Sunday, May 30, 2021

"The Journey" - Our reality

To summarize, I've described my perspective about the One Creator, which is the source and foundation for all that exists as pure life energy. This energy is often called the "Light", "Love", "Life", "Spirit". Without the One Creator, nothing would exist. To consider the One Creator alone is a deep journey into the unknowable and unimaginable. It is unknowable because we would no longer be a separated identity to understand the perspective of the One Creator, which is why incarnations exist as a Not-One Creator. It is unimaginable because the One Creator contains all possibilities simultaneously.

From the One Creator, you have everything that has been, is, and will be, not just for our experienced reality, for other realities you cannot understand or imagine. Within this Everything, we are currently experiencing a universe that has the concept of space. From space, we feel the effects of linear time which is simply a way to change. The benefit of having the effect of linear time is that all actions are slowed down because actions must traverse through space in this reality. Space itself does not really exist as physical dimensions. Rather, it is a perception that is created by moving moment by moment through a series of created realities. You are literally flickering from one frame of reality to another in a linear fashion at unperceived speeds, and that is experienced as time through space.

Within the experienced space, there are symbols called objects. We are aware of these objects within the emptiness of space through focused conscious awareness. Without focusing the awareness energy that is "Life" through consciousness, you would not perceive the physical reality as it is. Instead, you would simply remain connected to the One Creator energy that is behind the symbols and simply "know" it. This is how we are actually able to perceive using our physical senses and "know" what is being perceived, even without any linguistic label (like "tree" or "running"). That is the benefit of space and time, which converts our existence within the One Creator energy and interprets that projected energy, slowed down into a "lower" density. The denser the energy, the slower it moves, and the more solid it appears through our visual senses.

There are 7 major densities, or as some call them, chakras, that provide the energy used to maintain this focus that we are experiencing. Each of these different energies combine together to manifest the "outer" reality we experience as a collective of all consciousness (not just humans) and this is done through each of our focused perspectives through our densities (1 - 7). The different densities represent the amount of conscious awareness experienced and these densities are manifested as physical incarnations, whether rock, water, plant, animal, human, or higher dimensional beings. We on this Earth planetary 3rd density is represented in this experience as humans. The more we experience, the more we become consciously aware of our selves and our true nature. Ultimately, you remember through physical experiences the full awareness of being the One Creator, that slowed itself from the highest to the lowest density in order to experience itself as Existence. The infinite number of octaves that exist simultaneously provides the perception of physicality.

With this very basic foundation, I will begin discussing the experience of our Earthly lives and how we are navigating through this 3rd density towards the awareness of the 4th density.

Our Reality

Every civilization is only aware and focused on its current state and understanding. That is what it means to live and why incarnations choose to appear at different periods of historical time. There are many who seek to understand the human experience beyond the current social understanding, but is limited because they cannot truly experience another period of time. It is all interpretations, but their biases and indoctrination can mislead their understanding. Over time, without the experience, the understanding can become fact and through educational institutions and the media, further spread the misunderstandings to the next generation. This is true especially when it comes to history.

You do not learn about certain negative histories in a manner that would cause people to lose pride in their own nationality. In all conquering civilizations, history only repeats the positive details, while leaving out any negative details except of the conquered. This is how knowledge and understanding is lost over time. Those who dictate the information can manipulate the information such that normal people who do not have the skill or time to investigate any statement of facts, simply accept the statements as fact.

The result of such manipulations of information causes individuals to misplace their trust and focus on ideas or concepts that do not allow the individual to know themselves and thus, to control their own lives. Throughout most of modern human history (the past 3-4 thousand years), this has been the case, with the ruling class (whether as a monarchy or the economic upper class through the control of politics) manipulating the information taught in society. That is why through each period of modern civilization, there has been specific agreed upon beliefs permeated throughout societies. Many societies that were not influenced by these conquering civilizations had the same beliefs over millennias. It is in these disconnected civilizations that ideas and beliefs that differ from the modern civilization's teachings, that carry much of the older traditional knowledge about human history.

We have to understand how we got to where we are today in terms of our belief systems in order to allow for greater understanding. Without knowing the cause for our current beliefs, it is going to continue to influence the thinking. You can see this in effect when talking to someone who has strong religious or scientific beliefs. They accept their beliefs as taught without questioning their beliefs or how it does not integrate with non-believers. They create islands of communities who have the same beliefs, in order to isolate themselves from any competing ideas or beliefs. This isolation not only allows for strengthening their resolve in their beliefs, but it also hinders them from expanding their consciousness because they become stagnant in the information available to them.

This may seem contradictory for the scientific mind, but the isolation is not because of information. It is from the process of absorbing information. Just as the religious will block out any information that is counter to their beliefs, the scientific mind will block out information that does not "fit" with their current theories or ideas. That is why they seek "evidence" in order to accept new information. The reason for needing evidence is because it is their tool to justify their beliefs.

The point about accepting or not accepting new information is that people choose what new information they will accept and adsorb into their beliefs. As one's life progresses, and the experiences they have mold their perspective of the world, their current beliefs either satisfy or dissatisfy them. Some choose to seek other perspectives, while many attribute their dissatisfaction to incomplete understanding of their existing beliefs and dig deeper in that belief.

