Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ghost Adventures

I was watching Ghost Adventures' 100th episode where they visit the house that the Exorcist movie is based on and thought I'd share my view on what all this ghost hoopla is about.  Zak and cast were interviewing various people and whether it was for production sake or if they actually believe their explanations, I don't know, but from my perspective, the whole ghost phenomenon is misunderstood.  This is because of the belief that there is a difference between "ghosts" and "humans".  Also, it isn't that their experiences aren't real, but that there is a reason why some people experience paranormal activities and others don't.  This explains why some do not believe in "ghosts"; they either have not experienced anything or they choose to deny the possibility even after an experience.

Zak asked a woman who is supposed to be knowledgeable about the location if the house or room could "store the negative energy" of the exorcist event, such that it can be "reactivated", to which she replied "yes".  It is true that such activity can be "stored" in a location, but that isn't quite what is occurring in my opinion.  The fact of the matter is, everything is already energy.  You don't store energy in a location as if the location is something other than energy.  What is "stored" isn't energy, but the event is like a "memory" imprint of that location which can be recalled.

The first thing that has to be cleared up is the notion of location and time.  There is no such thing as a "place" or "time" except in our experienced reality.  The effect of "time" is created by the illusion of "space", and both are products of perception.  Our inability to perceive outside of a single linear line of "forward" progression (due to our physical senses) creates the illusion of time.  If you were able to perceive multiple sources of events, and be able to focus on any previous or future events in any order or simultaneously, you would not feel the limited effects of time.  Once you clear your beliefs about these two concepts, you will understand how "memory" ("time") can exist in a "location" ("space").

Without time or location, then all historical events are always available for recall because those events still exist in its own probable reality, if someone is capable of perceiving such data.  The idea of a psychic or "sensitive" person isn't about a specific ability of some unique individuals, but rather the development of inner senses by all individuals to be able to pick up additional data that is always available.  This includes those who have experienced ghostly phenomenons such as the Ghost Adventures crew.  Most of us only perceive data with our physical senses and is oblivious to anything like paranormal activity.  But when someone is sensitive, it can create a connection with the other source of energy.  This could be the house, the "ghost", the "victim", etc., since they are all sources of energy.  When a "connection" is made, energy is shared between the two until one begins to act upon that energy.

When I say "energy", it is not the same type of energy we think of.  The energy I'm talking about is conscious and defines everything.  Energy is thought and emotion, so it can be considered a "packet" of consciousness.  The more emotion, the more "energy".  So when you anger someone, that is a lot of emotional energy that was directed at someone, which might trigger the other person to emit their own strong emotional energy.

When a person is sending out energy like Zak, Nick, and Aaron are doing when they call out or taunt the ghosts, they do so because their thoughts and emotions are heightened.  This generates a lot of energy that the non-physical personalities (ghosts) can use to manifest its own thoughts and activities.  That's why those electronic gadgets can pick up activities, as well as the crew's own abilities to pick up on physical sensations and feelings.  But it doesn't necessarily mean a personality is actually still "there".  As I said, all things are energy, as are memories.  Since all things are energy, all things are conscious, so if a memory of an event exists, it can use the energy available, directed by the thoughts of individuals, to "recreate" the surrounding events, and not just statically, but dynamically (meaning it's continuing to exist, but in a different probable timeline).  This is akin to a person having a bad dream, where their thoughts create a nightmarish personality.  But that personality doesn't really exist except as a product of the dreamer's thoughts, which the continued focus on that "demon" feeds it the energy to keep it perceivable.  If you stop looking at something and turn away, you no longer see it physically.  The same is true mentally, where the physical act is the manifestation of the mental act.  To know if a person is experiencing a "ghost" or if they are simply experiencing a past "event", would require the experiencer to recognize their own thoughts.

Again, if time is a physically experienced phenomenon, then anything non-physical is no longer perceiving things in terms of time.  So a "ghost" could be "stuck" in a location without ever realizing they are "out of their time".  Such a personality would stay at a present-day location thinking nothing is wrong from their point of view, but from the point of view of the living, they are "stuck" from the past.  Such is the reason why ghosts from, say, the 14th century still "haunt" a location.  But in general, most non-living personalities do not stay "stuck forever", which is also why there aren't as many ghostly locations.  The memory of "hauntings" can be recalled by those who are "sensitive", making it seem that the "ghost" is still there.  If people were more sensitive to their inner perceptive senses, "ghostly" encounters and experiences would be a normal occurrence rather than a location-specific phenomenon.

When Zak picks up on a "ghost" with the talking box and other such devices, they aren't communicating with a personality that is still there "in time".  They are communicating outside of "time", with some personality that believes they are still "physical", but unable to interact, even after many years of being "dead".  They purposefully choose to believe this for whatever reason they hold.  Because all beliefs create reality, their belief that they are not "dead" leaves them "stuck" near the physical reality "dimension" (if I could call it that).  The reason why they are not physical anymore is because, as I've written before regarding physical personality, their human body was the combination of their "soul" energy and the creation of the physical mother and father.

