Saturday, June 4, 2016

World must change

It's so disheartening to see so many people act out from a lack of understanding about what they think they believe.  They hold on to words like "Racism", "Inequality", "Conservative", "Socialist", "Capitalist", "Communist", etc. thinking they know what they're fighting for.

In truth, people are acting on their own desires, regardless of terminology.  Those who claim to be "Democrat" are really only "Democrat" on certain points, and only because those who claim to define the term "Democrat" says they believe in the same point.  But it only takes time to see that no one really exemplifies what they claim.  Even those who claim themselves as "Republican" have shown they are neither "conservative" nor "capitalist".  Most have shown themselves as self-aggrandizing through the use of terminology and beliefs.  Case in point: because someone desires to have an abortion, they fight against anti-abortionists who make judgments against those who desire it.  On the flip side, someone may have religious beliefs that abortion is a sin.  So they fight against those who desire abortions.  This has nothing to do with politics, and yet, politics take sides on such personal moral beliefs in order to pull supporters to their party.  In truth, this has nothing to do with ideology, but with needing to feel supported/accepted.

Those who choose to follow a particular party or ideology do so because they also want support.  They feel comfortable being surrounded by others who are like-minded.  This is natural in this world as it creates confidence and approval of their choices/beliefs in life.  Once enough support exists, some are courageous enough to act upon their choice/belief.  In a way, this is not a bad thing, since it makes people do rather than say.  But in the long run, the real issue is that people need others to accept them, rather than they accepting themselves for who they are, regardless of what others think.  This creates a need to force others to accept their point of view.  That is the tragedy of self-debasement - not believing in yourself and your beliefs regardless of others.  Those who believe themselves to be "Conservative" may believe these words exemplify "Liberalism", but then you missed the point: there is no such thing as a "Conservative" or "Liberal", just different personal beliefs.  There is nothing wrong with disagreement, until someone tries to change other's point of view, not by reason, but by force which occurs because they do not feel supported (how else would you describe someone who is made to feel wrong or stupid or incorrect).

Until people learn how to accept themselves, regardless of others point of view, they will feel the need to change others.  This includes those who think others are doing "wrong" or "evil", which ironically occurs on both sides of the same coin.  They are another example of those who do not feel secure in themselves and instead, try to force others to accept their point of view, and this happens on all "sides" of any topic.  Hatred of something, even hate itself, only creates more hatred.

There are only two ways in this world: assimilate everyone to the same point of view or accept everyone as being unique individuals with their own point of view.  To assimilate is what we're experiencing now: everyone with a different point of view trying to force others to their point of view.  The only outcome to this path is self-destruction because individuality dictates that they cannot assimilate everyone to the same point of view.

Those who do not understand this will assume one thing or another, whether it's applied to racial issues such as nationalism, or sexual preference, or monetary imbalances.  But until people start seeing the bigger picture, they will be lost in the forest of subjective ideology.

My personal opinion on how to solve the world's problems is that each individual must realize that they are capable of making their own choices, accepting their own situations, and learning to live as truly free individuals which includes allowing others their freedom of choice without fear.  It is the fear of something, whether it's death, or theft, or whatever else today that we call "bad", that creates authoritarianism - the need to force others to be like-minded.  Until people learn not to be afraid, and this will not happen until people learn who they really are and are able to control their own thoughts and emotions, they will feel the need to resign their freedom to others, to make the "best decisions for all", which gives way to leaders such as dictators, monarchies, and governments because the people let them be led with such promises as protections, offers, and cooperation, blindly disregarding the leader's personal interests.  And once authority is given away, there can never be satisfaction for all because each is an individual with their own points of view, and no one can force everyone to accept the same beliefs.