You can see this in older religious persons who hold onto those ideas they know more closely, but will not attempt to understand or accept anything beyond what they choose to believe. This is not to say that those who do this is somehow wrong in what they believe. It is merely an example of the behavior of people who, as the Bible says "the seeds fall on hard soil and fail to take root". Most Christians who know of this saying will assume this applies to those who are not Christian, but it was meant to point out that people will not understand the message of Jesus. This is true even for someone who considers themselves a Christian. If you cannot accept other ideas or perspectives, even if you believe yours is right, then you will be confined to what you know. But you cannot know what you do not know, so limiting what you are aware of prevents you from truly knowing if your belief is complete.

"New"-Old History

We are living in the "modern" civilization. Even if you live in a country that is not as modernized, it is still living in the modern era. Rich or poor, it doesn't matter. The term modern simply means you think of the relationships of people differently today than yesteryear. Depending on where you live today, your customs, your culture, your government, etc. may all enact a different way of life and world view, but it is still different than what it was 1000 years ago, or 2000 years ago. What you know and what you believe and what you think are all different. Because of this, you may or may not see the connections with the universe.

Many cultures have folklore that is passed down through the generations, but over time, these tales become myths, and eventually ignored or forgotten. This can also be seen in western religions, such as Christianity. So many call themselves Christians in name, but they do not really practice the teachings of Jesus. They merely practice the teachings of the church or the religious leaders. They may use some of the teachings of Jesus to establish the religion's teachings, but most do not understand Jesus' message. When people lose connection to the original message or miss the purpose of a traditional story, it no longer provides the intent that the story had. All stories based on past experiences provide insight and guidance for one's world-view and lifestyle. It can provide so much context about the past and the future, but the modernization that always occurs over time dilutes the impact over time.

There are many civilizations that teach about gods and supernatural events in the past, but today, they are taught as myths or religious ideas. Whenever academics teach these old tales, they seem to always attribute them as religious worship. This is due to their belief that modern science and understanding took over religious understanding about the world. Any old teaching about the world is considered imagination or fantasy, and this is in turn taught to the next generation. The dismissal of these old tales as fantasy is why the modern civilizations fall into the 2 major camps of belief: religious and materialist.

Consider this. Imagine something that you have never imagined or thought of. Most likely, you will imagine something that is related to something you already know. The more you have been exposed to different ideas, the more your imagination is creative. But can you imagine something you've never been exposed to? You cannot because it is not within your conscious awareness. This is what happened to many people in the past eras. They were not exposed to as much creative imaginings as we are today due to the lack of communication tools. A few people with strong imaginations may have existed in the past, but their creativity would still be limited and their story would not travel as far as today. So where did the tales of giants, gods, and world events come from, if not through living those experiences?

Many people will be skeptical about these types of stories because of the claims that they represent. Skepticism is necessary to avoid being misled, but skepticism should not prevent one from investigating for truth. In fact, skeptics rarely do investigation. They instead try to debunk information based on their own reasoning and biases. That is not the purpose of skepticism. It is meant to avoid blindly accepting any information without some validations.

The validations required to consider the old tales are wide and varied. You have disparate civilizations that would not have been in contact having experiences that are similar. That is not coincidence, but it could be a re-telling of the tale, but more likely, it is a different group of people experiencing the same type of experience. They are told from different perspectives, but they represent an experience that had happened to them. Why would tales such as those last so long, in a world that did not have easy communications if not for the tales being told widely and with strong conviction for it to last the generations?

Along with verbal and written accounts, you have archaeological evidence that cannot be explained as academics portray them. I will continue this line of thought in my next post.

So far, I have made high level comments about folklore stories and how people treat them, but have not gone into any depth or provided any evidence for my statements. Everything I am sharing will be of my perspective, but it is up to the reader to do their own investigation. No amount of proof will convince someone who is not open to this perspective, so there's no purpose for me writing a ton of stuff as "evidence" since even the evidence can be interpreted differently. But those who are open, they must continue the investigation since it is not my intention to do so for them. Each individual must find their own way towards self-awareness.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

"The Journey" - Densities/Chakras

Before I continue, I want to be clear that everything I share is meant to be "food for thought". It is not meant to be a "bible". I do not call myself an authority on this subject matter, nor should my writings be considered unique. I am not old enough to be considered an authority and the information has been available pretty much forever, though it hasn't always been understood. My writings are meant to give those who read them inspiration and sparks for contemplation. Consider what is written within the context of your own experience and intuition. See if the ideas bring forth new thoughts or feelings and examine them, question them. That is how you develop your own understanding. Maybe you resonate with my words, maybe you don't. I'm not writing this to convince anyone of a truth. They are current truths for me, and maybe they will provide answers or direction for you. In any case, thank you for participating in my sharing.

In my last post, I discussed the basic understanding of "waking consciousness". The tricky part about the term "consciousness" is that it can refer to different concepts depending on the context. The perspective that I was focused on when defining "waking consciousness" was specific to physical consciousness. Your ability to experience physical life through "consciousness" is the act of focusing your awareness through consciousness. So in that context, "consciousness" is a tool, like a magnifying glass.

