Monday, March 27, 2017

The different "levels" of consciousness

When people talk about different levels of consciousness, most people think of it in terms of up and down, higher and lower, or above and below.  When someone talks about being angelic or spiritual, they think of being consciously "higher".  I never really thought much about this concept until now.

The difference between one "level" of consciousness and a "higher" one is simply the difference between seeing things from one perspective, and seeing the same situation from a more encompassing perspective. You could say being able to change your perspective is a way to "change" your level of consciousness. In the human body, we view the world around us from our body's point of view using our physical eyes, using our physical senses to be aware of our situation.  But from a "higher" perspective, you look not only from your own point of view, but you may view your situation from a 3rd person perspective.  "Above" that, you may view the situation from multiple person's perspective.  Beyond that, you may view it with non-physical senses, such as from different dimensional perspectives, different conceptual perspectives, and even beyond imagination or understanding.  I believe this is what it means to have "higher" consciousness.  You aren't literally going "higher" per-se.  You are encompassing more perspective (thus a higher vantage point).  This increase in perspective means you are taking in more awareness of the situation.  More awareness means you understand the interconnections between all the participants of a given situation.  Participants does not refer to humans only.  It is everything that makes up the situation including environment, emotions, past actions, etc.  Expanding your consciousness isn't about going up or down, but about incorporating more awareness.

If you can only see things as being black or white, up or down,  right or wrong, then you are not using higher consciousness.  If you see things as being black AND white, or up AND down, or right AND wrong, then you're starting to go higher.  If you see things as being gray, or as height, or as being a scale, that's still higher.  If you see things as being all colors, height as being something that's just a visual sensory perception, and right and wrong as judgment based on lack of information, then you're getting much higher in consciousness.  Everyone is moving higher in consciousness already.  We went from a society that just saw things as it literally was perceived, to having ideas about things in black and white/right and wrong during the religious period, to looking at things as being a personal choice in more modern times.  Humans as a whole has been moving to a higher state of consciousness because we are consciousness awakening through our experiences, which means we are getting closer to our true nature.

Given this understanding, it's easy to see how everyone can obtain a "higher" consciousness.  It literally is to see the bigger picture.  If you are able to understand situations from a broader view, it takes on a different meaning, a different focus, and a different purpose.  What you might look at from your individual perspective as being traumatic or chaotic or even pleasurable, would look different as a situational perspective if you looked from the perspectives of others.  If you saw the circumstances that lead to a situation, which requires even broader perspective, then you might realize why things happened the way they did.  This all ties in with my point about the fact that there is no such thing as random chance.  It is merely a limitation of having only one perspective.

If you can learn how to look at things from a broader perspective, you are on the road to seeing the world from a "higher" point of view.  The "grand vision" point of view might not be understood because in our bodies, we still tend to reason and deduce from a logical perspective.  But if you remove the humanistic thinking and biases of beliefs, then it's easier to see the bigger picture for what it truly is. If you consider this, along with the idea that "love" is acceptance of everything, then from a spiritual perspective, "God" is simply the idea that "God" is aware of everything and accepts everything. Therefore, if you can grow in your awareness and acceptance beyond your current limiting beliefs and thoughts, then you are growing "spiritually" towards "God". That is what it means by "do not judge" (awareness) and "love your neighbor" (acceptance). If you find it difficult growing spiritually, most likely, you have some fear that is creating the barriers towards your goals. Physical life is meant for you to experience and overcome your fears.