Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Unifying Theory for Everything

If there was such a thing as a unifying theory for everything, it would be that there is only Existence. Everything else stems from Existence, and that means whatever can be, will be. However, to have an "everything", you must know that there is a "something". That can only happen if Existence is aware of its Existence. If there is no awareness of self, then nothing can happen since there can be no choice. Therefore, Existence is aware of Self. Self does not mean individuality or separation. It only means Existence is aware of Existence. What the heck does all this mean for us as humans?

Humans are a subset of Existence. Why? Because humans are aware of self, and thus by correlation, human is Existence. The unifying theory for everything is that by definition, not only humans is Existence, but so is anything that can be. Once those "anythings that can be" is aware of self, then they "will be". This is how "reality" comes into being. The moment Existence as something becomes aware of self, it manifests itself in order to experience self. This is where the notion that God is experiencing itself through everything comes from.

A person is limited because they only perceive as a person. They are a specific person and they see Everything from a specific point of view. By "Everything", I really mean that which the person has experienced. This is usually a very limited set of experiences. For example, most people in today's times have never experienced what it is like to cross the oceans in a Viking boat, or cross the continent in a stagecoach, or suffer through the plague in the middle of England. These are experiences that are out of reach in our time, and can only assume what it's like. The other limiting aspect of people today is that history for most people ends with the so-called "caveman". They have no idea what existed prior, during, or even after. They have no idea what exists outside of planet Earth. They have no idea what exists INSIDE planet Earth. And this is just on planet Earth. Yet from this microscopic point of view about reality, people have most definite ideas about "everything". Ideas like "only humans exist in the universe" or "there are demons and devils out to get you" or "cavemen were dumb and ignorant".

The unifying theory for everything means that nothing is outside of Existence, because everything must exist for it to be considered something. I don't mean exist in a specific form, such as physical form. Exist simply means that there is awareness of that something. Who/what is aware of that something for it to exist? Only a something needs to be aware of its existence, because it is the "unit" of awareness. If everything is Existence, then that means Existence is everything. This is the idea that there is only one thing: Existence. People use the term God or Source or All That Is, but they all mean the same thing. Existence does not have a beginning or an end. It simply exists. The question of creation isn't relevant because if you ask how something was created, then you can keep asking how the cause of any creation was created. If something has a beginning, and it was created, then what created the creator, or that creator, etc. It becomes an infinite query, and therefore, Existence is infinite and does not have a beginning because if something is created by a creator, "a creator", whether it's personified or not, is the cause of any creation forever. If it has no beginning, then the question of an end is meaningless since whatever created the beginning can continue to create a new beginning at the end.

If you notice, I am not focusing on a specific creation. That is because anything specific is just an example of Existence. The Unifying Theory for Everything doesn't differentiate what exists because it contains everything. People use emotion to explain things in their reality, but this is a limited perspective. Emotion is the product of experience. It is not a thing. A thing created the experience which created emotion, not the other way around. This means that if you try to explain things in emotional terms like "God loves" or "the universe doesn't care", then it isn't a true explanation. It is simply an interpretation. Existence is without emotion and just is. It doesn't prefer, it doesn't deny, it doesn't differentiate. It allows. From that allowance, everything that is aware of itself can choose. By that choice, they can interpret and if they so choose, experience emotion.

Whenever the term Love is used, it is assumed that Love means emotion. That is not what Love is. Love is Light, which is a metaphysical way of saying Love is Existence. Light can be thought of as the awareness of self. It is the "awakening" moment from darkness. Darkness isn't ignorance, but rather non-awareness of Existence. It can be thought of as the unlimited source of possibilities that has not manifested. In other words, everything that can be, and yet is not. We experience human life because of light. Light means it manifested the self-awareness of something into form. Light is Existence, which is Love and Love is Light. Love/Light, Light/Love is another way of saying Existence creates out of awareness/Love of self, and self reflects its Existence by existing as Light.

Many people have trouble understanding this theory for everything because they are stuck in their mental definitions of words. Language has become a prison bar. They do not consider the idea from the words, and instead limit themselves with the definitions of the words. In order to see past the limited ideas about everything, one must recognize that the words used to describe or explain a concept is only the beginning of understanding. One must go further into the understanding to see the greater understanding that exists beyond the opening door. For example, you might believe in religion. That is one aspect of the theory for everything, but it is a limited understanding because it assumes God is no more than a greater human. How else would you explain the belief that God would punish anyone, especially since God/Existence is everything and everything is Existence/God? You might believe in science and only physical existence. But then your Existence is limited to humans because if science accepted that non-humans and even non-living things are self-aware, it leaves the realm of physicality. It no longer is about physical creating life, but something else unseen. The belief that consciousness is not the product of a physical thing is metaphysical.

In addition to getting hung up on words and definitions, people get hung up on "examples". Examples are things within their experience, such as Earth, space, time, people, animals, plants, etc. These "examples" are used to explain their reality, without even understanding how those examples exist. They take for granted that they exist somehow, and try to explain their existence by these examples. A simple example of this is saying "science knows how things work so there is nothing outside of physical reality". They don't see that they're saying science only knows about physical reality, so how can they know nothing outside physical reality exists? To truly explore reality, you must first realize that reality isn't just what is seen. How can it? You are literally stuck on a planet while in physical form. Until that time when humans can leave the planet, your reality is bound to the surface, while consciously awake. However, if you are brave enough, because so many have become ingrained with religious ideas about evil and death, then you might consider exploring the "other" reality. By "other", I mean the aspects of reality that you cannot see with your physical eyes.

Physical reality is a misnomer. Again, words and definitions restrict. Something that is "physical" is also "spiritual". Physical is a term used to mean something with specific properties that are unchanging. So matter is a physical thing because it doesn't observationally change. And yet, matter doesn't exist. If you peer deeper and deeper at its structure, it isn't really there. We only perceive it using our physical senses. If you did not have the sense of touch, you would not be able to feel anything there. If you did not have the sense of sight, you would not see anything there. So, that physical thing is also spiritual, because the only reason why you can see or feel something is because it went from "can be" to "is" through Light. Light is energy. It is the photon. It is the electron. It is the neutron. It is all particles that make up matter because all particles are energy in different configurations.

The theory for everything is what I believe is reality. It allows for everything that we have experienced and everything that we have not experienced. This means experiences within space, within time, within dimensions, within planets, within universes, etc. It doesn't infer any individual beliefs within the reality because that is a subjective aspect of free-will. It only infers what allows for individual perspective. Individual perspective is also a choice. It is the aspect of allowing for free-will. Without separation, you cannot have free-will. You would be the only thing existing, and thus the idea of free-will makes no sense when there is no one else to stop you from doing what you want. Free-will only exists within the idea of separation through individuality. This means that all possible experiences can be had because of free-will. If you want to experience being human, that's one choice. If you want to experience being an extra terrestrial, that's another choice. If you want to experience being a rock, that's a third choice. All possible choices exist. That is the Theory for Everything and it is unifying because it doesn't leave any choice out.