The abstract concept of "consciousness" is simply awareness. So "consciousness" could be in reference to the non-physical perspective (awareness) or the physical perspective (a tool that focuses awareness). This can create some confusion when using the term "consciousness" because it depends on what perspective an individual is referring to.

From a non-physical perspective, consciousness comes from existence/awareness, to "be". To be "more" conscious means to be more fully in existence/awareness. This is the perfect segue into the topic of densities.


You will hear from the metaphysical and Eastern religious communities, the term "density". This term, along with dimension, is frequently used to discuss the idea of consciousness' progression or position. It is often described as levels of consciousness or as an evolutionary development through incarnation.

In Eastern philosophy and religion, the term "Chakra" is analogous to densities. From the human perspective, a "chakra" is an energy center within the physical body that corresponds to the aspects of creation. Many people speak of "chakras" as if it AFFECTS the human experience, but I will explain why this is a misunderstanding. In order to understand chakras, I must explain them in relation to the concept of density.

Density simply means a type of awareness or understanding. This inner aspect of consciousness (non-physical) manifests itself in the physical at the level of density that matches that conscious awareness. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the non-physical consciousness is about existence, and the "more" consciousness that is accessible, the more that the non-physical can express itself.

Consciousness directs and focuses the life energy, and the more conscious a being is, the more energy that is accessible/usable in physical reality.

In simple terms, there are 7 main densities, which are connected to the 7 chakras. The reason why there are 7 is because everything is in cycles, and the 7 represents an "octave" of creation. As the densities increase, the amount of awareness increases. You could say the amount of consciousness increases, since consciousness is awareness.

Level 1 - "Red chakra" - the basic physical manifestation of consciousness is elementary particles. These particles coalesce into minerals and primary elements. They are the building blocks of our physical reality. From the human perspective, it is the building block of the human form which is the raw elements. You are a collection of elements, bundled together into tiny packets, which in turn are bundled up into organs and structure, which together combine into a whole unit. Obviously, this is not limited to the human perspective. It is a common structure of physicality that gives the inner being form. In our universe, the minerals, the water, the atoms, etc. are all considered the 1st density of physical reality.

Level 2 - "Orange chakra" - this is typically referred to as the primal/instinctive/intuitive layer. It is the source of sexuality and reproduction (maternal/feminine nurturing energy), survival instincts, as well as the collective awareness of social packs. The physical manifestation of 2nd density or the "orange chakra" is the plants and animals. They represent this social collective and interaction without the strong sense of freedom that comes from self-awareness and direction. From the human perspective, it is the physical life cycle of birth and death and the connection between one another as a society, nation, and species.

Level 3 - "Yellow chakra" - this level represents the mental nature of the inner self. It is synonymous with 3rd density physical creation, which is the sentient beings. 3rd density represents the level of consciousness that provides self-awareness and self-direction (masculine active energy). While the 2nd density creations do not have freedom of expression such as creating using their environment to the same extent, 3rd density beings are the last stage of physical evolution before reaching the transitionary density (4th density, which is the middle of the 7 density octave). The "yellow" chakra represents the mental aspect that allows for humans to reason, plan, direct, and create to express self-awareness.

Level 4 - "Green chakra" - this is the balancing point of the physical incarnation stage. It represents the heart, which is connection and acceptance (unity of both masculine and feminine energy). It is the density where physical beings act as a collective in unity of mind and heart and learn to function in harmony. The "green chakra" is the bridge between the physical and non-physical. It binds together the 2 halves with "love" energy.

Level 5 - "Blue chakra" - the 5th density being is developing their ability to direct themselves and the collective through wisdom after having learned how to fully express love in the 4th density. It represents the ability to speak from the heart the truths of their perspective. The "blue chakra" shares their voice of wisdom to help all rise towards Oneness.

Level 6 - "Indigo chakra" - This is also known as the "3rd eye". The 6th density being is one who is unified, connected with all of self as a whole. The 6th chakra or the "3rd eye" represents awareness and acceptance of all, and thus "sees" the "truth". By "truth", it is seeing all perspectives, all possibilities, all "truths". This is why the 6th density being is complete, because they are united with all aspects of themselves. This density is very much connected to "The Journey".

Level 7 - "Purple chakra" - This is Unity. It is Wholeness. It is the 7th density being ready to "graduate" to the next octave, which has not been detailed because once you graduate, you are no longer experiencing this octave, so the experiences and purpose of experience will be different in each octave. This level is also called the "Crown chakra", which represents connection with the Universe or Source.

You are "All Chakras"

When people think about chakras, they speak about these energy centers as if they are the cause for conditions in a person's life. This is incorrect. The reason why chakras are called energy centers is because they project energy into the physical experience that you have. It can be said that these chakras are the creators of your reality. Each center represents an aspect of your inner condition, but it is you through focused consciousness who activate these energy centers by your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs.

So the 1st chakra creations the basic structure of physical reality. The 2nd reflects your emotional state into your world experience. The 3rd reflects your mental state into your world experience. The 4th reflects your connections with everything in reality. The 5th reflects your beliefs about your reality. The 6th reflects into your world your ability to accept perspectives. The 7th reflects into your world your connection to source (Life itself).

