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"The Journey" - Densities/Chakras

Before I continue, I want to be clear that everything I share is meant to be "food for thought". It is not meant to be a "bible". I do not call myself an authority on this subject matter, nor should my writings be considered unique. I am not old enough to be considered an authority and the information has been available pretty much forever, though it hasn't always been understood. My writings are meant to give those who read them inspiration and sparks for contemplation. Consider what is written within the context of your own experience and intuition. See if the ideas bring forth new thoughts or feelings and examine them, question them. That is how you develop your own understanding. Maybe you resonate with my words, maybe you don't. I'm not writing this to convince anyone of a truth. They are current truths for me, and maybe they will provide answers or direction for you. In any case, thank you for participating in my sharing.

In my last post, I discussed the basic understanding of "waking consciousness". The tricky part about the term "consciousness" is that it can refer to different concepts depending on the context. The perspective that I was focused on when defining "waking consciousness" was specific to physical consciousness. Your ability to experience physical life through "consciousness" is the act of focusing your awareness through consciousness. So in that context, "consciousness" is a tool, like a magnifying glass.

The abstract concept of "consciousness" is simply awareness. So "consciousness" could be in reference to the non-physical perspective (awareness) or the physical perspective (a tool that focuses awareness). This can create some confusion when using the term "consciousness" because it depends on what perspective an individual is referring to.

From a non-physical perspective, consciousness comes from existence/awareness, to "be". To be "more" conscious means to be more fully in existence/awareness. This is the perfect segue into the topic of densities.


You will hear from the metaphysical and Eastern religious communities, the term "density". This term, along with dimension, is frequently used to discuss the idea of consciousness' progression or position. It is often described as levels of consciousness or as an evolutionary development through incarnation.

In Eastern philosophy and religion, the term "Chakra" is analogous to densities. From the human perspective, a "chakra" is an energy center within the physical body that corresponds to the aspects of creation. Many people speak of "chakras" as if it AFFECTS the human experience, but I will explain why this is a misunderstanding. In order to understand chakras, I must explain them in relation to the concept of density.

Density simply means a type of awareness or understanding. This inner aspect of consciousness (non-physical) manifests itself in the physical at the level of density that matches that conscious awareness. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the non-physical consciousness is about existence, and the "more" consciousness that is accessible, the more that the non-physical can express itself.

Consciousness directs and focuses the life energy, and the more conscious a being is, the more energy that is accessible/usable in physical reality.

In simple terms, there are 7 main densities, which are connected to the 7 chakras. The reason why there are 7 is because everything is in cycles, and the 7 represents an "octave" of creation. As the densities increase, the amount of awareness increases. You could say the amount of consciousness increases, since consciousness is awareness.

Level 1 - "Red chakra" - the basic physical manifestation of consciousness is elementary particles. These particles coalesce into minerals and primary elements. They are the building blocks of our physical reality. From the human perspective, it is the building block of the human form which is the raw elements. You are a collection of elements, bundled together into tiny packets, which in turn are bundled up into organs and structure, which together combine into a whole unit. Obviously, this is not limited to the human perspective. It is a common structure of physicality that gives the inner being form. In our universe, the minerals, the water, the atoms, etc. are all considered the 1st density of physical reality.

Level 2 - "Orange chakra" - this is typically referred to as the primal/instinctive/intuitive layer. It is the source of sexuality and reproduction (maternal/feminine nurturing energy), survival instincts, as well as the collective awareness of social packs. The physical manifestation of 2nd density or the "orange chakra" is the plants and animals. They represent this social collective and interaction without the strong sense of freedom that comes from self-awareness and direction. From the human perspective, it is the physical life cycle of birth and death and the connection between one another as a society, nation, and species.

Level 3 - "Yellow chakra" - this level represents the mental nature of the inner self. It is synonymous with 3rd density physical creation, which is the sentient beings. 3rd density represents the level of consciousness that provides self-awareness and self-direction (masculine active energy). While the 2nd density creations do not have freedom of expression such as creating using their environment to the same extent, 3rd density beings are the last stage of physical evolution before reaching the transitionary density (4th density, which is the middle of the 7 density octave). The "yellow" chakra represents the mental aspect that allows for humans to reason, plan, direct, and create to express self-awareness.

Level 4 - "Green chakra" - this is the balancing point of the physical incarnation stage. It represents the heart, which is connection and acceptance (unity of both masculine and feminine energy). It is the density where physical beings act as a collective in unity of mind and heart and learn to function in harmony. The "green chakra" is the bridge between the physical and non-physical. It binds together the 2 halves with "love" energy.

Level 5 - "Blue chakra" - the 5th density being is developing their ability to direct themselves and the collective through wisdom after having learned how to fully express love in the 4th density. It represents the ability to speak from the heart the truths of their perspective. The "blue chakra" shares their voice of wisdom to help all rise towards Oneness.

Level 6 - "Indigo chakra" - This is also known as the "3rd eye". The 6th density being is one who is unified, connected with all of self as a whole. The 6th chakra or the "3rd eye" represents awareness and acceptance of all, and thus "sees" the "truth". By "truth", it is seeing all perspectives, all possibilities, all "truths". This is why the 6th density being is complete, because they are united with all aspects of themselves. This density is very much connected to "The Journey".

