Monday, August 5, 2019

Aliens in my dreams

I had a very interesting dream. The relevant part of the dream was not very long, but I was in my driveway with my son and father. I went to take the trash bin out to the curb for collection when I noticed movement in the sky. I looked closely and I could see little specks of light darting around everywhere. I realized they were small ships appearing in the sky and shooting everywhere very fast. Excitedly, I asked my son and father if they could see them as well since the ships moved so fast it just looked like glimpses. They also saw them. After a short while, I saw larger ships appearing in the sky, some hovering in place, others moving. I started to wave and shout out to welcome them and I was feeling very excited and joyful. Pretty soon, all the neighbors noticed as well as they came out to also wave and greet the ships. Everyone was excited and welcomed the ships!

This isn't my first dream I've had of extraterrestrials coming to visit. I remember other dreams I have had in the past where I saw them as well. It wasn't like this dream where there were so many showing up. It was only a couple or a handful that I saw and I was excited then as well. I still remember two very vivid dreams when I was a child, where in my dream, I saw bright lights coming in from my window. I looked out the window to see what the light was, but did not see anything. As I was young, I was afraid of this and it caused me to wake up from my sleep. This dream of having a bright light shining into my window happened on two different occasions. Both times, it woke me up from my sleep. At the time, I didn't understand what the dream was about, but I was so afraid that I read my Catholic missalette to be able to go back to sleep.

In case you might feel scared or fearful about this type of dream, thinking it is an "invasion" of some sort, my perspective on "aliens" isn't what is portrayed in movies and novels. I believe that "aliens" are extraterrestrial extensions of "us", meaning our higher selves. A human life is one type of experience in physical form. There are many, many different expressions of physical form but they do not all exist in the same dimension. These other forms are expressions of energy into physical manifestations, but they are connected to each of us no different than, say, a past life, a future life, deceased relatives, etc. We as humans have been very much isolated in our experience of life such that we cannot understand non-human life. Thus we are led into fear of the unknown.

The reason why I had this dream, if I think about it, is most likely because I know that full contact will occur soon and this is just confirmation of my contact with them in the dream state. It's also a way to prepare people for such an event, so that fear is not created. I would not be surprised if many other people have had a similar dream recently. The urge to fear this is very strong because of the conditioning that has occurred over many years through media, but that is why it is taking so long for full contact to occur.

My belief about what and why "aliens" might want to make full contact with humans is not for domination or conquest, although there are those species that are of such nature (again, this is not to create fear, but rather an understanding that there is duality in this reality). Full contact that will occur will not be from those races. Instead, it will be from those that have the highest intentions for our evolution and development. Whether we know it or not, these beings have always been here, watching over us. They have been providing guidance and direction in conjunction with so many other spiritual beings.

Spiritual development is not about salvation. Salvation is what people expect due to fear. Spiritual development is about awareness, awareness of self, others, and beliefs, and expectations. If you think about religions and philosophies in the context of awareness, you would see this truth. Christianity wasn't about following Jesus to salvation. It was about awareness of your beliefs, thoughts and attitudes. Some thoughts and attitudes leads to pain and destruction and others to joy and peace. This is an awareness of choices, which is what the Bible is talking about when it mentioned the fruit from the tree of good and evil. It is exemplifying the notion of being aware of your choices regardless of life circumstances. Same goes for pretty much any other spiritual teachings that exist. They all are meant to get the hearer to become more aware of themselves. By "saving" themselves, meaning being aware of themselves (beliefs, thoughts, and feelings), they then help others, meaning they become aware of others (how else would others be helped if not by your awareness of their needs). Helping others isn't about doing something for them. Rather, it is the intention that arises from awareness which attracts those who seek. That connection, which is always there with everyone and everything, draws those who are seeking to those who are aware. Awareness is what allows one to be awake.

Those who are awake, no longer see the world as they used to. Those who are asleep, are told what to believe, and they blindly accept because they are not aware they do this. Awareness is the first step to becoming awake. This is what the extraterrestrials are waiting for. When enough people are awake and aware, then they can appear to us because they know that fear will not control them. The fear from programming into so many sleeping people would hinder the relationship, thus making any appearance a negative event.