The human parents create the body consciousness, while the personality being born sends a portion of its "soul" energy (individual personality) into the body.  Once the  "soul" personality chooses to leave the body permanently or the body is damaged beyond natural repair, the body "dies" and the "soul" personality normally returns to its whole "soul" ("return to the Light").  But some choose not to return.  They will go to whatever reality they choose to believe in until they decide they've had enough of such limited ideology.  This means some are stuck in "hell" (yes, their beliefs create a "hell" for them), some are stuck in an ideal "heaven", some are in "nothingness" or a void or whatever their idea of where they belong or want to be at, but some are stuck on "Earth" as "ghosts".  They are all "stuck" because their beliefs prevent them from accepting any other option.  This is a like a Catholic believing all other Christian sects are false, so they live in a "heaven" consisting of only Catholics of similar thinking, with their creeds, traditions, and whatever else the group commonly believes in.  Or an atheist who believes there is no life after death, and so they remain "asleep" until they decide to wake up and find themselves still alive (their feeling of time continues while they remain in the human ego).

Eventually, these personalities will "wake up" and realize there must be other experiences (which also occurs while "alive", such as what has happened to me), and so call out for help.  When they do, another portion of their whole "soul" will go to retrieve them back into their Light.  You may be doing this type of "rescue" work in your sleep without evening realizing it.  If you ever dream of helping someone, this is what you are doing.  As crazy as it might seem, those personalities being helped is not necessarily from our one-line historical time.  They maybe other portions of you, other aspects of your whole "soul", or other probable personalities of other timelines (though the "dead" personalities you would help retrieve as a living human would typically be other human personalities, in order to relate to their "stuck" human ego).  So, because these "stuck" personalities choose to be where they are, no one will interfere with their choice made out of their own free-will.  This too is a part of experience and learning.

Zak interviewed a "demonologist" expert, who is simply a person with strong religious ideology who believes in such concepts.  But if you ask yourself "what am I?", how would your idea about demons and devils change if you accept my notions about what we are?  I've written before why such beliefs do not make sense here and here.  It is only because the "demonologist" and others who are like-minded, believe they are only mortal humans with a "soul" (the religious idea of a soul is more like a token, a badge or a mark, something that says you are living, while non-living things are assumed to be without a "soul").  They believe humans and all of creation are separate and apart from "God" and each other, and can be lost or destroyed, so they accept that there are demons and devils at work to explain "evil".  What constitutes a "demons" or "Devil"?  Aren't these ideas simply polar opposites of "angels" and "God"?  Opposites are simply ranges of states of the same source, and everyone has the same range of freedom of choice.  Anyone can act like a "God" or a "Devil", but such concepts are from a humanistic perspective.  Hurting someone, killing someone, etc. are all human concepts.  If you believe you are spirit, and not flesh, then what can be hurt since you are the same energy as these so-called demons and devils?  This does not mean those non-living personalities do not project "negative" thoughts and emotions no different than humans do because these "ghostly" personalities have not taken-off their human persona.  These are interpreted as anger and violence.  Just as living humans can act in this way, non-living personalities that have not shed their human ego can try to act out as well.  They may even be able to manipulate physical objects, given enough energy, since physical objects are merely bundles of energy.  All of us that are living in physical reality can be affected by such activities, but only in physical terms.  Our true reality, though, is no different than those "ghosts".  We are non-physical energy beings of pure consciousness and we "go" where our thoughts and emotions want to go.

Finally, the notion that the Ouija board is some type of "portal" filled with demons and monsters is simply a projection of their fears and beliefs.  It's easy to be afraid of the unknown.  Fear is based on unknowns.  If you knew everything, you would never need to be afraid.  I said "need", because even if you knew everything, your thoughts could create fear because having knowledge doesn't mean you're always thinking rationally.  Even knowing all this stuff, I can be instilled with fear simply because I pick up on other's fears and doubts.  In fact, doubt is the biggest cause of fear personally.  Even having knowledge, it's easy to doubt yourself and your knowledge because, in this human form, we do not experience true knowledge.  True knowledge is "knowing" rather than "believing" and we can't "know" until we become that knowledge through experience.  That is the motivation for me to have more out of body experiences, to turn "belief" into "knowing".

In closing, when I think about "ghosts" from the perspective I've just written, I have compassion for those "stuck" in their limited belief system.  These "ghost's" ignorance of themselves creates their limitation because they are unable to imagine themselves as anything else but human.  Whether it was their character while alive that feeds their negativity in non-physical form, or their desperation of not being able to interact with the physical world again, the perception of their anger and spite is easy to misunderstand because of the living's humanistic point of view.  The more people begin to open their minds about the spiritual aspect of themselves and the world, the more we'll be able to help others including the "stuck" non-living and change the world for the better.  If you cannot see your own thoughts creating our world, and instead you feel helpless and contained by the world, then you are no better off than those "ghosts" stuck in their predicament.  The only difference is the "ghost" is "dead", and you're still "alive", at least from your point of view.

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