Level 7 - "Purple chakra" - This is Unity. It is Wholeness. It is the 7th density being ready to "graduate" to the next octave, which has not been detailed because once you graduate, you are no longer experiencing this octave, so the experiences and purpose of experience will be different in each octave. This level is also called the "Crown chakra", which represents connection with the Universe or Source.

You are "All Chakras"

When people think about chakras, they speak about these energy centers as if they are the cause for conditions in a person's life. This is incorrect. The reason why chakras are called energy centers is because they project energy into the physical experience that you have. It can be said that these chakras are the creators of your reality. Each center represents an aspect of your inner condition, but it is you through focused consciousness who activate these energy centers by your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs.

So the 1st chakra creations the basic structure of physical reality. The 2nd reflects your emotional state into your world experience. The 3rd reflects your mental state into your world experience. The 4th reflects your connections with everything in reality. The 5th reflects your beliefs about your reality. The 6th reflects into your world your ability to accept perspectives. The 7th reflects into your world your connection to source (Life itself).

When people talk about the state or condition of these energy centers, they are describing the state based on your inner state. If you want to change the state of one of these energy centers, you must recognize the part of you that would cause the condition of the energy state for a particular energy center. For example, if you have low self-esteem, it can reflect in many of your energy centers such as the blue (5th) chakra since you may have difficult in voicing your perspective, your orange (2nd) or green (4th) chakras because you feel insecure or disconnected, etc. Your inner state manifests into your world experience through the creative energy of these chakras using energy to manifest your version of the physical world that you can perceive and experience.

There will be those whose belief or understanding of chakras differ from my description. I believe this is due to the religious perspective I mentioned at the beginning of this series. The religious perspective believes that people are physical human beings with a spirit or a spiritual aspect. That is why anything spiritual is seen as separate from the physical or an effect of the physical instead of the other way around. I view the physical as the effect (end result) of the spiritual truth, which is that you exist as consciousness, creating physical reality through focused awareness. That is why chakras do not need healing, nor do they need opening or cleansing. They are affected by you, you are not affected by them. If you want to cleanse or open or heal your chakras, you must change your inner "being" (those aspects that define you and drives your choices) because your chakras reflect into your experienced reality your inner "being".

As I mentioned in my previous post, the world is only real because you perceive it through your senses. Your physical senses are meant to experience your inner state through an outer reality through symbols. These symbols are what you call material things: earth, animals, people, situations, conditions, etc. The chakras are the energy sources that create these props, and it is what connects you to everything because it is all within you.

You are "All Densities"

If you are represented within your individual incarnation through the 7 chakras, then each chakra that represents a density is also within you. The 1st density represents the elementary particles that manifest as matter. Atoms, molecules, minerals, etc. are all collections of individuated conscious energy, and they are creations of your 1st chakra. The 2nd density represents the plants and animals that you evolved from. The plants and animals represent the first forms of "life" formed with the manifestation of the 1st density. Everything in existence is built on top of the previous density and as you build on top of the previous density's consciousness, you increase your overall available consciousness and expand your possibilities. I have not discussed multiple incarnations within densities, but they contribute to the overall experience of each density. The "purpose" of multiple incarnations is to expand your awareness within that density's potential until you become aware of the greater potential, which is the next density.

The 3rd density is the evolution from plants/animals, having self-awareness and self-direction. It builds upon the 2nd density, which is growth and mobility. With self-awareness and direction, you are able to direct your focus of the chakra energies to expand yourself even more. The more aware and more accepting you are, the more you become, and this leads to the 4th density, which is connection with others. 3rd density is where you learn independence and identity. 4th density is where you learn to cooperate in unity as a collective. This occurs because the 4th chakra, which represents the heart energy that connects the physical and non-physical binds all of creation together as a working unit. From unity, the collective grows towards understanding and wisdom. That is the 5th density being. Although individual in form, the connection from the 4th density experience allows for expansion of mind. This leads to the 6th density being which represents awareness of all truths. If each individual is a unique perspective, then each individual has their own truths. The 6th density is about being able to see through all of those perspectives, which then leads to the 7th density being, which is Unity of all or "God".

This progression may seem like it is a linear path of evolution. However, in a reality of simultaneous time, you are all of these densities now. The difference is that you are not trying to get this one incarnation to the next density. Instead, you are learning to connect with the part of you that is already within the next density through life experiences. This requires awareness of self. That is why the 3rd density exists, to become aware of self, to "know yourself". The more you become aware, the more connected you become with those higher density aspects of yourself, until you fully merge with all aspects of yourself and remember that you ARE the One Creator.

Within the first 5 densities, there is polarity in this reality. Positive and negative perspectives exist in order to provide free-will. Without polarity, there would not be the idea choice. In the density development, you have positive and negative magnetic forces, you have predator and prey, you have service to self and service to others, you have love of self or love of others, and you have rejection of unity and only unity. Once you reach the 5th or 6th density, all is one, polarity no longer is required as love acceptance allows for the negative polarity to exist within the One and the negative polarity no longer needs to control others as wisdom demonstrates at all is One. At this point, the being represents the idea of 2 halves contains in the One coin and no longer needs to express itself as 2 halves.

In my next post, I will begin discussing my perspectives on the history of physical reality from the perspective of being human.

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