like I could move freely, so I imagined myself rolling on to my stomach, lowering into the bed and twisting 90 degrees before "standing up".  I literally "felt" myself do these motions, though not to the same degree of sensation as if it was done physically.  This was a technique I read to avoid confusing the sensation with physical movements.  I believe the reason for my less vivid sensation is due to the lack of complete conscious awareness of my inner senses.  My whole experience was limited to just mental and incomplete visual senses.  Then again, I could just be remembering the visual senses less vividly than what I actually experienced like in a dream, but I don't think that is the case.

When I stood up, I found myself at the side of the bed.  Immediately, I though of walking to my bedroom door and walking out into the hallway.  I didn't spend any time looking around or examining anything because I wanted to make sure I was far enough away from my physical body as not to get "pulled back" into it.  I've read enough OOB books to remember this trick to lengthen the experience.

While I was in the hallway, things were a bit hazy and unclear so I tried to yell "clarity now!" which was another trick I read about.  That seemed to help a bit as my vision cleared somewhat, but I still didn't feel completely aware of my surroundings.  The only thing that I recall observing was the hallway rail (2nd floor), my linen cabinets behind me, the door I walked past, and the front of the house glass window.

I turned slightly to look at the rail when I noticed my wife was standing slightly hidden behind the door in the bedroom shadow.  I was a little startled, but I calmed down quickly because I'm well read on this subject so I was somewhat prepared (again, my conscious reasoning skills were with me, unlike in a dream).  I asked her what she wanted.  This occurred mentally, not physically.  I didn't feel my mouth move at all.  If I was more attuned to my inner senses, perhaps I would have heard her respond, but I didn't get any.  In what I saw as an unconscious act, she simply walked past me, grabbed my arm and just sort of moved to my right side facing the cabinets behind me.  It was clear to me that my wife's etheric body was there, but her consciousness did not appear to be there.  I easily pulled my arm from her and I'm not sure but I think it went through her.  At that moment, I thought "I want to fly up".  So I felt myself going through the ceiling, out of the house, and into the sky.  I believe my wife was behind me as well, but I quickly took to the sky and I stopped noticing her.  As I was going through the ceiling, I remember thinking I wanted to know what it feels like going through the ceiling, but I couldn't feel anything.  I was contemplating that thought when I reached the blackness of the outside.  Again, only visual senses, nothing else.  The fact that I was consciously thinking about these things as I was moving through the ceiling is another difference between what I experienced and a dream.  Most of us do not think about what we're thinking while in a dream.

As I flew over, I remember that the surrounding area was neither well detailed because I was not looking for details, but also it didn't feel like my neighborhood.  Mentally, I felt like the area was like a colonial era neighborhood, a small neighborhood with only a few houses.  I don't know where I was, nor do I remember any strong details, but I remember not being able to stay aloft.  I was drifting downwards towards the roof of some house.  I saw lights on in many of the houses, but no matter what I tried, I couldn't keep myself aloft.  I eventually came down on the eve of another roof and then I woke up back in my body.  I tried to return to the vibrational state quickly in order to return to the experience, but was unable to recreate the conditions.  So I opened my eyes and whispered to my wife to see if she was awake.  She didn't respond so I went back to sleep.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep rather than have another OOB.

I think the key aspect for allowing me to have this experience was the fact that I was refreshed from the long sleep when I awoke near midnight.  Since I didn't get up from bed, my mind was clear but my body was still somewhat sleepy.  Usually, when I go to bed at night and wake up, I'm very groggy and not completely conscious.  But this night, I awoke well rested, and so when I tried to go back to sleep, my mind was still awake (it didn't help that I was still thinking of the ghostly dream).  This let me consciously control the stages of my sleep such that when my body started to fall asleep (the vibrations), I kept my mind awake.  I've tried to recreate this since the experience, but because I've been going to sleep at my usual time, when I do wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep, I'm still too tired to keep my mental state awake.  I'm going to try this experiment again when I get the chance because the more I can do this, the more it will become natural for me and hopefully have much more exciting experiences.