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"The Journey" - My Understanding Of The "Journey" of the "One Creator"

I have not posted many new entries in the past few years because the information that flowed through me shifted towards inner work (contemplating and questioning inwardly) rather than external work (sharing my thoughts). It was because I felt content with what I knew at that moment, and I also believe I was directed towards other types of information. At this point in time, all of what I have learned and received has coalesced into my deeper interpretation that encompasses the main religious perspectives, scientific perspectives, "spiritual" and "extraterrestrial" perspectives.

This is by no means a complete understanding as that would not be possible from this point of view. The only reason why I am able to come to my understanding is because of the experiences I have had or have learned from other's experiences. I start with the belief that everyone's experiences are unique and specific to their perspective and that gives validity. Even if someone was lying about something, that is also an experience that contributes to the big picture (there is no such thing as coincidence or pointless acts). I do not look at what is said as fact. I look at what has been said and what has been shown and what has been understood and combine all of this information together using my own intuition into an understanding. It is each individual's ability to recognize and examine their intuition that gives that individual a way to understand anything. I hope my new sharing will provide each individual who reads my writings a way for their intuition to shine and be recognized so that they too will have their own understandings.

The History of "this" Reality

There are 3 main perspectives of the creation story. The religious perspective believes the world was created by a supreme God. That all of creation is the effect of a creative consciousness called "God". This is a relatively new perspective from the current civilization's point of view, arising from the convergence from a poly-theistic perspective (multiple gods) towards a mono-theistic belief (One God). I won't go too much into poly-theism because it has to do with interpretations of old writings of the old "gods". My personal view from everything I've read and intuited is that the old "gods" were actually visitors from other planets. Our own human history is so much longer and deeper than currently believed or accepted that it requires much longer discussion.

The second perspective believes the world is a random event and the human creation story is also one of random chance blindly moving towards the current state of humanity through unconscious linear evolution. This is the materialist's perspective and it is based on the belief that no consciousness exists outside of the physical human form.

The third perspective that is growing in the number of believers is that the human species is the creation of genetic manipulation by non-terrestrial beings. The universe itself including all of existence is the imagination of the "One Creator" and that all of creation is the result of the "One Creator" experiencing itself through "evolutionary" creative processes in the sense that the parts contribute to the whole.

If you will notice, the last perspective is a hybrid of the first two. This is where I more closely fit-in in the belief of creation and it is from this perspective that I will share my explanation of how our Journey started and exists today. The first two are already well known to many people, and most still believe in one of these 2 perspectives.

The "One Creator"

In order to understand creation itself, I must first explain the idea of the "One Creator". I have used the term "God", "Source", "All That Is", and "The One". All of these terms have been misconstrued by people who do not understand this perspective because the idea of "One" is confused. In the purest sense, "One" means the ONLY "THING" that exists (more like an idea than a thing since thing can be misinterpreted as a physical or object with form), but most people interpret this in the context of "everything else". So they see "One" as one of MANY things. For example, "God" is believed to be something that exists apart and separate from humans ("God and man"). Because of this, they misunderstand the principles of creation as if it is something that is outside of them and that they are created apart from "God". So the religious perspective sees "God" creating the universe as a separate thing from "God". It is also what led to the scientific beliefs about creation because if these two things are separate, then each thing can be explained or denied individually. Hence, the belief that "God" does not exist while the material world does.

Why must a "One Creator" exist? Why can't the universe exist as it is without the "One Creator"? First of all, the "One Creator" is not a being. If you remove the personification, then you can just call it "living energy". In both the religious and materialist perspective, there must be energy for creation. Energy can be defined as that which allows work to be done. Work can be defined as causing a change. Something that is static and unchanging is not doing work. The difference between the religious perspective and the materialist perspective is that Energy is living. It is conscious. It is aware. But it is not a personality. Whatever term you use to describe that which does work is what I am referring to as the "One Creator".

The hybrid perspective believes that there is Only the One Creator and everything that is experienced, is self-contained within the One Creator. Because we have a label that is implicitly connected to the human behavior (the idea of a creator), the label implies a being or identity, but that is not the case. The One Creator is pure consciousness ("life") that always exists. This is hard for many people to understand because they see the world in terms of time and space, but existence transcends time and space. The idea of existence itself is self-fulfilling because in order for something to exist, existence as a concept itself must exist, and therefore, it is infinite (meaning it is self-creating). That is the nature of the One Creator. There is no such thing as a single personality within the One Creator. It creates personalities through the process of exploration of existence. Personality does not mean only human personality or Ego. It means that there is a perspective from a point of awareness. The One Creator "splits" itself into "multiple parts" in order to "create" many "individual" points of awareness. You can think of this process as something like "pretending", but it is more along the lines of "imagining" itself from an infinite number of different angles. It experiences itself from all of these different angles to get a better understanding of the concept of "self".

What does "self" mean? It has no real meaning since "self" is a created concept by the "self". This is also the same as saying "Existence exists because of existence". It is the observation of existence. Because of humanistic perspectives and understandings, we automatically think of "self" in humanistic terms, which is to see the separation of the one perspective from everything it perceives.

Given this idea of the One Creator, you may be asking "why is it necessary to go through this examination of self?" Again, there is a difference between the human perspective and the perspective of the One Creator. It is not doing something because of something else. In other words, there is no goal or purpose to this from the One Creator's perspective. It is doing what it is, which is creating. Existence is the exploration of existence, and therefore, it is creating all possible awareness of self though creating and exploring of existence. This is how our current experienced moment is created.

You may have seen or heard about the idea of chakras and densities and octaves. There are 7 major chakras and there are 7 major densities in each reality (chakras and densities are related and I will explain this idea in another entry). If you are not familiar with these concepts or believe in them, it will not make much sense to you, but from the esoteric perspective, this is what is expressed in the idea of the progression of consciousness. Many have expressed this idea as consciousness "growing" through experience of these 7 densities. Once consciousness reaches that 7th density, there is a recycling to the next "octave", which then starts the next 7 densities of experience. Without going into this concept at this time, the point of octaves is to exemplify the notion of an infinite experience of existence through cycles. Just as a "higher" chakra is built on the foundation of the lower chakra, each "octave" is built upon the foundation of the previous "octave". Each octave could be considered your "higher self". You are a portion of your higher self, which is itself a portion of an even higher self, and so on and so forth, until you are just the One Creator.

In my next post, I will go over my thoughts on the experience of time in the context of our Journey.

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