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"The Journey" - The Past

The information I will share today will be considered pure speculation for many because there is no way any of this can be proven. The basis for this post is based on what I have heard from other researchers and enthusiasts, information from "channeled" sources, but also my own intuition. Just like anything else that is not based on physical evidence, each listener will have to feel their way through this to see if it is right for you.

Also, many times, I will re-read my posts and add missing information, fix mistakes, or clarify points. That is because trying to explain a concept requires details that provide context or definitions. Without this, I may give the wrong impression. Words, definitions, unconscious bias through social norms all play into how something written is interpreted and I try to keep that in mind when explaining my perspective. That's why I also have to read what I write again and again, to proof the information. I hope what I am sharing is clear enough.

The Past

Growing up religious, the commonly taught belief is that human existence is only 5-6000 years old. Before this, there was no human existence. At the time, I never really questioned this, nor thought much about it. In school, we were taught about cave men, neanderthals, and homo-sapiens. Except for the dinosaurs and cave men, I assumed that 6000 years for human existence sounded good. Until I learned more about the Earth's age and then the universe's estimated age. Even if no one really knew how old the universe was, I realized that 6000 years is not a long time.

The other belief that was implied was that only humans existed in the universe. This was believed by the religious and non-religious alike. Many of the people I grew up with did not believe in life outside of Earth. The logic being that if non-terrestrial beings existed, they would have shown themselves by now. This is the same argument that atheists use to deny the existence of the religious "God". However, once I found out how many stars (and thus planets) have been estimated from astrological observations, I could not justify the notion that humans were the only sentient beings in the Universe. Just as I could not logically explain how something came from nothing, I could not justify the belief that we are the only intelligent life in the universe.

Many have begun questioning these old religious and skeptical ideas, but many still hold on to the past beliefs. Once I started to watch programs showing archaeological sites, such as Baalbek or even the great pyramids and other megalithic sites, some of the readings I've done made more sense. There was no way our relatively old ancestors could create such sites and structures given the academic descriptions of civilizations back then. If our ancestors of the past 5-6000 years only had primitive tools and skills, it is as believable that they created the pyramids as it is to believe that humans are dogs. The size, weight, and skill required to cut such hard and massive stones with such precision, geometry, and positioning could not have been done without mathematical skill, advanced tools, and some means to transport and position such impossibly large stone.

Only the most diehard skeptic would try to argue that it is possible using flint and wood to do these things, without ever having to demonstrate such illogical explanations.

Assume that the academic explanations about these sites are wrong. How could they have been created?

It has been said many times, that the locations and structures of pyramids and certain megalithic structures are very much aligned with astrological bodies. The star clusters known as Orion, Sirius, and Pleiades are well known to astrologers. Many sites have been shown to align to these constellations. How did ancient civilizations know about such things? We have to go back to those old stories and what we consider myths today to find some answers. There are many writings from philosophers and intellectuals of the ancient past that also provides information about the past.

One of these tales that everyone is familiar with is the tale of Zeus and the Greek gods. There are many tales about these gods, with detailed descriptions of each being. How did the ancient Greek come to know such details? If you learn about other gods of other regions, you will find many correlations between the stories of their gods and the Greek gods. I'm not going to go into detail about these in this blog because that is not my goal. I bring this up to pique your interest. It would also take much time to write and I want to keep these posts relatively short to get through as much information as I can.

The gods of old

What if the stories of gods, spoken about in almost every culture around the globe, each having different names but similar qualities, are actually true? Why would they be considered gods? The main reason anyone on Earth would consider them gods is because the people at the time did not have the knowledge and understanding of the universe. So if something came down from the sky, it would look like a heavenly being coming down to the people. In fact, any imagery of beings rising or lowering from the sky would only make sense if the beings were physical. They could not be considered gods then because they had physical form. And yet, if these beings were highly advanced, intelligent, and capable of demonstrating powers that the natives could not explain or believe, they would surely be looked upon as gods.

However, with the Earth being millions, if not billions, of years old, how could earthly civilization only be 6000 years old? And if these heavenly beings are actually extra-terrestrial beings visiting Earth, then why couldn't they have visited even earlier? Given that the visitors knew of Earth itself means there is a connection to them with this planet.

If the older civilizations lived with certain beliefs, such as religious ideas, how did they get those beliefs if not from some other source? Perhaps directly from these non-terrestrial visitors? Perhaps from an older tale? Or perhaps both? If earthly civilization extended beyond the assumed 6000 years, then it makes sense that the tales are of a different era. Visitations could have been done during this current epoch, or perhaps a previous epoch. If one believes in the stories of the bible, then the great flood could have been a dividing line between the previous epoch and the current one.

An epoch is a period of time that is distinct due to major changes. For example, the ice age brought about a new epoch because the majority of the previous inhabitants on the planet would have died out. Same would have happened if the major flood event was as catastrophic as described. In fact, many of the major civilizations have stories about a great flood, as well as geological evidence. The combination of the geological evidence, anecdotes of different cultures and legends, as the recent archeological finds all point of an ancient civilization before the current human presence.

