Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trances, seances, and other means of "Connecting"

If you've ever watched programs or shows featuring occult activities such as the Ouija board, seances, and group mediumship, or have been to a psychic, you'll notice that many times, the medium or participants must be in a dark room in order for any phenomenon to be observed.  This is typically true also for those ghost hunting shows.  The reason for the need for darkness isn't because it is the domain of the deceased or anything nefarious like that.  Demons do not rule from the shadows nor are there other such humanoid beings seeking your destruction (most of the time, people who believe in devils and demons fear their trickery and deceit more than actual harm.  Physical harm only seems to be perpetrated by those human individuals who are "possessed").  It is only your fears that imagine such idealized humanistic antagonists.  In any case, a darkened room is somewhat necessary because the average person needs to remove themselves from physical stimulations (mostly visual senses).  Those who are already open to their non-physical senses do not need such environmental controls.

By placing yourself in a darkened room, you put off those physical sensory data that cloud your perception.  The physical world we perceive tells one story, but in the darkness, you allow yourself to perceive those other sensory data outside of the physical range.  In addition, it puts you into a state of consciousness that is more "natural".  What I mean by this is that your "natural" state is the world of beliefs, and if you have fears, it brings out your fears so that you must face them first.  Only after you've faced your fears can those thoughts and feelings be controlled in order to experience the less "natural" experiences of the human ego.  When you try to perceive and interpret experiences according to human standards, your fears and worries will drown out any insights you might gain.  This is also why it is beneficial to begin such adventures with other participants, as a means to control your fears.  You can draw strength from those around you.  The energy of all participants with a positive outlook assist in creating an environment that is conducive to positive experiences.

While there are some who have had negative experiences with occult activities, it is generally due to the participants own fears creating such experiences.  If you accept that your beliefs create reality, then this is not difficult to understand.  But if you believe the world around you exists apart from you, then it's easy to see how one would be fearful of the unknown.  Darkness is typically associated with fears of the unknown, and so those fears are projected into the darkness.  But darkness is not anything more or less than the light.  Darkness is the lack of perception, while the light is understanding and knowledge.  When the light appears in the darkness, it is the symbolic representation of "knowing" coming into one's being.  From that "knowing", fear is removed.  That is why people associate darkness with fear of the unknown, because they themselves believe their environment is a separate aspect from themselves, rather than their environment being a representation of their psyche.  The physical universe itself is embedded within darkness.  This darkness represents the infinite openness of the psyche, where knowledge and information can be created, which is the light of knowing.  The universe exists within this emptiness because the universe is one type of creation of mind that fills the void.

When one meditates, you are creating the same kind of environment as above.  You darken yourself from the physical environment in order to open yourself to the non-physical stimulations.  Most people do not fear the darkness when they close their eyes because they feel secure in knowing their environment outside of the body.  But many who meditate are simply resting or relaxing their body rather than opening themselves to new experiences.  The reason why many do not experience much out-of-the-ordinary while meditating is because their thoughts are still running.  Once you quiet down your outer ego's voice, then you can begin to observe rather than drowning out the experience with your own self-created projections of experience.  It doesn't take much to experience non-physical reality.  All it takes is an open mind that isn't filled with dogmatic beliefs and limiting thoughts, as well as allowing yourself to "get away" so that you can perceive without being overwhelmed with physical sensory data.  How you interpret your experiences will depend on what you believe the purpose of that experience is.

If you want to have experiences that represent a larger aspect of reality, then you must first learn to control your thoughts and emotions.  This can only occur by first resolving those beliefs that create your fears or doubts.  After this, you can allow yourself to have experiences outside of the physical stimulations by telling your waking ego that you can and that you will have such experiences.  While your inner ego knows this, your outer ego must accept it in order to have experiences that the physical form can observe and interpret.  Our waking consciousness in the body is designed to primarily perceive experiences defined by this physical reality.  It is your ideas about what can and cannot be possible in this physical reality that limits perception.  Everything we experience is based on our beliefs.  If you do not have experiences, it's typically because your outer ego is subconsciously denying or resisting it.  You haven't resolved your fears completely.  The other aspect that needs to be resolved is knowing that you are safe.  Many times, I watch television programs or movies that implies spiritual battles are still of a physical nature.  In other words, they portray life as being something sacred and must be protected at all costs, while death is some permanent ending to a personality.  But once you understand what you are, these fears of death and dying will seem illogical.  Demons cannot kill you, nor take your soul.  You cannot lose yourself in eternity or other realities because you are always aware of yourself and you create your surroundings.  Time and space are aspects of this reality, not of all reality, so any concepts related to these are meaningless and should not be feared.

If you have fears that are difficult to overcome, then create new beliefs that will help you to overcome them.  If belief creates reality, then believe that you are protected by "God", or angels or anything else that will help ease your mind about your fears.  These beliefs will come to fruition because it is your will.  The more you accept these positive thoughts and beliefs, the more your outer ego begins to accept them as truth, rather than some type of deception.  Too often, we look outwards for validation of our beliefs rather than knowing your beliefs create validations.  In other words, you do not truly believe in your thoughts (aka. "faith") and instead you try to perceive from the world around you for validation in order to have "faith".  This backwards thinking is why people find it difficult to believe in anything other than a physical reality.  Observation is not reality.

Observation is the experience of belief being manifested.  This goes back to the philosophical notion that all concepts and symbols are mental, while the physical universe is the manifestation of those concepts and symbols.  This is why we can recognize anything physically, because we know what something is before we even see it.  Language is not the representation of symbols, but instead is the means to identify those symbols discretely (i.e. instead of saying "that and that" because you know what you are referring to without using labels, you use language to individually identify things like "tree and flower" as different symbols and concepts).

Those of you who are "gifted" with extra sensory perceptions must also understand the nature of what you are in order not to be confused or afraid.  The term "gift" is the first thing that must be resolved.  ESP is no more a gift as being able to walk or see.  It is a natural ability of consciousness, but one that most people have not learned to utilize through their early childhood development and societal indoctrinations.  Again, belief creates reality.  How the ESP ability comes about is irrelevant, whether it is from birth or through events.  Perception will always be a subjective experience, one that must be interpreted by the individual.  The interpretation will determine how your outer ego handles these experiences.  This "gift" has no real purpose, except as another means to experience.  The benefit of this ability is determined by what you do with it, just like your life's meaning is created by what you do with your life.  The question of "why" will always be answered by yourself through your own free-will.

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