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"The Journey" - Awareness of self, connection to everything

In my previous post on "The Past", I brought up our connection to the concept of "extra-terrestrials". This term is a misnomer. It assumes that these beings, some who reside on this planet, is somehow not connected to this planet. There are many connections to beings outside of our awareness that help us live our daily lives, but most are unaware of this fact. It is often thought of as feelings or thoughts or images that come to mind, but many have seen their presence, either through seeing UFOs or in dreams. It has also been called intuition, inspiration, a knowing, etc. All of these are connections to the idea of "self". I will discuss this concept of "self" and our connections to the Universe.

"Who am I?"

When you think about yourself, most people assume a singular thing called "I". That "I" represents the waking conscious awareness of "self". From this perspective, everything else appears to be disconnected from "self", and thus is called "other". This perspective is the cause for many misunderstandings in this reality. Much of the understanding about cause and effect is incorrect because the explanations are using the "effect" to explain another "effect" without seeing the cause. This is true for the scientific perspective as well as the non-scientific (everyday individuals, religious or not).

This assumption and unconscious bias to see things through separation creates a mystery about the life experiences. It appears to most people that there are random and "chaotic" events in the universe. It seems like life is "unfair" or "harsh" or "evil". So many different words used to describe their life in a negative perspective because it does not meet their expectations. All of this stems from the belief in separation. What does "separation" mean as opposed to "connected"?

You can see the concept of "separation" and "connection" at different levels of observation. From one perspective, you see an object in space relative to you. That separation by the perceived space, as well as the inability to consciously cause that object to be manipulated without your physically acting upon the object, is what creates the belief in physical separation. Your body feels connected because your mental intent causes your body to act. These types of behavior create the high level perception of separation or connection.

From another perspective, you may see your action being connected to another action. If I take a step, I may have stepped on an insect, or shifted the dirt under the feed. You may have worn down your shoes a little or you may have caused micro-fractions within your bones. The actions you take show a connection to a reaction elsewhere. Likewise, you sneezing may not be considered as the cause of a shift in the air, which then affected some other area of the atmosphere to be different. These types of activity are perceived as separate because you do not see a direct correlation of your actions to another effect.

From yet another perspective, you may see your connection to your children and to your parents and the family units. But you may see separation between yourself and a stranger or someone long past dead or yet to be born. The relationships you create are defined by words such as parent, child, family, friend, lover, stranger, etc. All of these words convey the feeling of connection or separation.

Why is this idea of connection and separation important to understanding who you are? Because you are not alone in this world, nor are you a single source of thought. Everyone and everything is here to allow you to experience the life you are supposed to experience. You are given the opportunities to choose how you will define yourself by the interactions and connections with everything around you. But if you do not believe there are connections, and that separations exist, then you will look at your life situation as something outside of your control. It can be heaven through God's blessing or luck, or hell from God's injustice/wrath or someone else's fault, depending on how you experience your life. Separation means you have something that you believe is not in your control that can be blamed as the cause of your dissatisfaction with yourself or your experience.

The belief in separation is so strong, most people do not think twice about this idea. Typically, the concept of being connected and connections are left at the "New Age" altar of marriage. It is like the Christian who accepts Jesus into their hearts, but lives the secular life. It is a belief in words, but not in actions. Because of this, people live their life as if they are in danger of extinction. Fear of things in their world dictate their lives. Rules are created to mitigate these unforeseen and unexpected events in their lives, whether through politics or religion or rituals (taking pills, exercise, avoiding certain things). Life becomes a survival game and that dictates who they are. This, again, is not meant to be a criticism, but rather a pointed visualization of the current state of most people's inner being.

Without being aware of the connections with their world (and I mean "their" because each individual perspective is creating their own representation of the world), they feel isolated, alone, and helpless. The purpose of enlightenment isn't to become spiritual gurus, but instead to recognize that it is what's inside that is creating these perspectives about their world, and thus learn to expand their beliefs. If someone believes the world is a real phenomenon apart from their own participation, then their lives will appear to validate this belief and their rationalization of experience will justify their beliefs.

However, if one sees the connection between their inner being and the outer experience, they begin to see how their own thoughts and feelings manifest in their world. This is what it means to "know yourself". It is also the awareness through connections that you begin to see how everything in the world that is experienced and can be experienced tie into the reality of existence.

Density and dimensions

I wrote about my definition of density, how it relates to the experience within physical reality as the amount of conscious awareness that is available.

Dimensions are the way a perspective sees the connections within a reality. We in the 3rd density are experiencing self-awareness through consciousness, and we are in the 3rd dimension because we experience a certain way to see things. As we expand our awareness of the connections we have with the rest of the Universe, we can expand our awareness of other dimensions.

A dimension in physical spatial terms is considered planes of information. 3-D is 3 dimensional planes that represent 3 perpendicular axis in visual space. This is the geometric definition of dimension and it is a good way to visualize spacial relationships. In the same way, a non-spatial dimension represents the relationships between different manifestations of energy or frequencies. They are not necessarily in spatial dimensions (i.e. planes, although the manifestation can be in 3-D space). Instead, it is represented by different frequency of energy. A simple way to express this is to realize that we in 3-D only experience a specific range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible light is one range, audible frequencies is another. They are examples of a specific dimension that we can experience through our physical senses.

"Higher" or "lower" dimensions are simply different frequencies that one may or may not be attuned to in their sensitivity. As you alter your vibratory frequency, you shift the dimensional awareness. One common practice to alter your dimensional attunement is to sleep. Your consciousness alters through different frequencies (alpha, beta, gamma, delta). They are how one "travels" through dimensions. Another is through meditation, hypnosis, concentrated focus, drugs, and other mind-altering methods.

The relationship of the human perception and dimensions is that all dimensions exist simultaneously, including spatial dimensions. This goes back to my first point above, which is that all is connected. "Connected" does not only mean one thing is related to another. It also means that one thing IS another. It is by the frequency of focus that one observes that one thing as this OR that. It is also why your frequency of perception defines your ability to see the Universe in a particular way. This "connection" occurs because there is only One Creator, the source of energy that is Existence. This energy is represented in different ways depending on the frequency, which is the dimension of perception.

This means that the notion of "physical" and "spiritual" is separation by language, not by reality. All physical things are perceptions of spiritual things, and all spiritual things manifest as physical representations. The mere fact that things appear is to allow the understanding of relationships and to use that concept of relationships to create experiences. Through these experiences of relationships, you learn through the densities of existence towards understanding the Whole.

Each layer of density create the appearance of separation, but one is not separate from the other. You cannot be a 3rd density being without having the physical form of the 2nd density being or the 1st density raw materials. The 4th and higher density beings are the source of your thoughts, intuitions, and imaginations. They are your "spirit" guides, your "spirit" family, your "higher self", "extra-terrestrial". The ideas of angels and gods are tied to these incarnations in the higher densities, and all these densities combined is manifested as "you". It is the connection through dimensions that lets you perceive and interact with these densities through your vibratory frequency.

In the next post, I will discuss certain topics related to current beliefs.

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