Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We are all connected

Have you ever considered why certain circumstances in life occur?  Why you meet certain people, or why you get involved with certain groups?  As I was reading the second volume of Jane Robert's "The Unknown Reality", Seth had made a comment about how some government group had denied the Robert's something because the government group was acting as their "inner disciplinarian".  That comment made me realize that some of our personal interactions in our daily lives have a similar effect.

Those of us who were disciplined as children may remember learning through those experiences what our parents considered acceptable behavior.  Most of us didn't think much of it, except perhaps to feel that our parents were angry at us, or that they were mean and unjust.  But it could also be viewed as our inner wisdom working through our parents to help train us.  For those who had abusive parents, it could be interpreted as your inner rage coming out from them towards you, again as a personal learning process.  I've said before that we are in control of our own lives.  Nothing happens to us without at least our inner awareness because of free-will.  We choose experiences and those choices manifest themselves into our lives.  So when a parent or anyone else acts in a certain way towards us, one might view it as a distinct and separate being doing something TO us, or it can be viewed as a portion of ourselves doing something FOR us with the cooperation of the other individual(s).  The other person isn't "doing" something to you, as if you and that other person are distinct and separate beings.  There is a close connection to all of existence that you do not see or understand.  It is our perception, and the accepted belief that separation of identity and the existence of a disconnectedness that prevent you from understanding any kind of interpersonal "suffering".  So the next time someone yells at you or gets upset with you, consider that they are doing it to help train you and thank them, instead of reacting in anger.

It is easy to "feel" another person's emotions just through communication.  We do it all the time without thinking much about this ability.  Not only are thoughts communicated, but our emotions even more so.  When someone yells or screams, it's obvious they are angry.  When someone cries, it's obvious they are hurt.  But when someone says certain words or phrases, one can also feel their emotions, even though it may not be visibly obvious.  This is all due to the "psychic" nature of thought and emotion.  The physical manifestations of thought and emotion comes through as words, gestures, and actions.  Even just reading something from another person, we pick up on their thoughts and emotions.  Without this "psychic" ability, we could not communicate at all.  You might be thinking "nonsense!  Communication is a function of the brain and our innate learning ability.  It isn't some mystical paranormal witchcraft."  Without knowing why we have an "innate" ability, or even how it works, it's easy to just assume that it is a function of physical reality.  But the deeper you consider what communication is, how a concept like learning, let alone thought or emotion, can even exist, then you might start questioning your assumptions.

There is always non-verbal communication with other people that we are not normally aware of.  Our physical senses do not "pick up" on these communications.  You might argue "what proof do you have?", which I can only argue that you either have to experience it through entering a higher state of consciousness or just consider how you can even understand normal physical forms of communication.  If you think about it deeply, you'd find you have no idea how you can convert seemingly arbitrary but recognizable sounds and written alphabet into a idea or concept.  You take for granted that this process exists at all and assume that through elementary education, you "learned" this ability, not realizing that even the basic act of learning is in itself untaught.  This was already a natural part of us, but you aren't aware of it occurring underneath the perceived physical acts.  Because of this lack of awareness, we brush off any such notion of "psychic" communication as being fantasy.  But when you consider certain life experiences a bit more carefully, you'd find there are seeming coincidences and improbable (at least to your ego) circumstances "lining up" to get you to have that experience.  For example, what are the odds that a person is standing exactly at the "right" spot at the "right" time for something to happen to that person?  Most people would call it chance or random luck, but as I've written in my other post, randomness does not exist.  I would argue that it is our unconscious choices that we manifest into our physical lives.  We communicate those choices to other individuals and plans are made for its actualization.  This is how we meet certain individuals, how we share experiences, or how certain incidents occur.