It's not hard to believe that there have been civilizations, including advanced technologies, that could have come and gone on this planet, if our own current civilization can advance from the agricultural era to the modern era in only 200-300 years. If the Earth is a billion years, 300 years is a blip on the calendar. Why would anyone think life did not exist before our history, given that fossils have been found from millions of years? Often times, people find artifacts and point to them as being relatively simple and primitive, but in the recent decades, some very unexplainable artifacts have been found that defy this common belief that only the current civilization is modern or advanced.

Where did humans come from?

The question of origin is hotly debated. The 2 main sides are the religious and the materialist. Western Christian beliefs describe the human creation story of the bible. The materialist look to Darwin to explain the origin of humans. Were we created by "God" or were we evolved from apes?

My 3rd perspective says both is true. How? If you believe that extra-terrestrial beings can exist, then within the past epochs on the Earth, why would it be unbelievable that more advanced beings did not visit and seed the planet? What if they came and genetically altered existing animal species to become the human animal? If neanderthals were more animalistic, wouldn't it make sense that they may be the first generation of genetic manipulation from another species? It would also explain why the missing link is not found.

The 3rd perspective says that humans are genetic manipulation of another animal species in order to help advance the 3rd density being. These "gods of old" are the extra-terrestrial beings, but from the perspective of the 7 densities, they are simply beings of a higher density. Some beings that are in the 4th or 5th density (they have physical form in this reality and come from other star systems) helped evolve the 2nd density beings towards the 3rd density. Even now, these same beings are helping to evolve the human 3rd density beings towards the 4th density. What is the purpose for this? Why would they want to do this?

Before I can answer that question, it must be explained that even though the human form may have evolved from being genetically altered, it does not mean we as consciousness are the product of extra-terrestrial beings. Everything is the One Creator. Humans as a 3rd density being is simply the manifestation of the non-physical consciousness evolved from the 2nd density consciousness. As the 2nd density consciousness, having enough experience to become more self-aware, is now at its stage of awareness to become a 3rd density physical being. The 4th and 5th density beings, because all densities exist simultaneously, helped provide a physical vehicle for the 3rd density consciousness with the participation of the 3rd density consciousness. Just because consciousness is not expressed in physical form does not mean it doesn't exist.

As I described in my post about densities, we are in all densities, experiencing this reality. Each density builds upon each other and assist each other towards remembering our true nature as the One Creator. The physical manifestation of each density of consciousness exists in different space and time within the Universe, so it should not come as a surprise that your other portions in other densities are not of the same planet. You have other lives living on the Earth as aspects of the 3rd density, but you also have 4th, 5th, 6th, and even 7th density beings all working "behind the scenes" now to assist in your evolution of consciousness.

Many people think of extra-terrestrial beings as separate from themselves, just as they do other humans, animals, minerals, Earth, etc. This perspective that they are separate from everything else creates the fear of extra-terrestrials, just as they fear the idea of ghosts and demons. They create the conspiracy theories about abduction without free-will, human experimentation, conquest, deception, etc. In fact, many of the stories about demons and devils are based on the experience of interacting with certain extra-terrestrial and terrestrial beings of higher density and/or dimension (not being within our visible spectrum). In this Octave of 7 densities, there is a choice of polarity within the lower densities.

All beings at the lower densities in this reality chooses to "serve itself" or "serve others". This is the religious idea of loving others, or choosing "evil". "Evil" in this case is judged as the acts of serving self (manipulating, controlling, dominating). Many of the religious figures that have been written about, including Jesus, came to demonstrate their non-physical heritage, and to teach the ways of "service to others". But it was done without judgment against "service to self" because as I mentioned, all consciousness will evolve to understand the Oneness of everything and polarity will not be necessary at that point. While we are in the 3rd density, we are always choosing which path we will follow.

Be who you want to be

This idea of polarity is stated as "create yourself". It is also written to "know yourself". In order to do this, you will experience life in multiple ways through multiple lives in order to experience yourself. This is the path of conscious evolution. The extra-terrestrial beings that helped form this 3rd density form is a part of each of us. We all have connections to our own extra-terrestrial beings that helps us evolve our consciousness. It may be towards the positive polarity. It may be towards the negative polarity. Without both, we would not have the ability to choose, since there would be nothing to distinguish one choice from another.

From this perspective, it's not hard to see why the idea of extra-terrestrials having a connection to this planet isn't far-fetched. The only reason why it would be difficult to accept is due to fear of their assumed intent. Fear is typically reacted to with rejection, denial, or hiding. If one makes the scary thing go away, then there's nothing to fear. But that is one of the purpose for me writing these posts. It is to help connect to your inner knowing and to bring out the fears so that you can face them with some understanding. The light always shines on the darkness, and the light is information. The darkness is the unknown. It's OK to be skeptical, but it's better to be skeptical and curious. But if you are dead-set on staying with your own beliefs, that is you creating yourself through that choice and there is nothing wrong with that choice. I am not trying to argue that my perspective is better than another.

In my next post, I'll discuss our multi-dimensional nature and the connections to other densities.

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