Monday, October 28, 2013

The nature of reality

When people think of physical reality, most consider it to be "real" and anything not of physical reality is considered to be "unreal", regardless of ones religious or non-religious beliefs.  But if you stop and consider what "real" means, you'd find that the idea of "unreal" is meaningless because you first have to know something is "real".  But how can you know anything in physical reality is "real" if you are also a part of the physical reality?  You would have to prove you are "real" first.  I've written other posts regarding this point, but I want to consider in this post what this reality we experience is.  In a sense, the only thing that is "real" are the experiences we have, not the environment that provides the experiences.  The environment, and thus the reality we perceive, merely facilitates having experiences.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ghost Adventures

I was watching Ghost Adventures' 100th episode where they visit the house that the Exorcist movie is based on and thought I'd share my view on what all this ghost hoopla is about.  Zak and cast were interviewing various people and whether it was for production sake or if they actually believe their explanations, I don't know, but from my perspective, the whole ghost phenomenon is misunderstood.  This is because of the belief that there is a difference between "ghosts" and "humans".  Also, it isn't that their experiences aren't real, but that there is a reason why some people experience paranormal activities and others don't.  This explains why some do not believe in "ghosts"; they either have not experienced anything or they choose to deny the possibility even after an experience.