When people talk about the state or condition of these energy centers, they are describing the state based on your inner state. If you want to change the state of one of these energy centers, you must recognize the part of you that would cause the condition of the energy state for a particular energy center. For example, if you have low self-esteem, it can reflect in many of your energy centers such as the blue (5th) chakra since you may have difficult in voicing your perspective, your orange (2nd) or green (4th) chakras because you feel insecure or disconnected, etc. Your inner state manifests into your world experience through the creative energy of these chakras using energy to manifest your version of the physical world that you can perceive and experience.

There will be those whose belief or understanding of chakras differ from my description. I believe this is due to the religious perspective I mentioned at the beginning of this series. The religious perspective believes that people are physical human beings with a spirit or a spiritual aspect. That is why anything spiritual is seen as separate from the physical or an effect of the physical instead of the other way around. I view the physical as the effect (end result) of the spiritual truth, which is that you exist as consciousness, creating physical reality through focused awareness. That is why chakras do not need healing, nor do they need opening or cleansing. They are affected by you, you are not affected by them. If you want to cleanse or open or heal your chakras, you must change your inner "being" (those aspects that define you and drives your choices) because your chakras reflect into your experienced reality your inner "being".

As I mentioned in my previous post, the world is only real because you perceive it through your senses. Your physical senses are meant to experience your inner state through an outer reality through symbols. These symbols are what you call material things: earth, animals, people, situations, conditions, etc. The chakras are the energy sources that create these props, and it is what connects you to everything because it is all within you.

You are "All Densities"

If you are represented within your individual incarnation through the 7 chakras, then each chakra that represents a density is also within you. The 1st density represents the elementary particles that manifest as matter. Atoms, molecules, minerals, etc. are all collections of individuated conscious energy, and they are creations of your 1st chakra. The 2nd density represents the plants and animals that you evolved from. The plants and animals represent the first forms of "life" formed with the manifestation of the 1st density. Everything in existence is built on top of the previous density and as you build on top of the previous density's consciousness, you increase your overall available consciousness and expand your possibilities. I have not discussed multiple incarnations within densities, but they contribute to the overall experience of each density. The "purpose" of multiple incarnations is to expand your awareness within that density's potential until you become aware of the greater potential, which is the next density.

The 3rd density is the evolution from plants/animals, having self-awareness and self-direction. It builds upon the 2nd density, which is growth and mobility. With self-awareness and direction, you are able to direct your focus of the chakra energies to expand yourself even more. The more aware and more accepting you are, the more you become, and this leads to the 4th density, which is connection with others. 3rd density is where you learn independence and identity. 4th density is where you learn to cooperate in unity as a collective. This occurs because the 4th chakra, which represents the heart energy that connects the physical and non-physical binds all of creation together as a working unit. From unity, the collective grows towards understanding and wisdom. That is the 5th density being. Although individual in form, the connection from the 4th density experience allows for expansion of mind. This leads to the 6th density being which represents awareness of all truths. If each individual is a unique perspective, then each individual has their own truths. The 6th density is about being able to see through all of those perspectives, which then leads to the 7th density being, which is Unity of all or "God".

This progression may seem like it is a linear path of evolution. However, in a reality of simultaneous time, you are all of these densities now. The difference is that you are not trying to get this one incarnation to the next density. Instead, you are learning to connect with the part of you that is already within the next density through life experiences. This requires awareness of self. That is why the 3rd density exists, to become aware of self, to "know yourself". The more you become aware, the more connected you become with those higher density aspects of yourself, until you fully merge with all aspects of yourself and remember that you ARE the One Creator.

Within the first 5 densities, there is polarity in this reality. Positive and negative perspectives exist in order to provide free-will. Without polarity, there would not be the idea choice. In the density development, you have positive and negative magnetic forces, you have predator and prey, you have service to self and service to others, you have love of self or love of others, and you have rejection of unity and only unity. Once you reach the 5th or 6th density, all is one, polarity no longer is required as love acceptance allows for the negative polarity to exist within the One and the negative polarity no longer needs to control others as wisdom demonstrates at all is One. At this point, the being represents the idea of 2 halves contains in the One coin and no longer needs to express itself as 2 halves.

In my next post, I will begin discussing my perspectives on the history of physical reality from the perspective of being human.

Monday, May 24, 2021

"The Journey" - Consciousness

So far, I have written about the idea of the "One Creator" and "Space/Time" in relation to "The Journey". I have not described what "The Journey" is yet because it will have a different meaning for everyone. I want to share my perspective on the parts that make up "The Journey" first so that the reader will have a foundation for my interpretation of "The Journey".

In this post, I want to describe the concept of consciousness. This is a nebulous concept. To be honest, even I have a hard time describing this because it can be easily misconstrued. Therefore, I'll start with the most simple explanation that most, if not all, people can understand.


This word will be easy to understand for most people as being "awake" or "aware". While a human being is "awake", they are "conscious" and this typically means they are aware of their surroundings and themselves. This can be more explicitly called "waking consciousness" because when someone hears the word "consciousness", they are typically assuming that they are not sleeping or unresponsive. In addition, the word is typically limited to human consciousness because there is an implicit belief that self-awareness and decision making is a function of consciousness. They do not ascribe consciousness to plants, and assume animals are more instinctive than consciously aware, although this idea is becoming less prevalent as researchers study animal behavior.

