Thursday, April 4, 2019

The "Event", the "Shift", the "Awakening"

There is a lot of talk and speculation in the "spiritual" community and even the religious about changes that have, are, and will take place within this period of time. 2012 was the year when things really kicked off, according to many. Religious people are looking at world events, both natural and man-made, as signs. There are many words being used to describe them similarly, but I personally think they represent the same things. For example, Apocalypse is the religious word for end of the world, but the word itself can be re-interpreted to mean end of this world. This subtle distinction between "the" world and "this" world is that "this" means there are more than one representation of "the world". The "spiritual" community uses words like "Event" to represent the same thing, which some also call the "Shift". One represents a point in time where a major change occurs, while the other represents the act of changing. But in all cases, there seems to be agreement that a major change will take place in the relatively experienced future (hard to talk about time without giving the impression that linear time is real). Also, the "end" is not an absolute end as if things are going away. It simply means it is the end of the old (way of being, way of thinking, way of seeing, etc.). It means change is coming.

If you read any of my previous blog posts, you'll know that I've been talking about the idea of what reality is and how it comes to be. I have stated that we are not individuals, but rather infinite different perspectives of a Single Source of consciousness. We use the term "individual" because we see things as being separate, but that is a matter of perception and interpretation. Our consciousness is the thing that allows us to experience "me". Whatever we experience through "me" is created by "me", because there is only One Source of consciousness. Thus, what each individual perspective perceives as their reality is the creation of their ideas about reality. You might say "but baby's don't know anything, and they are born into the reality that already exists". But that assumes a baby, a person, a cat, anything is only conscious or aware of reality at some future point in time. This is the materialist perspective about consciousness and time, that it is a function of a developing (linear progression) brain. I have argued that consciousness is the only thing that exists, and we interpret experience as reality since all physical senses must go through conscious awareness in order to perceive it. For example, if you didn't notice a moving vehicle or hear a sound, then it did not exist in your reality. It may exist in another person's reality because they focused on it (brought it into their awareness), but that does not mean it existed for both individuals. You cannot prove another individual's reality or world experience since you cannot be "in their shoes". You can only receive their interpreted perspective.

So given this recap on my perspective about reality, what does that have to do with the "Event" or "Shift" or "Awakening"? There is much back-story about our current condition as humans. Some believe that humans are alone in this universe and that they are being fought over by angels and demons. Some believe that there are external "alien" forces that have defined and restricted human development. Some believe that there is only the individual perspective that defines everything. All of these perspectives are true and correct. It is only the individual's interpretation and self-created meaning that people see differences and separation between them. For example, angels and demons could be re-defined as "positive" extraterrestrials and "negative" extraterrestrials. If you see the two as being the same concepts, two forces that are affecting humans, then both  the religious and the UFO community agree. Encompassing both ideas, the idea that each individual is creating this reality applies as well. Who are these opposing forces if not the dualistic aspects of each individual externalized into a drama? Just because the connection between two individuals are not both humans does not negate the fact that all is connected regardless of form or location. A human can be "positive" and "negative". A human can help and hurt. A human can assist or enslave. The form is not the differentiator. It is the intended experience that is important.

"Awakening" is simply the after effect of an individual questioning their reality. In that process of questioning, they realize that they no longer agree with the beliefs they once held. When this occurs, each individual chooses what to believe next. Some follow the path of confusion. Some follow the path of enlightenment. This choice is determined by how much fear they knowingly or unknowingly allow into their search. For example, if someone no longer believes that Christianity is the right way, they may seek another idea about their "truth", but unknowingly hold on to their belief in evil and negative experiences. This will direct them towards information that aligns with their unconscious beliefs. They may believe in negative Reptilians causing hurt and suffering to humans, thus preventing them from awakening because they are suppressing them. They may believe that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, even without any agreement of a religious connotation. But those who choose to believe that all is "good", that there cannot be any "bad", will interpret these same ideas differently. They will see things as choices in the context of free-will.

Some will believe that there is no free-will because behind the scenes, your higher-self is directing things or the world just exists outside of you. But again, these interpretations should show you what unconscious beliefs you hold. If you believe that there is no free-will in this life, you assume there is separation between your higher-self and you as the human or experiencer.  Or you may hold fears that you cannot change your experience because your higher-self is in control and not you. This belief can come about because they hear someone say that your life was "planned". The idea that a life is "planned" is misunderstood. Planning something simply means creating an opportunity for certain experiences. Free-will comes in the form of choice. You have full freedom of will to choose how you react to an experience. But in both cases, you are the higher-self and the experiencer, so you chose the experience, and you choose how to respond to the experience. It is a matter of perspective, which aspect of you are you looking at?

For those who are "awakening" or have "awoke", this will lead some to "shift". This "shift" is both physical and metaphor. There is a change in the energy pattern of individuals whose beliefs change them. Their world-view expands, and allows for more experience. When that happens, their energy pattern or "frequency" shifts to a different vibration based on their beliefs. Metaphorically, they no longer interpret their perceptions the same way. How can they, if their beliefs are different? Thus, the world-view, both in terms of beliefs and experiences changes. The physical changes may or may not necessarily occur based on their known and unknown beliefs. Some are born with the physical shift as their life plan, others will not experience any difference in their world experience. It is all part of the need to experience. There is no goal or necessity to be shifted. This too is a part of the beliefs that people create. The idea of shifting is simply to allow each individual the chance to expand their consciousness, but this expansion is different for everyone. The world is not filled with sinners who must all be saved. The "shift" can be misconstrued to be the same as salvation, but that cannot be the case since you are not separate from the One Source and you cannot stop existing because time is not what you think it is.

The "Event" is looked at by some to mean "aliens will make their presence known to all". Some will see this as moving to "the New Earth". Some will see this as mass spiritual awakening. All of these are true. They are all effects of the changes that is occurring to our reality (individuals, planets, solar system, galaxy, universe, Source). It has been said that people are no longer afraid of the unknown, no longer wanting to follow the same ideas, no longer willing to do the same things over and over. They want change, and the "Event" represents that desire being manifested in this reality by the human collective. But not all are of this mindset. Those who are not of the same mindset, will not perish or disappear or suffer any more than they choose to. Time and space are not the singular things people believe it is. Most people look around and think "there is only this one place and time", but that is not the case in a timeless reality. Without time, ALL THINGS EXIST because timelessness can be looked at as infinite time. Infinite time means everything that could be, has been, and exists NOW. Therefore, each perspective about their reality all exists NOW. So, the "Event" will mean each individual will start to experience what they allow themselves to experience individually. As I said at the beginning of this blog entry, you cannot know what another person's world experience is like. That is by purpose, to have infinite different perspectives of Source itself. Therefore, each individual will continue to create their own reality as they choose to.

Even though there is much information about this subject of "Shifting", "the Event", and "Awakening", there is much fear generated by people who propagate their unconscious fears. My hope is that people recognize their own fears and beliefs and accept them as experiences rather than reality. Otherwise, it can keep them from seeing the Light in everything. The Light is truly the only thing that exists and matters. Everything else is simply an experience.