Wednesday, August 25, 2021

What's The Point Of Spirituality?

 I, like so many others, want to share the ideas of spiritual concepts because for me, it is to know how to live life. Whether it's religions, new age, self-help, motivational speakers, music, meditation, or someone telling you how to live. The purpose for any of those sources of information is for a person who is living a life in 3D to know how to navigate their experiences. But the key here isn't the techniques, which each of the different philosophies provides in their own way. The key is to understand why things are the way they are and how you fit in to that inner workings. Without understanding this, you will not know why certain things happen, why your choices seem to create what you do not prefer, or circumstances seem beyond hope. "Material" science somewhat explains how matter works, but "spiritual" understanding provides insights into how you and your world works.

Everything I have written, it is about understanding yourself first and then what you are experiencing as a 3D being. This way, you have the knowledge to face any challenges in life. That is the practical purpose for what I share. It is not to become "spiritual", or a "guru", or be "enlightened". These things are religious concepts based on the belief of separation. Everything I have written revolves around the idea that there is no such thing as separation. If you have not understood and recognized this point yet, then everything else will not be helpful because your experience and your choices will continue to be based on the belief in separation, which is that things "happen" to you in your life.

What most people believe is that they are a human being living life as an individual, separate from everyone and everything else around them. Their circumstance, their body, their relationships, their nationality, their culture, their neighbors, their friends, their loved ones. Everything to them is "not me". The only part they consider "me" is the feelings and thoughts within their body. And this is, in a way, a valid perspective. This is their unconscious knowing that everything external in their perceptions are an illusion, not that they are separate from you. But consciously, they believe their body is them, their surroundings are out of their control, and that things just happen to them. If you still believe this, please read my other posts to get an awareness of why this isn't true. Until then, you will have difficulty understanding your life.

When you truly see this point, the experiences in life become less traumatic (it doesn't mean it won't feel bad). It becomes less life threatening. It becomes less urgent. You begin to look at your circumstances with purpose, and with meaning, and you no longer need to wish upon something else, whether God or luck. You begin to look at your experiences as clues as to whether you are happy or not. I don't mean happiness because of circumstances. You may feel happy to win the lottery (or maybe not), but that is not the happiness that I'm referring to. The true happiness is the feeling of fulfillment and being content. This can only happen when you realize that you are being your true self. What does it mean to be your true self?

To be true to yourself means you are doing what you want to do with an inner peace and joy. You are doing what you enjoy doing. You are being honest with yourself. That is what it means to "love yourself". To "honor yourself" is to allow your true desires to be fulfilled. What is a "true desire"? It is not those things that hurt "others" (which is simply hurting yourself, since they are a part of you) or what you think of as material gain. That is simply an escape from being true to yourself (the hurt that you feel is projected back outward, hence the false feeling of satisfaction when you harm others). "True desire" is to be happy in who you are and what you do. If you enjoy cleaning, but you feel embarrassed by that enjoyment, causing you to not do it for fear of others' opinion, that is not being true to yourself. If you want to take a walk or eat something, but you feel the pressure to do something else or not do what you enjoy, that is not being true to yourself. The reason why you are having this 3D life experience is because you wanted to experience it in the way you wanted to before you were born. So when you do not follow your passions (those tiny or huge moments in life where you are excited to do something), it is going against why you were born to begin with by your own desire.

Your life is set up in such a way so that you can experience the life that you wanted before birth (pre-planning the life starting situation, not the actual events in life which is created by your conscious choices). But as so often happens, other people choose for you what your life experience should be. You then wander away from your true desire. As this happens, you will experience circumstances or situations that tries to highlight this fact and lead you back toward your true desire. Most people do not recognize this because they do not understand the "spiritual" nature of reality. And so, they get upset or sad or angry or jealous, etc. These emotions are also hints from your true self that you are moving away from your true desire. They should be indicators of the path that you are on. The more satisfaction and joy that you find in what you do (not in terms of job or career or relationships, but in terms of every little thing in life created through your choices), the closer you are to being your true self. That, in a nutshell, is what "true spirituality" is all about.

If you think that spirituality is about becoming a monk, or a priest, or a guru, or whatever religious concepts related to spirituality, then you do not understand the nature of reality itself. You see things separated, physicality as separate from spirituality, events as being separate from your choices, you being separate from "God". The religious perspective about this is pretty clear, especially in Christianity. The belief that there is a "heaven" and "hell" and "Earth" demonstrates the misunderstanding about "spirituality". The religious teachings separate from the actual teachings of Jesus leads people into seeing the world they live as being separate from them, just as they believe they are separate from "God" (unless they "accept Jesus"). Why else would they cry out to "God" when disaster strikes, no less than when they wish for something good in their life? Good and bad are both looked at as things out of their control.

Those who are more in control of their life (at least from their perspective or 3rd party observers), they are unconsciously creating their own reality. The principle is the same. They are following their joy and making choices based on that joy. If they did not, then they would not experience what they desire to experience. In the same, though, those who have negative experiences also are creating their reality unconsciously. These are the people who see the world as pain or suffering or bad luck or "why me". Their own view of themselves and the world around them is validated through the experiences they create and the interpretations they give to their experiences. The notion that people who think positively have a more positive life experience is true because they see the world from a different perspective. It does not mean they do not have negative experiences because the ego self isn't always honest with itself. There are many "positive" thinkers who still harbor doubts and fears inside and try to project a positive perspective they do not truly believe, in the hopes that it will come true. It is a wishful way of thinking without actually believing in it. The cool thing about this is it doesn't really matter. As long as you continue to do this because of your intent, it will have an impact because eventually, you will start to believe in it.

Your approach to life isn't about being a positive thinker or a negative thinker. Spirituality is about understanding where you fit into the creation of the world. You are not a product of the world. Instead, your world is the product of you. Think about this. If you did not perceive the world around you, would it exist FOR YOU? Without you perceiving the world, it would not matter to you if the world existed or not. For all intents and purposes, it doesn't exist if you cannot perceive it. That is why the world exists, because you exist and you can perceive it. The world exists for you to create not only the world itself, but yourself within the world and the conditions that you are born into. You cannot be born into a world that you did not desire because it does not exist without you. The world someone else creates is within them. It isn't the world you exist in. Don't be confused by this. How you and someone else can interact between these two different worlds is because there is no separation. It is only separation of perception. Each perspective is its own view of their world and that is why they are different worlds. But the world as perceived does not truly exist. It is a creation of the mind within your 3D point of view.

These concepts again are from the ideas I've written in my blog, and it is also the same ideas from many other sources. If you are Christian, this was the message of Jesus. It was not about saving you from sin. It was saving you from yourself, which is that idea of being separate from creation. That is "sin", to act as if you are separate. The idea of "heaven" and "hell" was spoken in terms of treasure. What you keep inside is the treasure, which is what creates the world through your perceptions. "Hell" is simply your own ideas about separation and the worst experience of separation. It isn't about punishment. It is the belief in being alone. But Jesus said you can never be alone because there is no place that "God" does not "rule".

The reason why I share information in my blog is to help those who are led to this information to understand that "spirituality" isn't a way to separate yourself from others. It is a way to re-unite with everything. It is a way to see that there is only One thing. It is a way to live life, without fear, because there is no separation. If you want to hear this in simple terms: "Love your neighbor as yourself" because there is no separation. Your neighbor is you and you are your neighbor. Can you be your true self by accepting ("loving") everything within your reality?

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