If we focus on our waking consciousness, then the idea of consciousness is debatable because it is tied to the belief that consciousness is a function of the brain. Who made this association? Who decided that consciousness is synonymous with the brain? It is because when someone has brain damage, the observable behavior of the individual is that of someone who is unable to respond in a "normal" way. This deviation from the normal expectations of human behavior is what caused doctors and scientists to believe that the brain is the generator of consciousness.

The fallacy of this belief is due to the ego-centric perspective about consciousness. They perceive from their own point of view what conscious behavior is like because they use themselves as the measure of that consciousness without questioning their own consciousness. In other words, they have no idea if the individual who is unable to express their conscious will through their body, is actually consciously aware. They assume because the individual does not respond in a "normal' fashion, that the individual must no longer possess consciousness. This is assumed of people in comas, as well as those asleep. If someone does not respond, then they must be "unconscious" in their eyes. Consciousness comes so naturally to each individual that they do not even notice it working.

When someone is "unconscious", from the perspective of a 3rd party, the "unconscious" is not able to express themselves through their body. From the perspective of the "unconscious" individual, they are conscious, but they may not remember what they were focusing on when they return to waking consciousness. They will interpret this lack of memory as being "unconscious". But if you think about it, it's easy enough to realize that awareness of something while conscious is remembered because the experience occurs sequentially in time. But when you are "unconscious", you are perceiving experience non-linearly, outside of time. Therefore, when you return to "consciousness", it will either not be remembered as it cannot be interpreted using physical expressions, or it will be remembered like a dream that makes no logical sense, jumping from one non-contiguous situation to another, as the experience lived while "unconscious" is translated into linear physical imagery. Where this translation does not occur is in your "feelings". By "feeling", I mean it as emotions, impressions, intuitions, or just knowing-ness. Non-visual expressions of experience does not require linear interpretation. Experiences in non-physicality is all about awareness of self through simultaneous connections with potentials (non-realized experiences) as well as the physical expression of consciousness (the body). Physical experience is "living" the realized actualities that generate the opportunity for self-awareness in linear fashion so that you can choose the next path of experience for further self-awareness. This leads to expansion of consciousness.

The waking consciousness is only the surface expression of true conscious awareness. It is far beyond the simplistic ideas of consciousness that is exemplified by physical behavior. Consciousness is a way to direct energy. It has nothing to do with expressing consciousness through behavior, which is the end result. It is the means for directing the life energy to experience and that directing is called "focus".


What does it mean to "focus"? If you do not focus your attention on something, you would not be aware of it. In the same way, if you do not focus your awareness through consciousness, you would not be aware of anything. Try to not pay attention to a sound. You may not notice the sound until you try to pay attention. You may try to ignore it, but you are ignoring something you are already aware of. To truly be unaware means you do not know it is there. That is what it means to be unfocused. To be clear, focus allows for concentrated awareness, but it is not necessary to be aware of the connections to everything else. There are different amounts of awareness and focus, which provides different types of experiences.

Awareness of physical reality exists because you can focus. I'm not referring to human behaviors either. As I mentioned in my post about the "One Creator", it is existence, and existence can be considered as "love", since it represents "life". So existence begets life through love. Consciousness is a tool, so to speak, to allow life energy to focus the attention. Attention is awareness which comes from existence. All of this sounds confusing and circular because it's almost impossible to describe something that always existed is self-aware, and is always changing.

We can only look at ourselves in human form as a representation of what it is like to be the "One Creator". In fact, that is what the words "in God's image" means. We are representations of the infinite possibilities. How? We exist. We have life. We can express and receive love. We are aware. We can focus that awareness through consciousness and we are aware of our existence. We create through that awareness. At the basic core, that is "life". Everything else is the creation of free-will to choose what we want to experience. If you think about your own life, you may realize that anything you plan to do or dream about, they are all experiences you desire. They are not end goals. You do not dream about the act of making money. You dream about the experience of having money or having relations or journeying to distant lands. They are all dreams and desires to experience those things. Once you achieve your dream, then you move on to the next dream. That is why you know the goal is not to get this or that. It is the journey towards your dream and experiencing that dream.

This is the mind and nature of the "One Creator". You can say it is your "higher self". All of these descriptions represent the source of conscious awareness. Your brain is just the physical manifestation of the idea of a coordinator. It is the central processor of your body that allows input and output to and from your environment. The "software" is the "One Creator" that gives you awareness of self. From that awareness of self, you focus your attention through consciousness and experience the creation of your dream.

Because we use the term "consciousness" to be synonymous with "awareness", I will continue to use this term to refer to the awareness of self and all experience. 

When you think of being unconscious, what you're really talking about is the inability to translate the experience into a recognizable symbol. This is also why your consciousness is not a function of the brain. It is not limited to the human symbology. Consciousness exists in everything because everything is the illusion of your awareness. In other words, there is only consciousness because there is only the "One Creator".

It is not easy to describe the basic nature of All That Is because the human understanding and language makes it difficult to explain without creating confusion or misstatements. Hopefully what I have written will be clear enough. I may have to revise this point over time if I find some information being incorrect or incomplete. This is true of all my points. As I re-read them, I will edit them to clarify or correct any information.