This inner communication can be observed when you meet someone for the first time, and you feel a close connection immediately.  Some people label this other person their "soul mate" or they'll view it as a good "first impression" or feel that they like the person right away, but behind the scenes, you both were in direct communication with each other long before the actual meeting took place, and for some, even before your birth.  The idea of a "soul mate" is a misunderstanding of what souls are.  We do not have "mates", but we have associations.  These associations are very much like friendships, where some bonds are closer than others.  But more so, these are relationships that cannot be understood in humanistic terms because of the direct communication available to the soul, not just of thoughts, but more importantly of feelings.  The direct empathy available to each individual creates this sense of tight bond between individual identities.  The connections between souls could span multiple "lives", and thus the bond grows stronger.  But they are not based strictly on emotion such as "love".  They are also shared experiences and that strengthens the emotional bonds.  The "soul mate" not only could have been a past lover or spouse, but also a parent, or a close friend, or even a hated enemy.  Such strong emotional ties increases the likelihood of other associations in other lives playing other roles, but always for each individual's own fulfillment of development.  It is the bond that allows such role-playing in lives where the two meet.  It is not coincidence that you associate with certain persons in your life.  This does not mean all of your current close associates have past connections.  But it does mean that most of your associations have an agreement between the two of you to play specific roles in each of your lives, just as you are playing a role in other people's lives unknowingly.

Beyond our close relationships, there are also group relationships.  For example, many church members are associated as a group.  Musicians are associated as a group, as are policemen, politicians, athletes, etc.  These group associations exist because of the common inner interests, which is obvious, but what is not so obvious is how these groupings exist at all levels of observation.  From atoms to species to races and nationalities, and even all the way to the planets and solar systems and galaxies; there are groupings of "like-minded" consciousnesses.  These groupings occur because they demonstrate the concept of development.  You could say that each group represents a certain "focus" of development.  For example, not only are certain forms focused on developing their consciousness like atoms, or rocks, or plants, but for the human race, there are intellectuals focused on developing their learning capability, and those who are in gangs or sports focused on developing their aggressiveness, etc.  In eastern philosophies such as Hinduism, these areas of "focus" are known as chakra points, and the Chinese use the Zodiak chart while western mysticism uses astrology to try to characterize personalities based on birth dates, stars, numerology, and other new-age symbology.  This doesn't mean these interpretations are correct or that they are as well-defined and ridged as it seems, but that they are a recognized pattern of characteristics.  The interpretation of the chakras purpose varies, but they can also be viewed as different "bodies".  The "bodies" are a representation of the various aspects or characteristics of our identity.  The first chakra can represent the etheric body, closest in form to the physical body.  The second can represent the emotional body, and the third the mental body.  There are other bodies that represent other aspects of the identity.  The aggression focus could be primarily associated with the first "body", while the learning focus could be primarily associated with the third "body".  Each focus of development can be a blending of many different "bodies", but the idea is that the "bodies" are an aspect of focused development for our identity, through life experiences.  That's why some groups of people seem to have limited life experiences because they chose to concentrate on a specific area of development, while other groups have broader experiences encompassing many different areas of growth.  But in all cases, there is a direct inner communication at work to coordinate such experiences in physical reality, whether at the individual or the group level.

Now, I've said this before, but don't go around thinking that things that may or may not be beneficial are somehow meant to happen, just because I'm telling you that there is this inner communication.  When you start to justify negative thoughts and actions, you are merely using humanistic reasoning.  You cannot understand all of the unconscious actions that are occurring through your waking ego because you choose to take the easiest explanation for what is experienced.  The lack of understanding and perspective prevents you from thinking about things properly, and so you must take care not to justify or explain away negative experiences in this manner.  You must learn to observe experience without judging it, and you'll know you're judging when you start coming up with justifications.

We are all aspects of the One Consciousness, Source, or All That Is or "God".  Each of "us", as well as everything else that exists, are all connected in a single infinite pool of consciousness because we are all part of the same entity, but with our own points of view.  Our connections with others manifest themselves in different ways based on our needs and desires.  These experiences occur for many reasons, but there is communication at a deeper level that coordinates such experiences.  If you get pulled over by a police officer, it wasn't just "bad luck", but more likely it was your own inner ego manifesting a lesson for you.  Perception of the events will vary depending on how you interpret the intent, but with an open mind, each event is a learning opportunity for the ego from the inner ego.  Again, the inner ego represents the soul's idealized perspective of the personality, while the outer ego is the personality learning through the life experience.

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