Friday, August 30, 2013

A question of "free-will"

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend regarding the concept of free-will, having been involved with the same church for many years together. He is still a firm believer of the "traditional" Christian theology, but I would say his theology is more of a liberalized interpretation than fundamental because some of his beliefs are not as literal to the bible's words as a "traditional" or "fundamental" Christian's.  In the course of our discussion, he asked the question "If I am a co-creator, could I create a world where I could torment and hurt the population, if I have complete free-will?"  The argument he was making against my claim that we are all gods in training as co-creators, with absolute free-will over our own actions, was to argue that if everyone had "unlimited" (his word) free-will, then he should be able to create such a universe, thus denying free-will to the creations. And if everyone had "unlimited" free-will, who's will would win over the other?  This is a very long post, but I think an interesting one.  Personally, I find this post fun to re-read.  The point has commonality with my post regarding the misunderstanding of Jesus' message, since my friend, in my opinion, fundamentally misunderstands the message of the bible.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Use your own intuition

It's been a while since I've posted anything new, mainly because I'm not inspired to write anything at this moment.  I'm not interested in being a psychic to others, writing predictions, telling people what to do with their lives, or anything like that.  I am into this "esoteric stuff" because I want to learn more about the "unknown" reality and I've had enough "unreal" experiences to know it exists and from my studies, I feel like I understand how and why it exists, but not completely enough to satisfy my curiosity.  Everything I've already written I think encapsulates my developing point of view.  I re-read, edit, and add to my original posts over time to correct errors and incorrect phrasing, or add additional insights.  But I mostly re-read my posts because it is interesting even for me to read.  Many times I feel like what I write is directed to me, not necessarily from me, teaching me while I write it.  This point is even more obvious when I read or listen to other people speak on the same subject.  The fact that my point of view is nearly the same as these other people, without having been indoctrinated as is the case for most religions, tells me I have some intuitive understanding.  That is more important to me than someone telling me what to believe or what "the truth" is.  This aspect is what I wanted to write about today, trusting your intuition and inner knowing.