In my next post, I will discuss the densities of physical reality.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

"The Journey" - Space/Time

In this post, I will try to explain the idea of time and space as it pertains to our reality. I say "our reality" because it is what we experience in our daily lives. There are many other realities that do not have the same type of experience, whether it is dimensionless or timeless or somewhere in between. This is not provable from within this reality, but it must be expected as I hope will become evident.

When reading these posts, please remember that you have biases and beliefs that may not "resonate" with this information. This can occur because you are reading from the perspective of opposition (meaning you don't agree) or you are trying to relate the information to what you know (relating to physical examples). You may believe everything that is written, but then interpret it in another direction. In all cases, be aware that these different directions you take this information gives an idea of your underlying perceptions and expectations of reality. If you can recognize this, it will help in using your own intuition because the first step towards connecting with your intuition is to see what it is you have not seen within yourself.


I will start by discussing the idea of "space" before I discuss "time". They are connected and related, but they represent different components of the reality matrix. We tend to think of them as dimensions within the matrix.

The experience of space is possible because of the physical senses. The optical and tactile senses give the impression of distance. If you talk to someone who is blind, they would not be able to describe anything in terms of position or distance except perhaps using auditory queues for the location of sound or with their sense of touch. But those are still a function of the physical senses. All experiences of position, distance, and awareness of objects in space is due to your physical senses.

An easy way to understand this concept is to try a virtual reality simulation. You are not physically at a location in the simulation, nor are you actually moving within the simulation, but the sensation is similar to physically moving or being in that location. That is because your visual senses provide that stimulus to your cognitive processor.

If this doesn't quite make sense, ask yourself this question: "where is the universe?" Space is the idea of things that do not overlap. It is the idea of separation between things that appear disconnected. From the smallest to the largest, you have this notion of things separated from other things, and so we have named these separate looking things that exists having space in between. And yet, if you zoom all the out until it's only the universe, what is outside of the edges of the universe? Are there things separate from the universe? Does the scaling up end and if not, what thing is beyond the universe? This question of "what's beyond" would go for ever if space was truly real. Hopefully these questions help you understand the idea that space is only perception rather than a reality. You would not know about the experience of space at all if not for sensory perception.

I've written about the physical senses and how they are interpreted by your conscious awareness. This is the true cause for the experience of space. Your conscious awareness provides the interpretation of your physical senses of being in space, having location, seeing distance and objects. All of this is a function of your consciousness. Your physical senses must go through your consciousness to be aware of the sensory information.


The experience of physical time is a combination of the experience of space and the inability to go back to the same exact conditions of experience. You cannot re-create the last moment of time, and only the next moment of time can be experienced after the current moment. This linear progression of space creates the experience of time.

Time is another measurement that was created to track the amount of changes within one "moment" to another. Just as you measure distance for space, that same measurement can indicate time as well. The amount of moments that span two points is called time. The amount of positions within two points is called space.

Time does not really exist as a linear progression, no more than space. As I described, space is a function of conscious awareness of that measured distance. Time is also a conscious awareness of that measured moments. Even if you stood still and nothing around you changed, the sensation of one moment moving along to the next moment is the experience of time.

If a moment was considered to be a point in space, then you could say that time is another dimension. In fact, many choose to see time as a 4th dimension.

My explanation of Space and Time

From my perspective, space and time is a type of rule that is created to define parameters for experience (the "laws" that allows this reality to exist and function in the way that it does). Space and time are not dimensions in terms of planes, which is a physical description of dimension within space. You can't use space to define space. Space and time are a way for energy to be measured in a particular way. Space is the measurement of energy at a specific "level". Distance is determined by that "level". So the farther away something is, the less energy that is detected. Or said in another way, rather than use the term "level" which could imply that it is proportional to distance, the energy pattern is different at one perceived position from another to give the illusion of distance. This is similar to how virtual reality works. They render an image with a different pattern to give the illusion of distance.

The pattern of energy determines the observed shape or object and its position. Therefore, the energy itself encodes the information about the object, such as location, color, size, shape, etc. It is assumed that the brain picks up that energy and converts it into a pattern which our consciousness interprets as an image, but in reality, all is always connected, all is one, so perception is simply being aware of the information ("focus"). In quantum mechanics, nothing actually exists except probabilities of everything and all are connected, which is called "entanglement". This could be interpreted to mean all possible things already exist and that would be a true statement. If that is the case, then space is turning one of those probabilities into an observed reality as a single slice of "time", and linear "time" is moving through a set of related probabilities one after the other.

Time is simply the transition of the patterns of energy from one probable state to another. It is another word to describe change. Linear time is a rule that says one state must transition to another state without returning back to the previous state.

The main implication is that your belief in objects within physical space is relative to your point of reference. In other words, you see things as real and physical through your eyes only. Because of this, there is no such thing as an objective reality. To prove this, just try to see the world through someone else's physical senses. You cannot. You can only share your experience and perspective with another verbally, and they can only do the same. If the experience describes something in common, it is considered "objective" only because you are expressing a commonly interpreted subjective experience. That does not mean the physical world exists as a shared reality. It only implies that the subjective experience is similar with no way to validate (you can only believe the other person's description and expression).

