Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why the religious idea of "God" makes no sense

I was watching a TV contest show, where a devout Christian family was saying that they believed that "God" wanted their son to win a contest.  This is not a unique thing for Christians to say.  I've watched sports games, contests, events, you name it, where someone who "won" will thank "God" for this or that, declaring that "God" let them win or that it was "God"'s will or something to that effect.  What I find interesting is that when they say such things, they don't realize that they automatically imply that "God" cared so much more for the "winner" that the other person(s) were for some reason shunned or rejected by "God".  Why would "God" care about one person, but not another?  Why would "God" save someone, but destroy another?  "It's God's will" or "It's God's plan" or "I was closer to God" is a poor attempt at explaining the supposed favoritism, but in reality, it has nothing to do with "God" and instead, it is just people's beliefs about why good things happen to some and why bad things happen to others in a religious context.  But this is a direct contradiction to the message that "God loves all".  Likewise, I've heard atheists talk about how "evil" someone is or how some act was "evil".  How can "evil" exist in a world that is simply trying to survive?  If to the atheist there is no judgmental "God" to declare something good or evil, why should humans make such judgments, especially in a world that supposedly has no purpose since it just "randomly" came into being?  This belief in "good" and "evil" is also a consequence of the religious idea of "God".  I'll share why the view that "God did it" makes no sense to me.