Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trances, seances, and other means of "Connecting"

If you've ever watched programs or shows featuring occult activities such as the Ouija board, seances, and group mediumship, or have been to a psychic, you'll notice that many times, the medium or participants must be in a dark room in order for any phenomenon to be observed.  This is typically true also for those ghost hunting shows.  The reason for the need for darkness isn't because it is the domain of the deceased or anything nefarious like that.  Demons do not rule from the shadows nor are there other such humanoid beings seeking your destruction (most of the time, people who believe in devils and demons fear their trickery and deceit more than actual harm.  Physical harm only seems to be perpetrated by those human individuals who are "possessed").  It is only your fears that imagine such idealized humanistic antagonists.  In any case, a darkened room is somewhat necessary because the average person needs to remove themselves from physical stimulations (mostly visual senses).  Those who are already open to their non-physical senses do not need such environmental controls.