Outside of physical reality, time is not treated the same. It is not about linear progression, but instead, a change in state. Just as space is a pattern, the experience of change can be measured as the sense of time. The physical experience of time is that of a train taking you from one view to another, while the non-physical experience of time is that of a picture of the self. You can change the picture of self to any state that has been, is, or will be. Remember that all experience is an awareness through focus. If that is the case, then even change is simply an awareness of a particular condition.

What is Energy

I mentioned that time and space are patterns of energy, which define the reality that we experience. If you remember some basic understanding of physics, you may remember that all matter is energy. But what is energy? The concept of energy is an abstraction that represents work. It can also be called action in that energy is converted into action. When you think of matter, most consider matter as being static and constant, but in reality, it is always fluctuating, always being "re-created".

Without going too deep into the science of matter and energy, you are not observing the universe around you as matter. You are receiving the energy that is represented as matter via your physical senses. Your senses take that energy in and your consciousness converts it into information. This is the observed function of the physical body. It is a conduit for energy. But even the body is energy, so then what is actually recognizing what the energy is? It is energy observing energy because energy is another term for awareness or "life".

Side note: Gravity

As an aside, the concept of gravity is discussed within Physicist groups as a bend or warp in space/time due to Einstein's postulation of "General Relativity". My explanation for gravity is the cumulative gathering of energy to represent matter from the infinite pool of energy that is "space". This energy pool that appears as the void of space spans multiple dimensions, but it appears "dark" in our visual spectrum. Where there is matter, there is collected energy as a pattern. Energy is not particles. It is, in a sense, an infinite wave of consciousness (any word that describes something as a thing is going to a symbolic representation because there are no real "things", only concepts, and all "things" are symbols of the concept). Being a wave means that there is continuity. There are no gaps, nor is there any separation. Because of this, the accumulation of the energy into a point of concentration (a celestial body), means the wave function collapsing into the observed particle is always in movement into the point of concentration. All matter is the collection of conscious energy (the densities). That accumulation is the observed gravitational pull. The reason why the strength of the gravitational pull is stronger as the mass increases is exactly because there is a large amount of conscious energy gathering to define itself.

It is neither a force from the scientific perspective, nor is it bending of space, both of which are based on the notion of space being real (matter) and that particles are separate (i.e. strong force, weak force, magnetic, and gravitational forces are all presumed to be the interactions of particles at different scales). One reason why Einstein called gravity curvature of space around massive objects is because he is looking at the Earth, or any thing, as a fixed creation, meaning it is a constant material object.

My interpretation is that all matter is constantly being "created" through quantum mechanics. A particle does not have form until observed/measured/"fixed". And it is only observed as a particle as it continues to be observed/measured/"fixed". Therefore, all matter is continuously being "created". But I already mentioned that time is not the changing of fixed matter, but changing of patterns of energy, which means all configurations of matter already exists as patterns, and time is traversing a specific sequence of patterns. Then the idea of creation is that you are moving "frame by frame" through these defined patterns. This is simply another way of saying "created every moment", meaning each EXPERIENCE is created every moment.

Because of this flipping through pattern after pattern, the idea of gravity is simply a rule that says energy attracts, and the more energy there is, the stronger the attraction. We as a body also attracts, but we do not have the same amount of pull as a planet due to the smaller amount of energy. The earth has a field around it due to this energy pattern, as does all things. This "aura" is the electromagnetic emissions that exist in all matter due to the movement of energy. The energy pattern for all matter defines what something looks like, where it is in "space", and when it is in "time", since time is a specific pattern of "where".

If we were not distinct patterns of the conscious energy at a different density, our energy would be a part of the collective energy within the planet's energy matrix. In reality, we are a part of the planet's energy matrix. That is one of the reasons why we have incarnations on this planet. The Earth provides the energy needed to materialize our consciousness in physical form. Hence the idea of "Mother Earth".

I will be discussing consciousness and densities in the next couple posts.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

"The Journey" - My Understanding Of The "Journey" of the "One Creator"

I have not posted many new entries in the past few years because the information that flowed through me shifted towards inner work (contemplating and questioning inwardly) rather than external work (sharing my thoughts). It was because I felt content with what I knew at that moment, and I also believe I was directed towards other types of information. At this point in time, all of what I have learned and received has coalesced into my deeper interpretation that encompasses the main religious perspectives, scientific perspectives, "spiritual" and "extraterrestrial" perspectives.

This is by no means a complete understanding as that would not be possible from this point of view. The only reason why I am able to come to my understanding is because of the experiences I have had or have learned from other's experiences. I start with the belief that everyone's experiences are unique and specific to their perspective and that gives validity. Even if someone was lying about something, that is also an experience that contributes to the big picture (there is no such thing as coincidence or pointless acts). I do not look at what is said as fact. I look at what has been said and what has been shown and what has been understood and combine all of this information together using my own intuition into an understanding. It is each individual's ability to recognize and examine their intuition that gives that individual a way to understand anything. I hope my new sharing will provide each individual who reads my writings a way for their intuition to shine and be recognized so that they too will have their own understandings.

