Monday, May 24, 2021

"The Journey" - Consciousness

So far, I have written about the idea of the "One Creator" and "Space/Time" in relation to "The Journey". I have not described what "The Journey" is yet because it will have a different meaning for everyone. I want to share my perspective on the parts that make up "The Journey" first so that the reader will have a foundation for my interpretation of "The Journey".

In this post, I want to describe the concept of consciousness. This is a nebulous concept. To be honest, even I have a hard time describing this because it can be easily misconstrued. Therefore, I'll start with the most simple explanation that most, if not all, people can understand.


This word will be easy to understand for most people as being "awake" or "aware". While a human being is "awake", they are "conscious" and this typically means they are aware of their surroundings and themselves. This can be more explicitly called "waking consciousness" because when someone hears the word "consciousness", they are typically assuming that they are not sleeping or unresponsive. In addition, the word is typically limited to human consciousness because there is an implicit belief that self-awareness and decision making is a function of consciousness. They do not ascribe consciousness to plants, and assume animals are more instinctive than consciously aware, although this idea is becoming less prevalent as researchers study animal behavior.

If we focus on our waking consciousness, then the idea of consciousness is debatable because it is tied to the belief that consciousness is a function of the brain. Who made this association? Who decided that consciousness is synonymous with the brain? It is because when someone has brain damage, the observable behavior of the individual is that of someone who is unable to respond in a "normal" way. This deviation from the normal expectations of human behavior is what caused doctors and scientists to believe that the brain is the generator of consciousness.

The fallacy of this belief is due to the ego-centric perspective about consciousness. They perceive from their own point of view what conscious behavior is like because they use themselves as the measure of that consciousness without questioning their own consciousness. In other words, they have no idea if the individual who is unable to express their conscious will through their body, is actually consciously aware. They assume because the individual does not respond in a "normal' fashion, that the individual must no longer possess consciousness. This is assumed of people in comas, as well as those asleep. If someone does not respond, then they must be "unconscious" in their eyes. Consciousness comes so naturally to each individual that they do not even notice it working.

When someone is "unconscious", from the perspective of a 3rd party, the "unconscious" is not able to express themselves through their body. From the perspective of the "unconscious" individual, they are conscious, but they may not remember what they were focusing on when they return to waking consciousness. They will interpret this lack of memory as being "unconscious". But if you think about it, it's easy enough to realize that awareness of something while conscious is remembered because the experience occurs sequentially in time. But when you are "unconscious", you are perceiving experience non-linearly, outside of time. Therefore, when you return to "consciousness", it will either not be remembered as it cannot be interpreted using physical expressions, or it will be remembered like a dream that makes no logical sense, jumping from one non-contiguous situation to another, as the experience lived while "unconscious" is translated into linear physical imagery. Where this translation does not occur is in your "feelings". By "feeling", I mean it as emotions, impressions, intuitions, or just knowing-ness. Non-visual expressions of experience does not require linear interpretation. Experiences in non-physicality is all about awareness of self through simultaneous connections with potentials (non-realized experiences) as well as the physical expression of consciousness (the body). Physical experience is "living" the realized actualities that generate the opportunity for self-awareness in linear fashion so that you can choose the next path of experience for further self-awareness. This leads to expansion of consciousness.

The waking consciousness is only the surface expression of true conscious awareness. It is far beyond the simplistic ideas of consciousness that is exemplified by physical behavior. Consciousness is a way to direct energy. It has nothing to do with expressing consciousness through behavior, which is the end result. It is the means for directing the life energy to experience and that directing is called "focus".


What does it mean to "focus"? If you do not focus your attention on something, you would not be aware of it. In the same way, if you do not focus your awareness through consciousness, you would not be aware of anything. Try to not pay attention to a sound. You may not notice the sound until you try to pay attention. You may try to ignore it, but you are ignoring something you are already aware of. To truly be unaware means you do not know it is there. That is what it means to be unfocused. To be clear, focus allows for concentrated awareness, but it is not necessary to be aware of the connections to everything else. There are different amounts of awareness and focus, which provides different types of experiences.

Awareness of physical reality exists because you can focus. I'm not referring to human behaviors either. As I mentioned in my post about the "One Creator", it is existence, and existence can be considered as "love", since it represents "life". So existence begets life through love. Consciousness is a tool, so to speak, to allow life energy to focus the attention. Attention is awareness which comes from existence. All of this sounds confusing and circular because it's almost impossible to describe something that always existed is self-aware, and is always changing.

We can only look at ourselves in human form as a representation of what it is like to be the "One Creator". In fact, that is what the words "in God's image" means. We are representations of the infinite possibilities. How? We exist. We have life. We can express and receive love. We are aware. We can focus that awareness through consciousness and we are aware of our existence. We create through that awareness. At the basic core, that is "life". Everything else is the creation of free-will to choose what we want to experience. If you think about your own life, you may realize that anything you plan to do or dream about, they are all experiences you desire. They are not end goals. You do not dream about the act of making money. You dream about the experience of having money or having relations or journeying to distant lands. They are all dreams and desires to experience those things. Once you achieve your dream, then you move on to the next dream. That is why you know the goal is not to get this or that. It is the journey towards your dream and experiencing that dream.

This is the mind and nature of the "One Creator". You can say it is your "higher self". All of these descriptions represent the source of conscious awareness. Your brain is just the physical manifestation of the idea of a coordinator. It is the central processor of your body that allows input and output to and from your environment. The "software" is the "One Creator" that gives you awareness of self. From that awareness of self, you focus your attention through consciousness and experience the creation of your dream.

Because we use the term "consciousness" to be synonymous with "awareness", I will continue to use this term to refer to the awareness of self and all experience. 

When you think of being unconscious, what you're really talking about is the inability to translate the experience into a recognizable symbol. This is also why your consciousness is not a function of the brain. It is not limited to the human symbology. Consciousness exists in everything because everything is the illusion of your awareness. In other words, there is only consciousness because there is only the "One Creator".

It is not easy to describe the basic nature of All That Is because the human understanding and language makes it difficult to explain without creating confusion or misstatements. Hopefully what I have written will be clear enough. I may have to revise this point over time if I find some information being incorrect or incomplete. This is true of all my points. As I re-read them, I will edit them to clarify or correct any information.

In my next post, I will discuss the densities of physical reality.

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