The History of "this" Reality

There are 3 main perspectives of the creation story. The religious perspective believes the world was created by a supreme God. That all of creation is the effect of a creative consciousness called "God". This is a relatively new perspective from the current civilization's point of view, arising from the convergence from a poly-theistic perspective (multiple gods) towards a mono-theistic belief (One God). I won't go too much into poly-theism because it has to do with interpretations of old writings of the old "gods". My personal view from everything I've read and intuited is that the old "gods" were actually visitors from other planets. Our own human history is so much longer and deeper than currently believed or accepted that it requires much longer discussion.

The second perspective believes the world is a random event and the human creation story is also one of random chance blindly moving towards the current state of humanity through unconscious linear evolution. This is the materialist's perspective and it is based on the belief that no consciousness exists outside of the physical human form.

The third perspective that is growing in the number of believers is that the human species is the creation of genetic manipulation by non-terrestrial beings. The universe itself including all of existence is the imagination of the "One Creator" and that all of creation is the result of the "One Creator" experiencing itself through "evolutionary" creative processes in the sense that the parts contribute to the whole.

If you will notice, the last perspective is a hybrid of the first two. This is where I more closely fit-in in the belief of creation and it is from this perspective that I will share my explanation of how our Journey started and exists today. The first two are already well known to many people, and most still believe in one of these 2 perspectives.

The "One Creator"

In order to understand creation itself, I must first explain the idea of the "One Creator". I have used the term "God", "Source", "All That Is", and "The One". All of these terms have been misconstrued by people who do not understand this perspective because the idea of "One" is confused. In the purest sense, "One" means the ONLY "THING" that exists (more like an idea than a thing since thing can be misinterpreted as a physical or object with form), but most people interpret this in the context of "everything else". So they see "One" as one of MANY things. For example, "God" is believed to be something that exists apart and separate from humans ("God and man"). Because of this, they misunderstand the principles of creation as if it is something that is outside of them and that they are created apart from "God". So the religious perspective sees "God" creating the universe as a separate thing from "God". It is also what led to the scientific beliefs about creation because if these two things are separate, then each thing can be explained or denied individually. Hence, the belief that "God" does not exist while the material world does.

Why must a "One Creator" exist? Why can't the universe exist as it is without the "One Creator"? First of all, the "One Creator" is not a being. If you remove the personification, then you can just call it "living energy". In both the religious and materialist perspective, there must be energy for creation. Energy can be defined as that which allows work to be done. Work can be defined as causing a change. Something that is static and unchanging is not doing work. The difference between the religious perspective and the materialist perspective is that Energy is living. It is conscious. It is aware. But it is not a personality. Whatever term you use to describe that which does work is what I am referring to as the "One Creator".

The hybrid perspective believes that there is Only the One Creator and everything that is experienced, is self-contained within the One Creator. Because we have a label that is implicitly connected to the human behavior (the idea of a creator), the label implies a being or identity, but that is not the case. The One Creator is pure consciousness ("life") that always exists. This is hard for many people to understand because they see the world in terms of time and space, but existence transcends time and space. The idea of existence itself is self-fulfilling because in order for something to exist, existence as a concept itself must exist, and therefore, it is infinite (meaning it is self-creating). That is the nature of the One Creator. There is no such thing as a single personality within the One Creator. It creates personalities through the process of exploration of existence. Personality does not mean only human personality or Ego. It means that there is a perspective from a point of awareness. The One Creator "splits" itself into "multiple parts" in order to "create" many "individual" points of awareness. You can think of this process as something like "pretending", but it is more along the lines of "imagining" itself from an infinite number of different angles. It experiences itself from all of these different angles to get a better understanding of the concept of "self".

What does "self" mean? It has no real meaning since "self" is a created concept by the "self". This is also the same as saying "Existence exists because of existence". It is the observation of existence. Because of humanistic perspectives and understandings, we automatically think of "self" in humanistic terms, which is to see the separation of the one perspective from everything it perceives.

Given this idea of the One Creator, you may be asking "why is it necessary to go through this examination of self?" Again, there is a difference between the human perspective and the perspective of the One Creator. It is not doing something because of something else. In other words, there is no goal or purpose to this from the One Creator's perspective. It is doing what it is, which is creating. Existence is the exploration of existence, and therefore, it is creating all possible awareness of self though creating and exploring of existence. This is how our current experienced moment is created.

You may have seen or heard about the idea of chakras and densities and octaves. There are 7 major chakras and there are 7 major densities in each reality (chakras and densities are related and I will explain this idea in another entry). If you are not familiar with these concepts or believe in them, it will not make much sense to you, but from the esoteric perspective, this is what is expressed in the idea of the progression of consciousness. Many have expressed this idea as consciousness "growing" through experience of these 7 densities. Once consciousness reaches that 7th density, there is a recycling to the next "octave", which then starts the next 7 densities of experience. Without going into this concept at this time, the point of octaves is to exemplify the notion of an infinite experience of existence through cycles. Just as a "higher" chakra is built on the foundation of the lower chakra, each "octave" is built upon the foundation of the previous "octave". Each octave could be considered your "higher self". You are a portion of your higher self, which is itself a portion of an even higher self, and so on and so forth, until you are just the One Creator.

In my next post, I will go over my thoughts on the experience of time in the context of our Journey.